Season 1 Episode 16

Greg, Schmeg

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2008 on The CW

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  • what's the name of the ''demon'' that kisses sock ??

    what's the name of the ''demon'' that kisses sock ?? it doesn't have to be her real name only the name in the episode or something please im desperate, it seems like i've seen her somewhere !! f f g g gg g gg g gg g g ggg g gg gg g g g g gg g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g
  • This episode was a bit too slow for me

    First of all, what happened to the rebellion...?!?! I would have thought that storyling would get much more attention. I can't believe it wasn't even mentioned in this episode. So Greg comes back, and has sold his soul to the devil. Obviously not a good idea, and when he understands it, Sam comes to his rescue and uses his get out of hell-card for Greg to get out of the deal. That storyline sucked, and was just to easy to figure out. It didn't take long for me to realise that Greg was the chainsaw-guy, and off course the devil had something to do with that... At least it was nice to see Ben growing some balls, and standing up to his "wife"...
  • Again i don't like this box... HUGE Spoiler Alert, i tend to run off at the keyboard And it was painful to watch, it hurt me to take the time out of my day to watch it. The future me has just figured out that i outlined the ep

    I tuned into this episode the regular way rather than watching it when I had the time online. I must say I am disappointed that this be the one i actually set time aside for.
    1-an idiot sells his soul

    2-the idiot, like most, didn't read the fine print

    3-Sam saves idiot with 'Get Out of Hell Free' card

    for ten steps keep reading.

    1-an idiot sells his soul

    2-the idiot, like most, didn't read the fine print

    3-a homocidal maniac tries to kill Sam

    4-Andi is forced to love the idiot

    5-Bens psudo-wife orders him around

    6-the homocidal maniac attempts to kill Sam

    7-since devil can't mess with true love, she now loves 2 idiots (lets face it, Sam is an idiot, but he's coller than the other idiot)

    8-idiot gets mad and the homocidal maniac pops out of him and tries to kill Sam and him (him being the idiot..... and Sock and Ben are there too)

    9-Sock, the only smart one in the series, knocks the idiot out with his attendance trophy, thus calming him down and ridding them of the homocidal maniac

    10-Sam gives away that 'Get Out of Hell Free' card to get the idiot's soul back, because he is not just an idiot, but he is pitiful aswell.
    and there you go, 10 steps of the ep.... i should've warned you about that...
    also there was an item of value not to be named here that will come back in later eps... ok i'll name it, a foam dart gun that can send anything to hell
  • Pretty mediocre, but it was still funny at parts.

    This episode was a bit predictable, yes, it was haha! Anyway, I never liked Greg's character and the whole idea of him getting revenge was a bit out there, even for Reaper. The soul selling and the 2nd personality idea wasn't a bonus for me and the episode revolving around a love triangle wasn't interesting at all. I'm happy to see Ben's situation changing up with his green card marriage and Sock remains to make me laugh no matter what comes out of his mouth! Reaper was also just renewed for a 2nd season so thats a huge yay from me.
  • Greg returns

    Andi's ex boyfriend, Greg, returns, and the Devil made a deal with him. The Devil has his soul, and Greg has mind control powers, and when he gets angry, a masked serieal killer from Gregs favourite Horror movie is unleashed. Greg uses his powers to try and split Andi and Sam apart. The Devil then suggests to Sam one way to stop Gregs murderous inner self, killing him. Sam, Sock and Ben try to kill him, but can't, so they try to help him, but end up running from the killer. They knock Greg out, stopping the killer and Sam uses his get out of hell free card to save Gregs soul.
  • A Masked guy with a chainsaw is stalking Sam and it's obvious who it is almost from the start

    The last few episodes of Reaper have become a drama rather than a slacker comedy and I'm kind of getting bored. Of late they have been getting away from the escaped soul of the week as the main focus which was exactly the right thing to do ,and it was good for a few episodes but with Sock and the Demon neighbours being used far more sparingly now it's starting to wane. Also, although Andi now knows everything she is still put in a position to be the damsel in distress. Why!? They need to address this as well as get on with the comedy and the story of the rebellion (which was highly ignored this episode).

    It's good to have something for Sam to deal with, other than a soul but I'm sure if anyone is like me they figured out it was Greg as soon as he appeared, something that took the group another half hour to figure out. This was a major downfalling of this episode as the reveal wasn't spectacular or anything either.

    Another plot strand I'm not enjoying is the Ben, his wife and his girlfriend thing (it's soap opera and not good soap opera). I think part of this is cos I don't feel Ben's story needs so much attention and part of it is because as a character Ben is just bland. His family side is what defines him and that's his best character episode so far. That is what needs worked on for him - hopefully he'll introduce his wife or girlfriend to the family soon. Despite this Lucy Davis stills entertains as his Green Card wife although Kandyse McClure is at the moment a little too bland, (sort of like Ben) but there is still room to change that.

    Not many episodes left now, lets just hope the drama doesn't overshadow the comedy.
  • Another ripoff of Forbidden Planet...

    I'm not even sure why I bothered watching after last week's episode annoyed me so much.... but I did.

    So I was again annoyed at the fact that the plot was completely unoriginal (yeah, I know they were trying to do a "twist" by not having it be an escaped soul/having to find a vessel). Nice idea, poor execution.

    Greg's "unconscious id monster" is yet another rip off of 1956 film "Forbidden Planet". In the film whenever a scientist got upset, he unknowingly spawned a monster from his unconscious that would attack those he was upset with. It's been done again so many times, most recently in Painkiller Jane, and I think XFiles & Torchwood episodes too.

    P.S. When the devil drinks Sam's beer on the roof, he toasts him by saying "Na Zdarovyeh" which means "to health" in Russian.
  • Greg sells his soul to the Devil to get Andie back and Sam has to fight against a chainsaw murderer.

    How great was that?
    Greg sells his soul to the devil so he can control Andie's mind. After that she does everything he says. In the same time, Sam has to deal with a chainsaw murderer. Turns out that this is the thing in Greg which comes out everytime he is angry. With no help from the devil Sam and the gang go to Gladys who brings them to another helpful demon.
    The Devil wants Sam to kill Greg. But he cant do it so he talks it down with Greg, who gets knocked out by Stock and wakes up in the hospital. In the end Sam frees Greg's soul with his "Get out of hell free" card. Meanwhile Ban has to deal with his faked marriage. A really great episode which shows that Sam is too nice and that he kinda enjoys his new killing demons lifestyle.
  • Sam's in a quandry.

    Now that Andi knows Sam works for the devil, Mr. Devil is seemingly throwing up roadblocks. It seems that the progressing story is being built to show some climax between Mr. Devil and Sam. Mr. Devil shows that he is ruthless in obtaining a soul, even though it goes against one of his own minions (Sam). Sam is given opportunities to fight back and get what he wants but even Sam has limits.

    I don't really want to give too much away about the episode, but it is taking more clever turns as we approach the end of the television season. Additionally, the ancillary story of Ben and his faux wife and now a mistress, along with the great comic timing of Sock (and Gladys to an extent) round out what is turning out to be a funny must-see addition to the tv schedule.