Season 1 Episode 16

Greg, Schmeg

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2008 on The CW

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  • Again i don't like this box... HUGE Spoiler Alert, i tend to run off at the keyboard And it was painful to watch, it hurt me to take the time out of my day to watch it. The future me has just figured out that i outlined the ep

    I tuned into this episode the regular way rather than watching it when I had the time online. I must say I am disappointed that this be the one i actually set time aside for.
    1-an idiot sells his soul

    2-the idiot, like most, didn't read the fine print

    3-Sam saves idiot with 'Get Out of Hell Free' card

    for ten steps keep reading.

    1-an idiot sells his soul

    2-the idiot, like most, didn't read the fine print

    3-a homocidal maniac tries to kill Sam

    4-Andi is forced to love the idiot

    5-Bens psudo-wife orders him around

    6-the homocidal maniac attempts to kill Sam

    7-since devil can't mess with true love, she now loves 2 idiots (lets face it, Sam is an idiot, but he's coller than the other idiot)

    8-idiot gets mad and the homocidal maniac pops out of him and tries to kill Sam and him (him being the idiot..... and Sock and Ben are there too)

    9-Sock, the only smart one in the series, knocks the idiot out with his attendance trophy, thus calming him down and ridding them of the homocidal maniac

    10-Sam gives away that 'Get Out of Hell Free' card to get the idiot's soul back, because he is not just an idiot, but he is pitiful aswell.
    and there you go, 10 steps of the ep.... i should've warned you about that...
    also there was an item of value not to be named here that will come back in later eps... ok i'll name it, a foam dart gun that can send anything to hell