Season 1 Episode 11

Hungry for Fame

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sock is busy testing his BB gun on Ben who is trying to protect himself by wearing two pair of pants. They're interrupted when Sock's mom returns from Las Vegas. She reveals that she's married.

Sam and Cady are making out in his room when she spots the necklace he was going to give to Andi, and figures it was for him. Sam ends up giving it to her but they're interrupted when Sock comes in and hands over the BB gun, saying he may have shot his new dad.

Sock moves in with Ben and sets his alarm clock for 4:30 a.m. Sock wants to talk about his mom. And talk. And talk. To Sam. And his family. A lot. However, when he and Sam get to work, Sam ends up telekinetically shoving him into a Christmas tree. Sock is duly impressed and Andi wants to use his talents to fake a workman comp claim to bug Ted. The Devil teleports Sam to a dock where they watch the police bring a decapitated partially eaten corpse out of the water. The killer is a Hell escapee, Phillip Carmona, who strikes at night and was interrupted before he could finish his meal. The Devil pauses to offer a local street player, Ryan Milner, a record deal. Sam interrupts to try to get the Devil to drop it. The Devil responds by shoving him off the pier and back to the store, where Sam discovers his new vessel box.

Cady comes to see Sam and Andi asks him to bring her back. Andi notices the necklace and doesn't take it well. He explains that he originally bought the necklace for Andi and Cady gives it back, telling him not to follow her. Sam seeks out Bert and Sock for consolation, and they don't understand why he wants to help Ryan. While waiting for evening, they go to help Ryan and spot posters for Ryan performing at a local arena. They go to the morgue to watch over the partially-finished body and discover the vessel is a spear gun. Sock uses Josie's old ID badge but the morgue attendant chases them out so they cover both doors and wait. Sock's mom calls but he refuses to take the call. They spot the killer: the morgue attendant. They burst in but he's escaped behind them and made a clean getaway.

The next day at the Work Bench, Sam is sorting parts when he finds a severed finger in a box. The Devil shows up to take credit and admits he'll be sealing the deal with Ryan. He suggests Sam talk to Carmona's mother. The guys get in by claiming to have been to camp with him. She doesn't know of anywhere he would hide but says she's seen him around the house. Sock is envious of the fact that Carmona has a loving mother.

Sam goes to the arena and tries to find out if Ryan has signed anything. He hasn't, and Sam tries to convince him to walk away. Ryan doesn't believe Sam when he says the Devil is involved, and doesn't care. The Devil is waiting for Sam outside and thanks him for helping out Ryan: revealing he's the Devil freaks most people out so he had Sam deliver the news.

Josie confronts Sam and Bert to try to find out why they were at the morgue with her ID badge. They stick together but it's clear they're lying. Sam sets up a meeting with Cady later and she meets him at the bar, but wonders if he still has feelings for Andi.

Later, Sam, Ben, and Sock watch the Carmona home while Sock's mom tries to call him. Sock figures she's just trying to convince him to accept her new husband and doesn't answer. He decides to go inside the house for pie and finds her shoe on the floor. Carmona is there and Sock figures he ate his mother. Sock chases him out into the yard where Sam shoots him with the spear gun and sucks him into the vessel.

Sam goes back to the bar and meets Andi and Josie, and Sam apologizes for giving her the necklace. Andi apologizes for picking a fight but Josie wonders if Andi is happy and is suspicious as to what they're lying about. There are promotional coasters for Ryan in the bar, while Sock calls for a toast for Mrs. Carmona. The guys discuss what the scariest soul they've fought is and Sam comes up with a plan for Ryan. They go to the arena and decide to let Carmona out and then lure him out with bacon so Ryan can see what's in store for him. The Devil's in the crowd, and afterward Sock lures Ryan to a nearby warehouse with an offer of groupies. However, Carmona doesn't respond to the bacon and Ryan tries to help him. Carmona goes berserk at the sight of his hand and bites it off, then runs onto the arena stage. Sam uses his telekinetic abilities to throw him off and then shoot him again with the spear gun.

Later, Sam visits Ryan in the hospital and apologizes, but Ryan doesn't remember what happened and thinks a bear bit it off. The Devil isn't returning his calls, but Sam reveals that he's got Ryan's ex-girlfriend to visit. She reluctantly sticks around and is impressed when he admits he's giving up rock-and-roll for her. The couple are happily reunited.

Sock goes to give his mother his blessing, then discovers that she's kicking him out of the house and has turned his room into a pottery studio.

Cady comes to visit Andi and explain how she had a boyfriend in high school and he dumped her for another girl, so she got a giant knife and went after the girl, but ended up slashing her tired. But now she's in control of her emotion. Pretty much. Andi is a bit nervous.

The Devil comes to see Sam and congratulates him on putting one over. He gets Sam to admit it and do a little gloating. However, as the Devil turns to go every shelf in the store falls over, and the Devil notes he's not mad: just disappointed. He warns Sam that Sam doesn't want to see him mad.