Season 1 Episode 11

Hungry for Fame

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on The CW

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  • Socks mom comes back from Vegas married and Sam tries to stop the devil from getting another soul.

    So Jamie Kennedy was in this episode. I'm not really a huge fan of the guy, but he did okay in this epi. I'm glad he didn't steal to much of the other guys thunder. I thought this episode had quite a few surprises. First of all, we get to see Socks mom. I liked that we got to know a bit more about Sock that way. And the hole Andi vs. Cady-thing was awesome. Cady really freaked me out at the end when she threatened Andi that way. How can she not tell Sam that? I like that Sam stood up to the devil and tried to keep him from doing his "work".
    All in all, a prette good epi... :)
  • Gets better and better

    There is nothing major that changes from one episode to the next, but the general shape of each show is just sheer quality.

    The plot involving a flesh eating demon who must be capture is a little more dramatic than previous shows. The tension between Andi and Katie is also a good source of growing conflict for Sam to face. The real goodie here is Sam squaring up against the Devil in order to save a soul who may end up like him and selling his soul to the Devil. This guy is your standard fare talentless rockstar wannabe - who the Devil setup for the big time! Sam does a good job of saving him with a good deal of drama going on between him and Satan.

    Lets hope there are more theological and moral quandries that these two character explore. Id really like to see the stakes rise considerably, even if it shouldnt be expected in this season.

    Another good episode.
  • Post-strike Reaper is turning out pretty good.

    I don't quite remember Reaper being this good despite what most people say about this episode. I just really enjoyed how they incorporated two different problems to solve them both and possibly getting on the nerve and out-smarting the devil himself. I'm also enjoying Sock's relationship with his mom, it's working out interestingly, and with Sam's new girlfriend, I knew there was going to be some tension between Andy, Sam and her. Critics are really believing in this show, and now I'm starting to see why, I hope it improves because it has mad potential. Sock really made me laugh in this episode.
  • Sam gets even more involved in the Devils affairs and Socks Mum marries an Asian Cowboy

    This show goes from strength to strength and adds even more character development into the mix. Up until now the devil was rarely seen to do any other job but give Sam his tasks. We got the whole Jerry thing when we were introduced to his Mistress and her daughter Cady but she was a personal project and not one of the Devil's other jobs as such. In this episode we see him use this alter ego to sign an aspiring (but pretty bad) rock star wannabe and give him a stadium concert just to get him to sign his soul away. This adds nicely to the Devil's character even if it is a bit contrived and progresses Sam's opposition to him, something that has been building but hardly ever taken advantage of. I see this as a plot thread that will obviously become more later on.

    As well as the rock star plot you have other advancements in character as well, where as the soul (a cannibal) is actually relevant to Sock's problems with his mother and not exclusively just something to be caught. Speaking of which this is the first time we've actually seen Sock's relationship with his mother and it turns out he is a bit of a mommas boy. Clearly upset by her marrying an Asian cowboy and pushed out of the house he sees the cannibal's mother the way he wants his mother to be with him, therefore his reaction when the little old lady is eaten makes perfect sense. Loved the line 'I was hungry, all she had was pie'.

    On top of these 3 advancements in character you also have Josie become even more suspicious of the lads and Andi slightly sharing those suspicions. Cady is also revealed to be by her own admission a psychotic bunny boiler when she threatens Andi - but she's been through therapy, it's fine.
    Lastly, who would win a cage match between Cannibal soul and Fire soul? Answers on a postcard please.
  • Ryan!

    Cady thinks Sams gift to Andi is a present for her! Socks mom returns, marrying a cowboy named Morris! The devil trys to get a failed musician named Ryan to sign his soul over to the devil, but after an encounter with the cannibal soul and his hand getting bitten off, he decides not to do it! he also gets backtogether with Rachel, his ex. Sock trys to move back in with his mom, but he can't. The devil is dissapointed at Sam for managing to save Ryans soul, so he nearly kills Sam! woah! I liked how they were discussiong who would win in a fight between the souls they captured!
  • Fire The Writers.

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree with everyone on this one and say that this was easily the worst script in the entire season. And considering the 2 month hiatus the writers were on, that's pretty embarrassing. What would usually go down rather smoothly felt forced throughout the entire episode. (See the series of undeliverable lines "Sock" goes through when he realizes the "Cannibal Soul" killed his Mother.) Whats more is the ridiculously out of character, creepy 180 Sam's girlfriend takes when talking to Andy at the end! And for Alien's sake, what happened to Sam's curiosity about exactly WHY he has to work for The Devil??? It seems like a lot of plots just aren't being touched on in a manner that'll keep it interesting. Who cares about Sock's Mother? Or The Asian Cowboy?! I don't. B-
  • Sam has to capture a cannibal soul, while the Devil attempts to buy a struglling artist's soul. Sock's mom remarries and forces him to out.

    Reaper is back.

    So we start with Sam and his girlfriend Cady, they seem to be doing well until she finds a necklace he had given Andi, which she did not accept. Bad idea Sam, I mean he was in a bind, but the stuff hit the fan when Andi noticed this, and it started a bit of jealousy between the two girls. The big reveal at the end of the episode was that Andi has or still has feelings for Sam.

    The assignment this week seemed simple, I like that there was a connection to the soul and Sock, who both really loved their moms until one ate his, and the other when his mom marries a cowboy. Luckily Sock and his mom burried the hatchet, but she still kicked him out, which was totally goes against his slacker lifestyle.
    Back to the soul, I feel like they are now getting a lot better at capturing these souls, and gettign better vessels. The three of them were great in their coordinated lie to Josie, but Sock's was great, I felt like he blew it for them, but I think she bought it for now.

    We got to see the Devil buying a soul this week, I think this was a hinting to Sam wanting to see his own contract. It was nice to see him do some good against the Devil, but seeing the Devil's wrath may hinder this movign forward.

    Overall a good installment of this show, it is funny, but never over the top, and it has the opportunity to be very often.
  • The devil made me do it.

    This episode seemed to move quickly. It had the usual soul chasing with the boys but it was more about character development. We see how Sam is dealing with his new girlfriend Cady. Is she or isn't she the devil's daughter? I think yes. We also see how we have a dynamic between her and Andi. Look out--cat fight coming. Well, maybe not this week.

    Those twists are to be expected but we also see Sock has a mom and I want someone to tell me SOck isn't the funniest character on the show.

    Also, we see the devil trying to get a soul (played by Jamie Kennedy (of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment) and how Sam tries to thwart these efforts. Look out Sam, the devil means business.

    It was good to see the writers add some depth to the characters while jumbling up the order of the show. It was not a soul chase from start to finish. Nice job.
  • Rock 'N' Roll And Cannibals!!

    Well, it has been quite some time since I have written a review for Reaper. Or written a review of anything for that matter. I came to the point where I felt it was the same review over and over again because it seemed Reaper was doing the same episode over and over again. You can only write so much when it feels like you have already written it. So, I gave it a break. As for Reaper, the addition of Sam's new girlfriend, who may or may not be the devil's daughter, was a fun little addition. It gave the show some extra mystery, although still didn't improve the series. But now, Reaper is back from what seemed like an eternity. Having watched this episode last night, I realized how much I do like the show and missed it, if not actually love it. I would like to see the series continue to a season 2. Maybe then, over the summer, they can figure out exactly what to do with the show and where to go. So far, it still doesn't seem clear that they do. Also, how weird was it that this episode was a Christmas show?. It was a little startling to see Santa and Christmas trees in March. Lol. Oh well, let's get on with it....

    We have a couple of storylines here....

    First things first. The escaped soul this time around was a guy who was a cannibal in his real life. Bodies have been popping up, and the Devil tells Sam that the soul usually comes back to finish off the corpse, wherever it may be. This guy is a real character. Sock and Ben have a conversation over this guy being the scariest soul compared to the others. I think he just may be. He looks and dresses like Mr. Rogers, but look out for those teeth!. Anywho, our gang track down his mother and learn that he is probably coming back home and hanging around there. That night, they catch him, after Sock has a moment with him first in the backyard. But wait, our cannibal is not over yet. He figures into storyline B.

    A sad, pathetic street musician named Ryan(played by Jamie Kennedy), desperatley wants to be a real rock star. Unfortunatley for him, he doesn't really have the talent, the voice, or the songs. The Devil sees this as another person who's soul he can catch. He gives Ryan what he has always wanted. A touch of fame, and being the rock and roll star he always wanted to be. Once he tastes that, the Devil will step in with the papers. Sam tries to change this. The guy is already sad and down in the dumps, so why ruin him even more?. Sam tries to warn Ryan not to get involved with the Devil, or "Jerry Belvedere", as he calls himself. Ryan won't have anything of it, but Sam and the others bring out the cannibal to show that they mean business. Ryan finds out the hard way how right they are, and how sharp the cannibal's teeth are.

    Elsewhere, Sam is still going strong in his new relationship. Things get a bit messy when she finds the necklace that he originally got for Andi, thinking it was meant for her. Sam doesn't disagree. The two have a slight falling out but reconciliate when Andi sees the necklace and gives her the cold shoulder. While I like Andi a lot more, Sam's relationship with this girl is a lot more interesting. Who is this girl?. Is she the devil's daughter?. Is she hiding a secret?. Her little talk with Andi shows that the girl has some issues she obviously needs to work on. She says she has, but we all know that she could probably use a little more don't we?.

    Lastly, there is a little storyline concerning Sock and his mom. His mother has been away in Las Vegas, and comes home with a little surprise. She has married, in Sock's words, an "asian cowboy". Sock is hurt and angry. His mom and he are supposed to be a team. Things aren't made any better when she tells him that he is 25 now, and he should move out and be on his own. Sock doesn't believe it and gives her some time to change her mind. Will she?. This was mostly fluffy filler, but it had some funny moments. Sock moving out and bunking with either Sam or Ben(most likely the latter)could lead to some more humorous moments. Then again, so could staying home with mom and her "asian cowboy" Morris.

    "Hungry For Fame" was a pretty fun and satisfying episode. The episode did feel like it was suffering a bit from too much going on. You had the cannibal soul to catch, then there was the rock stay Sam was trying to save, and there was Sock's family drama and Sam's girl troubles. It could of used some editing, and saved some of this stuff for other episodes. Even though it felt like it was packed in tight, it moved pretty breezily and got the job done. The usual dose of humor was there, and Ray Wise continues to dazzle as the Devil. His closing scene with Sam at the work bench was killer. There is a real scary dark side there(well, he is the devil, after all)and we get little glimpses of it here and there without the writers fully jumping into it. Let's hope they pull the rug out from under our seat soon. Oh, and actually give Valerie Rae Miller more to do.
  • Great to see it once again.

    This episode was some what on the stale side. For the one reason they keep poking the same bear with the love story. We all have seen many t.v shows where the current girl friend is evil they could at least try and put a spin on it something where were we are not left knowing what is going to happen.

    Now were pushing close to the season finale and this episode felt like it has bin down already. They need to start pushing forward the story and not take one step back one step forward approach and move along with the story.

    In the end i liked this episode for one reason theres not much like it on air. They could've done a better job but hopefully things will progress and get better. I just hope they don't keep on back tracking the same old story line.