Season 1 Episode 11

Hungry for Fame

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2008 on The CW

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  • Sam gets even more involved in the Devils affairs and Socks Mum marries an Asian Cowboy

    This show goes from strength to strength and adds even more character development into the mix. Up until now the devil was rarely seen to do any other job but give Sam his tasks. We got the whole Jerry thing when we were introduced to his Mistress and her daughter Cady but she was a personal project and not one of the Devil's other jobs as such. In this episode we see him use this alter ego to sign an aspiring (but pretty bad) rock star wannabe and give him a stadium concert just to get him to sign his soul away. This adds nicely to the Devil's character even if it is a bit contrived and progresses Sam's opposition to him, something that has been building but hardly ever taken advantage of. I see this as a plot thread that will obviously become more later on.

    As well as the rock star plot you have other advancements in character as well, where as the soul (a cannibal) is actually relevant to Sock's problems with his mother and not exclusively just something to be caught. Speaking of which this is the first time we've actually seen Sock's relationship with his mother and it turns out he is a bit of a mommas boy. Clearly upset by her marrying an Asian cowboy and pushed out of the house he sees the cannibal's mother the way he wants his mother to be with him, therefore his reaction when the little old lady is eaten makes perfect sense. Loved the line 'I was hungry, all she had was pie'.

    On top of these 3 advancements in character you also have Josie become even more suspicious of the lads and Andi slightly sharing those suspicions. Cady is also revealed to be by her own admission a psychotic bunny boiler when she threatens Andi - but she's been through therapy, it's fine.
    Lastly, who would win a cage match between Cannibal soul and Fire soul? Answers on a postcard please.