Season 2 Episode 5

I Want My Baby Back

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2009 on The CW

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    Sam, Sock, and Ben turn to Tony for help when an escaped soul leaves her baby behind. Morgan lets slip to Andi that Sam is really the Devil's son. And Sock considers chemical castration to deal with his lust for his half-sister. This episode was a decent episode but I thought it dragged a bit and that it wasn't as funny as usual. I never fail to laugh when Sam, Sock and Ben screem like girls. Glad to see no Bens girlfriend in this one she is starting to get on my nerves. I give this episode a 8.5 out of 10.
  • a bit boring by the standards of the series

    This episode seemed disjointed. It was nice to see Tony, and the baby was cute, but... mostly i wasn't that riveted this time around. Sam's Dad's undead yet clingy state struck me as annoying and somehow uninteresting and pathetic. And then there was the Sock and his stepsister storyline, which I thought was overwith but was actually a big focus and I'm ready to accept the determinations of others who have held that 'this 'Sock being attracted to his stepsister' thing is getting old'. The scene with Morgan and Andy at the restaurant seemed kind of out of place and also uninteresting. not as good as other episodes, hopefully just an outlier.
  • Four very interesting plot lines about a baby, Socks unruly behavior, the undead being bored, and Sam not telling Andi something important again. Definitely worth the time to see it.

    This second season of Reaper is one of the best of any show I've seen in a while. For the fifth episode we have another entertaining story with four plot lines about Sam and his crew. I really like the plot construction of these first five episodes.

    Sam and the boys must bring a young women who thinks she's a Vampire in using a stake of course to capture her. No problem right? Wrong! This one has just left an adorable baby behind and the boys have to figure out what to do with her. By a stroke of luck Tony comes by for a visit and has always wanted a baby. He and Steve were trying to adopt. Problem solved. Nope just started.

    Sock and Ben are dealing with a little problem as well. Sock is having trouble controlling himself when he is around his step sister. His step-sister Kristen gets to do a little singing (Eriko Tamura is a pop singer in Japan by the way) doing karaoke in front of the TV. Ben notices Sock saying inappropriate things out loud in front of Kristen and he and Sock decide that getting Sock some testosterone blockers is the answer!!! Kristen seems totally oblivious to what Sock is saying or his feelings for her which is really strange, but she stops Sock from taking them in the end. As far as Ben is concerned we miss Nina this week.

    The third plot twist is Sam's Dad keeps hanging around now that he is undead. He's bored. In short he moves in with the boys which should make for some fun. Also you get the feeling that maybe the Devil is not telling the complete truth about Sam as well. Wait until Andi finds out about him!

    Speaking of Andi, that is the big plot driven piece for this week. Good ole Morgan shows up and spills the beans to Andi about Sam also being the Son of the Devil. Andi gets really angry and well as you know Hell hath no fury like a women scorned. So she and Sam are on thin ice at this point. Dumpster duty again? We'll see how he fares on this as time goes on.

    Now back to the baby. We know the boys will do the right thing and after much planning and conniving it all comes down to Sam charming the Devil into allowing the baby to stay. It also helps in showing Andi that maybe Sam is not the evil guy Morgan or the Devil think. So everything is back to normal until next week...

    A great episode for character and story development and enjoyable to watch.

    Thanks for reading...
  • This weeks soul leaves behind either a precious gift or a monster...

    This weeks Reaper felt a little flat to me, though even an average Reaper episode is better then a lot of stuff on television these days. We got to learn a little bit more about Mr. Oliver, and the irony of his deal with the devil has now made him undead. The opening scene with Sock and Ben finding out was fairly hilarious, though it felt out of place with how the trio wanted nothing to do with Sam's father afterwards. I can't really blame Sam for being upset at his dad's selfishness, but the opening scene with him laughing about just didn't feel right.

    Also what doesn't seem to be feeling right is Sock's continued obsession with his step sister, which, while funny at first seems to losing the humor as it continues. As great of a character as Sock is, I didn't really laugh at any of these parts of the episode, and there were several.

    The main story of the episode was somewhat interesting. I was surprised that this week's soul was captured before the first commerical break, but it worked well enough. After all, the series was starting to get a little stale after episode after episode of just catching souls. Sam soons finds out that the demon left her little baby behind. She had smuggled him out of hell, (we have better schools on Earth apperantly) and now Sam, Sock and Ben had to take care of her. It was very nice to see Tony return, as he was one of my favorite characters from last season. After learning that the Reapers don't know how to take care of a baby, Tony adopts her, giving her the name Stevie, after Steve. Unfortunately the happiness doesn't last to long as the devil wants the baby's soul back. The other main storyline was that Morgan tells Andi that Sam is the devil's son too. She was going to find out sooner or later, thankfully sooner, and she naturally didn't take it too well. However, after pretending to be parents for a baptism ceremony the two of them begin to repair their relationship. The story to the episdoe was very nice, but there wasn't a lot of humor to be found in the episode. I realize that not every episdoe can be laughing of my seat all the time, but it just felt like there was something holding this episode back from being great. This episode wasn't horrible, but Reaper has done better.
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