Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2007 on The CW

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  • Finally, the story changes a bit... :)

    I really liked this epi. I liked that the writers finally tried out something new. We don't actually get to see the chase of the first soul, just when they catch it. I loved it! And when they can't send it back to hell, because all hell has a few days off because of Halloween(!)Sock befriends the soul... Hilarious... ;)
    I like the hole arguing thing in this episode; Andi and Sam, Sam and Sock. It seems that Sam changes a bit in this episode and gets more confidence. Maybe it's the talk he had with Sock about the pumpkin-costume... :) But Sam finally stands up to Andi, and she forgives him, and he sort off stands up to the Devil, who seems really surprised... Who would have known that Sam would be the Devil's favourite worker..? ;)
    Keep it up!
  • lol! pumpkin sam

    i liked this episode! leon who killed president mckinley has escaped from hell and is going round killing. sam captures him! in a snow globe. another killer comes along called the butcher. satans dog even helps sam. hes awesome. satans dog helps defeat the butcher after leon decides to become a r e t a r d and stuffs sam and sock in a cellar with the butcher. the get the butcher in a meat thermometer. and they also get leon in his snow globe after sock lets him out, while hes in rehab. good episode. nice to see a little history in the show.
  • I absolutely adored it!

    I just got around to watching this on my DVR ('cause my Tuesday night allegiance lies with House; he was there first) and if I hadn't already been watching this show, this episode would have had me hooked!! First of all, I just loved the Sam/Andi plotline. I think the writers tackled a real relationship extremely well. Just like in real life, no one wants to stay mad at their friends, and Andi's forgiveness of Sam's mistake is a perfect example of how little things should never ruin a perfectly good relationship. While I have my doubts of those two ever getting together (Sam's just never gonna get the opportunity to tell Andi what's really going on, plus it would totally be jumping the shark if they got together this early on in the show) this shows that Andi was at one point, more than just a love interest and a really solid friend.

    On a similar note, the dynamic relationship between Sam and Sock was also tackled in a really relatable way. We really got a taste of just how close the two are, and perhaps how long they may have known each other. It makes me feel bad for Ben, who often gets hurt but never seems to share in these really touching male bonding moments. Either way, what Sock was prepared to do for Sam when the two were threatened by Leon was incredibly sweet and loyal.

    I also LOVED how the devil hated Halloween. It threw me for a loop at first, but when he explained that all of his demon employees had off on the holiday, I thought it was supremely clever and funny. It makes sense that all of his employees would have the holiday off and cause a whole mess of mayhem and I think it was a smart little bit of the Devil's character development.

    Lastly, I gotta give props for casting Patton Oswalt as Leon. I'm already a huge fan of his, but his manner of speech and quirks made him absolutely perfect for this role. Hopefully, in the future, we could see more guest stars like him, experienced and just really funny.

    Anyway, loved this episode hardcore and hope to see many more like it. Hands down my favorite episode!!
  • I love Halloween episodes.

    As I said above, I love Halloween episodes, and this one especially. I love the take from the Devil on why this is the one day a year he gives everyone the day off in hell, and that he really hates this day. A day we all assume the Devil would love. I guess Christmas is his favourite day of the year. Eventhough Leon was a demon, he was funny and helpful, in a weird way I guess. I loved that Sock took him everywhere and partied with him. I was hoping that Leon would tell Andi what Sam really is. But no, another week of dumb Andi.
  • Two souls this week, kinda' fresh and new.

    Well, two souls this week, the show I guess is changing, not that well, but it is still changing.

    The show starts with the gang taking down a soul quickly, but when Gladys is nowhere to be found, they end up having to hold on to the soul for awhile The soul proved to be both a burden and help, but it really is hard to say which it was mostly.

    It is also Halloween, and their second soul is one sick soul. They call him the butcher and he is one creep SOB. Andi and Sam aren't getting any better, which is a shame because the two of them seem really good together.

    Episode Quote:
    Ted: You're not going to be the pumpkin, Sock.
    Sock: Racist.
  • Okay

    Some good things and some bad things happened. This episode kind of brought the show down. It went from a ten to a okay. The butcher was very interesting but i wish that we saw them. As for Leon that seemed kind of stupid. Sam did yell at Sock to not be such a idiot and he was kind of foolish to do that. The conflict between them was okay but most importantly it was necessary. If two friends don't fight then it really brings the show down. People always want conflict and thats what this episode brought. I really hope next weeks episode is a whole lot better
  • Sam grows up a little.

    Sam finds some things out about himself, and about his friends as well as the Devil himself. There's some character development, and I was glad to see it happen, as there's only so long that he can run around being a clueless nerd.

    So Sam learns that the Devil doesn't always tell the truth; although why he'd think that would be the case is beyond me, but good for him for realizing it. The problem with the Devil is that sometimes what he's saying ~sounds~ like the truth. When he told Sam that his friends were unreliable, well, that just about sums up the two guys Sam works with, Sock especially. And then when Sock let Leon out... well, there's the Devil's point proven, right?

    I admit, I let out a groan when that happened, because I didn't want the Devil to be right. And I was happy when Sock proved the Devil wrong by standing by Sam when the chips were down. These guys aren't what they appear to be on the surface, and that, I think, is a good thing for the longevity of the show. The whole Andi situation... well, are they friends or are they more? What happened to the fantastic guy with the twin sisters? There needs to be some plot clean-up there, but there's still time to deal with all that in the future.
  • One of the worst half hours of television this season. Eclipsed only by the previous week's episode. ... Giving it a low rating to pull down the ridiculously high average. See my longer review for everything going wrong with this show...

    This show is becoming so chocked full of plot holes, it's asinine. The writers have this incredible premise for a show, but they can't pick a direction to go in, so we're being yanked around while they try to figure things out.

    The girl situation is up, it's down, it's up, it's down. He HORRIBLY lies, Andy byes it and forgives him. "It's been killing me," she says. What's been killing you?!! Missing out on all the lies? What about the guy you were dating? Where's the freakin' continuity???!!!!

    What about the contract that he went out of his way to get? Is he not going to start reading it?

    Demons take Halloween off? THEY'RE THE CONDEMNED! The writers believe we'll buy that demons get a day off and Satan is all bummed? COME ON!

    What happened to the superpowers? Were those only good for the first two episodes? Now his power is losing vessels and being duped by demons? (two vessels lost in back to back eps, and a third gets broken)

    This show is doomed to fail after two seasons if the writing continues to be this bad. It'd end after one, but early ratings were too high, and network execs will consistently pump money into a good premise, no matter how badly it's executed.
  • Double Soul hunting brings trouble and fun.

    Imagine my disappointment when I see Patton Oswalt, as Leon, sporting a big old shotgun for a hand and getting sucked up right away. I was almost tempted to rewind and make sure I hadn't missed something. But, as the episode progressed, it all made sense. With Halloween bringing down the Devil, he gives everyone a day of vacation and sets himself back. Now Sam, Sock, and Ben are stuck with Leon in the snow globe. I had never been a huge fan of Mr. Oswalt, but here, I couldn't help but laugh. Andi's silent treatment was very believable (especially after getting that same treatment myself) and I was happy to see that Sam had to get out and make speech to get the hotness of Andi back on his radar. Sock, as always, makes me laugh so hard I cry. The Underpants Man! Phew. Ted was annoyingly funny as always. The Devil, who I can not help to hate and like at the same time, is played always awesomely and with increasing ability, by Mr.Wise. Perfect choice. Sam calling out the Devil at the end...I like to see where thats going. What happened with the whole Sam's dad ripping up the contract?
  • An episode that was somewhat good, somewhat bad. A lot of stuff going on.

    Alright, so I think I'm going to break this down into a bulleted list about what I did and didn't like about this episode.


    - Ted dressing up in the Pirates of the Caribbean and 300 costumes. Hilarious. Ted is one of my favorite characters on the show, and because he looks so...the opposite of Jack Sparrow and Leonidas, it was a funny contrast to see him in those roles.

    - The development of Sam and Andi's relationship. Andi finally stands up for herself, and the show gets a more realistic element by Sam finally getting some solid rejection from Andi. However, by the end of the episode, we also find out that Andi has some serious feelings, as evidenced by the fact that she missed him.

    - The mix-up in the soul-capturing storyline. Instead of the usual Sam wakes up, then gets the vessel, then captures the soul storyline, Sam and Sock capture a soul at the beginning of the episode, and he comes into play throughout. It was also interesting to try and figure out whether he was good or bad throughout the whole episode. He was a good supporting character.

    - The humor was strong again, as always. (Ted: "Does anyone wanna be the pumpkin?" Sock: "I do!" Ted: "No." Sock: "Racist.")

    - The whole demons-taking-a-vacation-on-Halloween thing was an interesting twist. Especially with the Devil being all "depressed" and whatnot. Also loved the fact that Sam is finally starting to learn how to argue efficiently with the Devil, and use everything he can to his advantage. He's not letting the Devil push him around as much anymore.


    - The main overarching storyline that was hinted at in the last episode was not continued in any way here. Sam's dad isn't even in this episode anywhere, nor is the contract. Kind of made me mad, because I really want to know about this aspect of the show.

    - The visual effects are usually stunning, but in this episode, they just plain sucked. The dog's animation was deplorable, it looked like a video game interacting with real life...totally unrealistic.

    - The soul story in general kind of sucked here. He wasn't filled in as a character, and there wasn't really enough screen time with him whatsoever to make it feel like a triumph when Sam finally did capture him. It was pretty anticlimactic.

    All in all, this episode was pretty dang good, although it had its flaws. Reaper is still going strong...hopefully it can stay that way.
  • "We Party hard in the Underworld"

    Reaper, you have me under your spell. "Leon" has to be the best episode so far. The episode begins with Sam, Sock and Ben already hunting Leon, an escaped soul planning to attack the president. Sam is quick to capture Leon with the vessel, especially once he sees the shotgun built into his arm. Much to Sams dismay, Sock begins developing a relationship with Leon while he is still in the vessel. If that wasn't bad enough, Sam now has received his orders from the seriously down Devil, involving a brutal serial killer. Why's he down you ask? It's Halloween of course and that means the only day people aren't afraid of him. You would think these would be Sam's only problems, however Andi is still mad at him over the "sister incident", and now is only talking to him about work related stuff. Can it get any worse? ALWAYS! Sock, thinking he is doing the right thing, let's Leon out of the vessel, so he can use other-worldly connections to help find the next soul. After a lot of running around, Leon leads Sam and Sock right to the souls lair. Sams original thoughts on Leon turn out to be correct though as he forces Sam into the souls lair without the vessel. More than content to hang out with Sock, Leon informs Sam that it will be just him going down there. Sock, without even thinking immediately jumps into the hole with Sam in a testemant to their friendship. Leon, somewhat perplexed, forced them both down and takes off, leaving them to impending death. After a brief embrace, the survival instinct kicks in and Sam ponders using another souls vessel to capture this one. While it didn't catch the soul, it caused a huge explosion that thrust the boys out of the lair. After quickly recovering the vessel, Sam sends the soul back to eternity, after all this, I think he's ready to deal with Andi. Sam lays most of it out on the table, and tells Andi how much their friendship means to him. Seems as though Andi has been feeling that way all along, and dealing with the stomach aches from hiding it. So with the soul sent back to hell, Andi and Sam right again
    , all seems good with the world.......wait a minute, what about Leon. The gang goes to find him at the only place there sure he'll be, his therapist. Leon makes one more attempt by holding Sock at gunpoint, but Sam talks him off the proverbial ledge. With Leon back and hells army returning from vacation, all finnaly does feel right with the world.
  • Moves the series forward

    Just as the Reaper format was starting to look a little predictable (Sam wakes up, something weird happens, Sam finds the vessel, the Devil gives him his mission), the producers decided to shake it up a little. In this episode, the soul is captured in the pre-credits sequence and becomes a major supporting character, alternately helping in and interfering with the capture of the next soul. This adds an interesting dynamic to the episode, since we are never quite sure whose side he is on.

    It was also good to see Andi sticking up for herself a bit, since I had never found her meek acceptance of Sam's treatment of her (yes, I know it's for her protection, but she doesn't) to be all that believable. In this episode, we got to see inside her head a bit more, which is a good thing, since she'd been a very underwritten character up until this point. I hope this episode isn't just a one off and that both trends (being more creative with the story structure and further developing the Sam-Andi relationship) continue.
  • This was the best episode to date. Hands Down

    Looks like they are getting the things brewing in this show. They did a tremendous job of tying in 2 different lines of story as usual. But this episode seemed fuller because of some twist they have put in. This episode was better than first few, however i think that they should definitely try to put some more work into the work storyline which is usually lacking a bit. (Maybe it is just me, because a lite story and a heavier one really balance the show). I also like that they are not trying to cater to a wide audience like Heroes does. Select a niche market and stay in the business, very smart.