Season 1 Episode 7

Love, Bullets and Blacktop

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on The CW
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Sam and the crew go after a thrill-seeking pair of escaped souls that engineer car wrecks to keep their relationship fresh. Meanwhile, the Devil tries to set Sam up with a new girl.

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  • Another great epi!

    Reaper just keeps on being really good. I thought this was an awesome episode. The episode focused a lot on Sam, and we really learned a lot about him. He reluctantly hooked up with this girl, Taylor, who was really in to him. I loved the scene where Taylor goes to find Sam at the work bench, and goes and talkes to Andi. You can tell that Andi is kinda bothered about it... I also liked the scene where Andi and Sam watches the movie together in the back at the "Ted-free-zone" she has created. That was awesome. I hope they end up toghether... :)moreless
  • b00bs, bullets and blacktop

    two escaped souls from a movie escape from hell. it is awesome. they can't die and are addicted to adrenaline rushes and 80s songs from the movie "love, bullets and blacktop" it should be "b00bs, bullets and blacktop" like sock said. it was a good episode and i liked when sam caught the first one, it looked awesome. that guy they watched the movie on his betamax tape and saw his car, yeah he was a d0uche! sock rules! they really didn't like rick. thats his name! rick! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome! a3wesome!moreless
  • Okay

    this episode was okay. I thought this was the weakest episode. I mean the demons weren't cool and had no real special power. I mean fire and bugs are awesome but these demons were way to killable. It was good to see Sam get over Andi and stop acting like some love sick puppy even if his new girlfriend only lasts for one episode. Yeah this episode was kind of a let down. I don't know what it was. All what i know is that this is the first okay Reaper episode. It wasn't horrible or anything just Reaper didn't seem to deliver this week.moreless
  • A nice episode that sort of makes an homage to classic car movies from the 80's. Also has some major character development for Sam. It really shows us how good of a guy he is.moreless

    This episode was done really well. In a way, it kind of seemed like a filler episode--it didn't really advance the major story arc of Reaper a whole lot, but it gave us, the viewers, a deeper insight into Sam.

    At the beginning of the episode, Sam and the gang are hanging out at a bar when a random, über-hottie by the name of Taylor comes up and randomly kisses Sam. Naturally, Sam is a bit taken aback but pleased. Even though the scene ends with the group of girls getting bored and leaving, Taylor seems to take an interest in Sam and gives him her number.

    Throughout the episode, it is interesting to watch Sam as he tries to deal with his existing feelings for Andi, coupled with the pushiness of Taylor. She's beautiful and totally into him. It doesn't help that the Devil is of course talking up Taylor at every given opportunity, even giving Sam helpful sexual advice. He has to sort out all this relationship drama in the midst of trying to capture the next soul...or in this case, souls.

    The souls in this episode represented everything that the Christian view of the Devil is supposed to be. Pure base instinct. Adrenaline, lust, power, reckless abandon...Kit and Holly gave into the primal urges wholeheartedly, and as a result went on a killing spree. It was a change of pace from the souls that were present in the rest of the episodes of Reaper. It seemed to me that although Kit and Holly were murdering people, they weren't really evil in the sense of the word. They were just careless, and caught up in all those emotions that most humans repress for a reason.

    One of the strongest moments for Reaper all season came at the end of this episode. After much encouragement from the Devil (and even Andi), Sam decides to meet Taylor back in the same bar for a drink. After watching the antics of Kit and Holly, he decides that he is too reserved and that he should go after things more than he does. Subsequently, Sam and Taylor end up in a closet in the back of the bar. They are making out pretty hardcore, when Sam stops and says "This isn't who I am...we need to take this slower." Taylor was a bit bewildered, seeing as how Sam initiated the whole closet thing...but agreed nevertheless. Something tells me we're not going to see very much more of her though.

    A hilarious and touching scene between Sam and the Devil follows. Sam stands up to the Devil yet again and tells him that he is not the kind of guy to just lust after women for no reason, and that he is waiting to find true love. Although the Devil plays it cool, you can tell that he is really affected by Sam's statements.

    This episode was a very strong one, and immensely enjoyable to watch. Let's hope Reaper has more episodes like this.

    "I'm sorry Sam, I shouldn't have pushed that whole 'Taylor' thing on you. I had no idea you were a homosexual."moreless
  • Great !

    The episode started good, had some down moments, then was great, then the end was kinda lame.

    I really liked the fact that there was a new girl for Sam, because i really dont think Andi is the one for him, she is too.......simple.

    Did the ending gave away something about the devil's love life ? i guess it did, so that was pretty cool.

    As usual, LOVED Socks and his jokes and funny moments, like when he and Ben sing to celebrate the fact that they got the soul.

    Missed the manager heheh he is a realy funny guy and always delivers his jokes.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Sam and Andy watch the BetaMax movie on a 16:9 widescreen TV, and there is no image distortion. This would not happen, as BetaMax was in 4:3, and thus would appear stretched.

    • Vessel: 8-track tape of a movie soundtrack

    • When Sock, Sam, and Ben go to the car shown in Chinatown, they take with them the 8-track radio borrowed from Andi's dad. They use it to distract the demon couple until a passerby turns it off. This would not happen as all 8-track radios of that type had to be plugged in to work. They did not have portable battery-driven radios until well after cassette tapes had driven 8-tracks to extinction.

    • When the crew is at the bar right before Sam meets Taylor, Sock goes to the jukebox to get things kick-started. As soon as he puts the quarter in and selects his song, the current song playing abruptly ends to play his song. This never happens on a jukebox, the songs are played in the order they were requested.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Sock: Suck on that, Sugarlips!

    • Sock: Are you scared?
      Ben: Does is show?
      Sock: You're kinda hurting my arm...
      Ben: Oh. (lets go of Sock)
      Sock: You've got some nails on you, man.

    • Sock: God, do we have to talk to Russ? Guy gives me the skeeves.
      Sam: Yes. Yes, we do. But remember, we are all business. You show any signs of friendship to Russ and it's like feeding a raccoon. We'll never get rid of him.
      Sock: Ah, you hear that, Ben?
      Ben: Oh, wh...
      Sock: No, listen to me. None of this, my name's Ben. I like everybody. Let's be blood brothers, okay? I do not want to hang out with this guy. He's extra-strength douche.

    • Holly: Tell me how to set Kit free, or I will torch this whole place, and there will only be one of us getting out of here alive.
      Sock: Which one of us?

    • Sam: I couldn't figure out why you kept throwing Taylor in my path. It's not because you really care about me.
      The Devil: Hey! Untrue.
      Sam: It's because you're tempting me...again! You just want me to be more like you. But I'm not! I don't believe there's no such thing as love, and you know what? I don't believe that you believe that.
      The Devil: Wow. You know, celibacy really makes you insightful.
      Sam: Come on. You've been around since the dawn of time. Are you telling me you've never been in love?
      The Devil: Well, personally, I've always found lust to be quite satisfying.
      Sam: (scoffs) Yeah. You would. (leaves)

    • Ben: Damn. We look good.
      Sock: I'm thinking of touching myself.
      Sam: Not in my car, please.

    • Devil: I was able to obtain some information one of her many, many, many erogenous zones. Just stroke her earlobe, and she'll do anything. Anything.
      Sam: There is something really wrong with you.
      Devil: What? Encouraging a young man to succumb to his primal and perfectly natural instincts. Sharing the fact that Taylor's in her experimental phase? Is that bad?

    • Ben: Yeah, Love, Bullets, and Blacktop. It's a fine title.
      Sock: Boobs, Bullets, and Blacktop would be better. You know, the whole repeating the B's thing, that's classy.

    • Sam: A church? Isn't this a little too close for comfort?
      Devil: Nah, me and the Big Guy have an understanding. I stay out of his house, he lets me play with his toys.

    • Devil: Love? There's no such thing. I'm talking real passion, lust.
      Sam: You don't think love is real?
      Devil: The French invited love so they could put a civilized face on a primal urge. Dress it up with candy and hearts and cubic zirocnia. In the end it all comes down to endorphins and genitalia.

    • Sock: All right, the code word is "jambalya."
      Ben: I don't like that word.
      Sock: I don't care if you like it, Ben. The decision has been made, okay?

    • Sock: You are a man of discriminating tastes. I can tell by the four buttons unbuttoned on your shirt.

    • Holly: Do you like to get crazy? Do you like to play with danger.
      Sam: I… dabble.

    • The Devil: I am sorry, Sammy. I never should have pushed that whole Taylor thing on you. (pause) I had no idea you were a homosexual. "We should just slow it down a little?" (chuckles) You hear that? That's the sound of every man in the world laughing at you.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 on Kanal 5.
      Latin America: Friday, August 1, 2008 on Universal Channel.
      Sweden: Thursday, July 17, 2008 on Kanal 5.
      Norway: Saturday, February 14, 2009 on TVNorge.
      Germany: Monday, June 1, 2009 on ProSieben.
      Australia: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 on 7TWO.

    • This episode won the show a Leo award for "Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series" (Tyler Labine). It was also nominated for "Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series," "Best Direction in a Dramatic Series," "Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series" (Missy Peregrym), and "Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series."

    • Andrew Airlie, Donavon Stinson, and Valarie Rae Miller are credited but don't appear. Jill Teed is credited as a guest star but doesn't appear.

    • Music:

      Radar Love by Golden Earring
      I Wonder by Brenda Lee
      Horny Pony by Spektrum
      Love Unknown by Black Bunny
      Step Up Baby by Tommy Fields
      The Postcard by Kelly Lamont
      The Superhero One by D2 Music
      Turn by Radigan