Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on The CW
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Sam requests some time off to go to a concert with Andi, but the Devil refuses and points out that vacation periods are not part of his contract. Therefore, Sam is given a white dove as his next vessel and is sent to capture an escaped magician who kills anyone who does not appreciate his act.moreless

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  • A unique episode with some very cute moments.

    Very funny opening with Sock's improvised rodeo 'bull'. Love the new vessel box – those cute little demons on it, covering their ears, just too adorable! The vessel's adorable too – a dove. Can't you just feel the evil?! Ben adopts the dove, carrying him everywhere, feeding him and naming him Winston – "You named the vessel?"

    Sam finds yet another flaw in his contract – no vacation time. When he objects, he nearly gets flattened by two trucks. Personally, to teach Sam a lesson, I would have left him there to find his own way back to the Bench.

    Ben suggests Sam have a look at the contract and it's hilarious to watch Sam's mom dig through the linen closet and then the tax return drawer. No surprise – the contract falls apart. As an apology for messing up Sam's plans with Andi, he gets the Devil to agree to give him a copy of the contract. The Devil is obviously very fond of Sam, again unable to refuse a request.

    Definitely the coolest vessel yet – a scene straight out of Stephen King's 'The Dark Half.'

    A charming episode, very good.moreless
  • Sam has to collect a magician with a white dove as the vessel.

    I loved the way this episode unfolded. The hole Ben naming the vessel and keeping it as a pet-thing was simply hilarious. It was really good to see that Ben can be good for something else than just getting hurt... :)

    I don't like that Andi mentioned how much she needs things not to change. She told Sam that like three times in this episode, and if she really is in to him, why does she keep on saying that? How is he supposed to get anything else out of that, that he has to back off and just be her friend? I hope something happens between them soon, they're really cute together... :)moreless
  • Great.

    This episode is another close contender for best soul, the best storyline goes to others, because this one didnt give a whole lot on info about Sams contract and deal with the Devil.

    The soul to be captured was great in my opinion, and the way in which Sam had to sapture him was just brilliant.

    The episode was great, and to those that have all seen it already will agree that it definately beats the previous ones. Plenty of humour has been put into this once again, and also a bit of action throughout.

    Will keep watching this show if it keeps up this sort of standard.moreless
  • Sam: What is wrong with you? Ben: My dad is super alergic... You know... I couldn't have any pets so this little guy fills that void. Sock: You said I filled that void, Ben.moreless

    Andi invites Sam (Bret Harrison) on an overnight trip to see a Flaming Lips concert, so Sam asks the Devil (Ray Wise) for some vacation time. However, the Devil tells Sam time off isn't in his contract and sends him a new vessel box containing a dove to capture the latest escaped soul. Sam, Sock and Ben discover the soul is a former disgruntled magician who is killing people who don't appreciate his act. The Devil, disappointed on how horrible Sam is doing, puts Andi in danger by giving her a ticket to the magic show, Sam must save her. This episode was the best episode of Reaper so far it was really funny, the show has been getting better and better, I laugh more each week and the villians get better each week, cant wait to see the next episode.moreless
  • magic! awesome.

    sams new assignment is a magician who hates the public for personal reasons. the magician stabs one person with a real sword and he survives, but dies 5 mins later. lol. andi asks sam on a date to somewhere, but he can't cos the devil won't let him. he then has to go to the magic show to save andi but ted won't let him, so sam agrees to work the next 4 weekends. sam wants the contract, used bens bird (winston) to capture the magician soul with a sword and will get the contract on the next episode. lovimng it.moreless
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Darren Shahlavi

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  • QUOTES (25)

    • Ben: (saying goodbye to the vessel/dove) Winston--you're one freaky ass bird, who scared the crap out of me, and now I can't be comfortable around birds ever again. I hope you know that.

    • Ben: Come on, Winston. Come to daddy. We have to go, now.
      Sock: (holding a wrench) I'll bring him down.
      Ben: I will cut you where you stand.

    • Sam: What is wrong with you?
      Ben: My dad is super alergic... You know... I couldn't have any pets so this little guy fills that void.
      Sock: You said I filled that void, Ben.

    • (As they enter the theater to see the magician's act)
      Sock: So all I have to do is snap a little eyeliner and I'll get to shower with Cameron Diaz!
      Ben: Or probably not!
      Sock: It's her loss.

    • Devil: Forget about the contract.
      Sam: No, no. I wanna see it.
      Devil: But why?
      Sam: Because I wanna know my rights.
      Devil: Oh, that's easy. You don't have any.

    • (sprayed with cold water)
      Sock: Not the crotch! Not the crotch!

    • Sock: New devil box arrived in the middle of the back room. Scared the crap out of Ben.
      Sam: What about me? I just thought I got stabbed. You know how scary that is?
      Sock: All right, come on, hop on. Come on, piggyback. It'll cheer you up. Come on! Come on!
      Sam: No, I'm good.
      Sock: Yeah, you're a little big for that now, aren't you? Just so you know, I would have piggybacked you right back there.

    • Sock: I'm too disgruntled, all right. I mean, give me a break, no talking at work. I mean, what's next, take away the air I breathe? Take away the beer that I'm about to drink on my break?

    • Sam: We are not machines, we are not robots.
      Sock: Be cooler if we were robots.
      Sam: Yeah.
      Sock: You know who I'd be if I were a robot?
      Sam: Who?
      Sock: The hot chick from Terminator 3. First I would tear this building down brick by brick, then I would go home, lock myself in the bedroom, and stare at my boobs for as long as I wanted.
      Sam: Yeah.
      Sock: Which would be a long time.

    • Customer: How much for the flat screen?
      Sock: A million dollars. Try Best Buy.

    • Ted: What, are you talking to yourself, Sam? That is a sad, sad state of affairs, my friend. Because no one answers. Ever. (long pause) Ever.

    • Ben: Nobody's hurting Winston.
      Sam: Who's Winston?
      Ben: The bird.
      Sam: You… named the vessel?
      Sock: Dude, Winston is not a bird's name, Ben.
      Ben: Okay, well you tell me what a bird's name is.
      Sock: I don't know, uh, how about Flappy? Or Paul?

    • Ben: You know, I've never seen a dead body up close before. It's messed up.
      Sock: I know, right? I mean, you'd think that seeing Scarface all those times, I'd be better prepared for that, but…

    • Driver: Go to Hell, jerk!
      Devil: I'll meet you there, Bruce. You know that little thing on his neck? Not a freckle.

    • Ted: You know what, Sam? I'm not really in the habit of checking other men out. Unlike some people I know.
      Sock: Huh? Sorry. I was so busy checking out your ass, I missed your funny joke.

    • Sock: Hi, Gladys. You look ummm today.
      Gladys: Place the vessel on the mat.
      Sock: Whoa, it's gonna be kind of difficult with all that sexual tension pushing back.

    • (Sam has a vision that a customer stabs him with a torch. Sam screams, and Sock comes running)
      Sam: You see that guy?
      Sock: Yeah?
      Sam: I just had this really weird vision that he stabbed me.
      Sock: I just ate this really weird cupcake, so I guess we're even.

    • Devil: Sam, life's too short to drink domestic.

    • Devil: Minions. You know who works for me in my central office? White-collar criminals. They hate me, they hate their jobs. I'm lucky if I get coffee in the morning.

    • Sam: You sound like Ted.
      Devil: Wow, that's harsh. Ted's a real douchebag.

    • Sam: You put the contract for my soul with my third-grade report card and Mr. Huggles?

    • Devil: You know, Sam, sarcasm is the lowest form of social discourse.

    • Sock: That, my friend, was some fine hell sucking.

    • Devil: I never drink when I work. It clouds the mind.
      Sam: Maybe if you drank, you'd be less of a dick.

    • The Devil: Filing system in the Abyss is shabby, as you might expect, but I'll put in a request.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Sweden: Thursday, June 26, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Denmark: Thursday, July 10, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Latin America: Friday, July 11, 2008 on Universal Channel
      Norway: Saturday, January 24, 2009 on TVNorge
      Germany: Monday, May 11, 2009 on ProSieben

    • Music:

      Because I'm Awesome by Dollyrots
      El microfono by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
      The Lonely Pioneers by Adam and Dave's Bloodline
      Chinese Translation by M.Ward
      My World by Brian Buckley


    • The Devil: The Lady doth protest too much, methinks.
      This is an allusion to Shakespeare's Hamlet, act 3, scene 2. Commonly misquoted with the methinks at the beginning.

    • Sock: (When they go to see the magician's act) So all I have to do is snap a little eye liner and I'll get to shower with Cameron Diaz.
      Referring to Criss Angel, a magician whose signature look is a lot of eyeliner and who dated Cameron Diaz.