Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on The CW

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  • A unique episode with some very cute moments.

    Very funny opening with Sock's improvised rodeo 'bull'. Love the new vessel box – those cute little demons on it, covering their ears, just too adorable! The vessel's adorable too – a dove. Can't you just feel the evil?! Ben adopts the dove, carrying him everywhere, feeding him and naming him Winston – "You named the vessel?"

    Sam finds yet another flaw in his contract – no vacation time. When he objects, he nearly gets flattened by two trucks. Personally, to teach Sam a lesson, I would have left him there to find his own way back to the Bench.

    Ben suggests Sam have a look at the contract and it's hilarious to watch Sam's mom dig through the linen closet and then the tax return drawer. No surprise – the contract falls apart. As an apology for messing up Sam's plans with Andi, he gets the Devil to agree to give him a copy of the contract. The Devil is obviously very fond of Sam, again unable to refuse a request.

    Definitely the coolest vessel yet – a scene straight out of Stephen King's 'The Dark Half.'

    A charming episode, very good.
  • Sam has to collect a magician with a white dove as the vessel.

    I loved the way this episode unfolded. The hole Ben naming the vessel and keeping it as a pet-thing was simply hilarious. It was really good to see that Ben can be good for something else than just getting hurt... :)
    I don't like that Andi mentioned how much she needs things not to change. She told Sam that like three times in this episode, and if she really is in to him, why does she keep on saying that? How is he supposed to get anything else out of that, that he has to back off and just be her friend? I hope something happens between them soon, they're really cute together... :)
  • Great.

    This episode is another close contender for best soul, the best storyline goes to others, because this one didnt give a whole lot on info about Sams contract and deal with the Devil.

    The soul to be captured was great in my opinion, and the way in which Sam had to sapture him was just brilliant.

    The episode was great, and to those that have all seen it already will agree that it definately beats the previous ones. Plenty of humour has been put into this once again, and also a bit of action throughout.

    Will keep watching this show if it keeps up this sort of standard.
  • Sam: What is wrong with you? Ben: My dad is super alergic... You know... I couldn't have any pets so this little guy fills that void. Sock: You said I filled that void, Ben.

    Andi invites Sam (Bret Harrison) on an overnight trip to see a Flaming Lips concert, so Sam asks the Devil (Ray Wise) for some vacation time. However, the Devil tells Sam time off isn't in his contract and sends him a new vessel box containing a dove to capture the latest escaped soul. Sam, Sock and Ben discover the soul is a former disgruntled magician who is killing people who don't appreciate his act. The Devil, disappointed on how horrible Sam is doing, puts Andi in danger by giving her a ticket to the magic show, Sam must save her. This episode was the best episode of Reaper so far it was really funny, the show has been getting better and better, I laugh more each week and the villians get better each week, cant wait to see the next episode.
  • magic! awesome.

    sams new assignment is a magician who hates the public for personal reasons. the magician stabs one person with a real sword and he survives, but dies 5 mins later. lol. andi asks sam on a date to somewhere, but he can't cos the devil won't let him. he then has to go to the magic show to save andi but ted won't let him, so sam agrees to work the next 4 weekends. sam wants the contract, used bens bird (winston) to capture the magician soul with a sword and will get the contract on the next episode. lovimng it.
  • A fast adventorous storyline that ends with a awesome final and a really strong emotinal storyline at the middle of the episode.

    The episode was really strange... I didn't find it so funny as the past ones but the actin/adventure theme got really better! I really loved the final scene: The action in the car, the sword, Sam acting job and the whole scene. The camera job made a great job too, even if I did not like the moving camera at the beginning of the scene the rest was great!

    In the other hand, the strong sentimental theme touchs every heart that sees this episode. Sam trying to save the girl and the Devil trying to stop Sam to ask some questions. Anyway I really loved Sam's character acting again, his job is brilliant (So great scenes were made! For example he going out with the closed door) This episode was I guess the more emotional by the time. We really felt it. The storyline was a little poor in the soul side, anyway I liked so much the final that I can forgive it. The sword way of killing was really original! And the vanquish was even better! The best vanquish so far...

    So that's all I have to say. A really new adventoruos theme with great results and a emotinal line in the other hand that is brilliant.
  • Love that magican's outfit.

    I really have enjoyed every episode of this show, and I realize there has been only a few, but I really wish Andi will find out that Sam is a reaper. I would like to see them as a team instead of always having to hide things from a close friend. This has been done in so many TV shows, it is so tiring. This show doesn't need it. They can hide the fact from the normal folk, plus their boss, and that would be enough. Every week we see the boys hiding it from Andi, is she stupid? I don't think so. Just get it over with and tell her. I loved Ben's relationship to the dove.
  • Really Good

    A awsome episode! this episode had everything. The jokes were great, the demon was great. All of it was great. I love how dark and comidic the humor is. The demon show down was nice and the dove was really freaky. I really liked the demon. How he was angry at the crowd for not being pleased and how he felt like he was made fun of and humliated. The whole thing with Sam wanting to know his rights was intresting and him wanting to take a break seemed pretty in character. It was a real step up and if Reaper keeps it up i will continue watching.
  • Sam gets his new assignment from the devil, and he has to go after an escaped magician that is wreaking havoc on a small-town carnival. Andi has tickets to a concert, and invites Sam to go with her. Sam asks the devil to see the contract for his soul.

    Alright, so with this installment, I have to agree with everyone else's review that I've read. It's the best episode since the pilot by far. The monster part of it is still somewhat formulaic, but more entertaining than the past couple of episodes, with the role of the goofy magician being played well.

    The humor is strong, as always; particularly the attachment that Ben develops to Winston, the vessel. But I think my favorite part of this episode is the character development shown by both the Devil and the Andi/Sam relationship. The Devil shows once again that he is in fact the Devil, and you can't mess with him or he'll kill you. It's refreshing to be reminded as an audience that no matter how much charisma Ray Wise has, he's portraying the most evil being...well, ever.

    The Andi/Sam thing was heartbreaking as well. After seeing how much Sam liked Andi in the past few episodes, this was his real chance to get something started, but he couldn't. I agree with another user that said that the whole "not-getting-fired-from-The-Work-Bench" thing is getting sort of ridiculous, but in a way it makes sense that Ted is the sort of manager that would rather try to annoy the hell out of them instead of "letting them off the hook" by firing them. So it makes sense to me.

    I loved the insertion of the contract, it shows glimpses of the show's possible longevity with an interesting pawn in the whole game. If Sam can find some sort of loophole around his conditions, the game will be a bit more even. I've never watched Buffy, so if it becomes too similar, I won't mind a bit.

    Next week's episode looks to be interesting with what seems to be yet another guy entering into Andi's life, and a throwback to old horror films, the "blob monster" being the next escaped soul. Let's hope Reaper continues to go up.

    "You said that I filled that void, Ben."
  • The best it has been all season.

    Magic has always been a mystical thing for many. Some are well convinced that it is pure baloney that they would not even give into viewing it. Some actually know that it is true, but want to see how good the magician call fool his audience. And then there are those who give into it, the fools.

    This week, Sam meets a very interesting demon, but other than that, he also learns to sacrifice bitterly the things he want for his new pal, the Devil. It has been the best episode this season and the most hilarious one at that, Reaper's going up.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Sock): Huh? Sorry. I was so busy checking out your ass, I missed your funny joke.
  • Do You Believe In Magic?

    This is a bit more like it. While Reaper continues to be pretty by the book in story and execution, this episode was more of a step in the right direction. I've gone on in my reviews for the last two episodes about how the show is pretty uneven in it's structure, storytelling, and mix of genres. I've also been pretty displeased and bored with the Sam/Andi angle. While that storyline is still by the numbers and nothing new, there is a bit more going on. As for the structure, I thought this episode was the strongest and most clear in that area since the pilot. In fact, I thought this episode was the best one since the pilot. Next week?. It looks silly, but it could be fun. I think there is a darker edge to this show that could be used but we've only just seen snippets of. Case in point being the Devil's actions in this episode. What he does to Sam with the trucks and his motive to get Sam into action using Andi. I think, for the show's best interest, it needs to get darker and more serious. If it keeps being as light and silly as it is, a show that doesn't appear to take itself too seriously, then a lot of people will eventually not take it seriously and lose interest. If they haven't already, judging by the declining ratings. Okay, enough with the gloomy stuff. I really did enjoy this episode. I thought it was more structurally sound, and it was funnier than previous episodes. If it weren't for the Sock character, I doubt this show would have a chance. Also, I want to make one quick note of something. I LOVED the 'Happy Halloween' promo aired during the commercial break for this episode, featuring Ray Wise. Cool. Okay, on with the episode...

    Sam is having a frustrating time with things lately. Things are vanishing out of his hands and in thin air. His keys, wallet, money, even his car. He figures, like we all do, that it is the work of his otherworldly friend, dropping hints as to what his next mission is. The really bad part about the stuff disappearing is not knowing when or where they will resurface. Anywho, the vessel arrives and the box is moving. Afraid as to what it might be, they do open it and it's a scary....dove. That's right. Coo coo. Finally getting into research mode, the guys discover that this week's escaped soul is a mad magician. Is there any other kind?. The dove and things disappearing suddenly make sense to everyone. The guys attend one of the magician's shows and he stabs an audience member with a sword. The audience member is unharmed....until after the show. Sam goes to confront the evil Copperfield when the Devil sends Andi there to see the show. Sam and the magician have their confrontation and a chase ensues, complete with sword trying to make shish-ka-Sam. Eventually, the magician is toast, thanks to the dove(while Ben has taken a shining too and named Winston), and that's another escaped soul sent back to where he belongs.

    So far, I thought this was one of the better escaped souls storyline since the fireman in the pilot. The electrical guy in ep 2 could of been interesting, but they did nothing with the character or gave him enough time. Bee lady in ep 3 was boring and formulaic. This guy may not of invented the wheel, but he was a lot more fun than those. The chase scene between him and Sam was the best confrontation between hero and demon since the pilot as well, something the other episodes lacked and didn't use to it's fullest potential. One of the flimsier things about the show is the vessel. It was kinda funny with the dirt devil in the pilot, but the remote controled car and toaster in eps 2 and 3 were silly and just didn't work at all. Literally and storywise. The dove here was a bit more stronger than vessels past, and Ben's attachment and devotion to it made it better. In fact, that's what made it for me entirely. This vessel thing has a fun aspect to it, but it's something that can be real foolish and too ridiculous very easily. I think they need Kevin Murphy to write a lot more episodes. Elsewhere, the Devil giving Sam motive for his job by putting Andi in danger was a nice touch. There needs to be some serious turmoil and drama. There needs to be darkness. This gave us a taste of it, and that the Devil can mean serious business when he wants too.

    Now, a big question is how these guys still have jobs at the Work Bench. With Ted being such a tool, you would think he would get rid of them abd be happy to do so. If this were real life, Sam and Sock would probably of been let go. Instead, Ted threatens them with night shifts and weekend/holiday hours. While most of this stuff at work involving Ted is usually funny, especially in this episode, they can only go so far with the boys still having their jobs that it will become mundane and "yeah right". But it's good for a laugh.

    There was some slight movement in the Sam/Andi area this week. Andi has tickets to see a concert in Idaho and all of their friends are going. Sam agrees. Then, she can only get two tickets, so it's just her and Sam. But in order to leave work to save Andi at the magic show, Sam agreed to work the next 4 weekends for Ted. The two have a confrontation with Andi finally admitting that she is mad. They like each oher, but they can never be alone together it seems. Andi likes Sam and he is her best friend. She doesn't want to risk anything ruining that. This also intertwines with Sam wanting to know if he has vacation time from his devil duty. He doesn't. Sam wants to see his soul contract and what his rights are. Suspiciously, his parents' copy has turned to dust and the Devil is reluctant to show him his. In the end, the Andi storyline has a dark twist when the Devil allows Sam to go to his concert, when it's already be ruined. That was fun, even tho it was expected and you could see it coming from a mile away. The devil also agrees for Sam to see his contract. But what it will say is the question. Will it be real?. Can the Devil be trusted?. Is there something in the contract that the Devil doesn't want Sam to see or know about?. It would be cool of the writers to go that route, but I am not sure if they are that smart yet. Reaper has performed below it's potential before, so I hope they don't drop the ball with this.

    "Magic", boring and generic title aside, was a lot of fun. It was an improvement over the previous episodes and was the first episode to feel like it was trying to live up to the potential of the wonderful pilot. Funny and entertaining, Kevin Murphy did a good job as a writer. It's still far from perfect, but it showed that the show may be finding it's feet after all. Time will tell if this was a fluke or not.
  • Four episodes in and my biggest concern about Reaper is coming to fruition--it's become formulaic.

    Four episodes in and my biggest concern about Reaper is coming to fruition--it's become formulaic.

    So far, here's what we can count on. Sam get an assignment from the Devil, including a vessel. Sam has to figure out how to use the vessel, who the soul is and then capture the soul and send it back to hell. Along the way, something will go wonky with the vessel and Sam's initial encounter with the soul won't go well. He'll figure it all out in the nick of time, but his whole life as the personal assistant for Satan will ruin his life--both social and otherwise.

    Now, the good news is that at least Reaper is trying to cover this by having the character interaction be fun and entertaining. You could bump up the interaction between Sam and the Devil to half the show and I wouldn't mind. And it's interesting to see the tensions between Andi and Sam. The last two weeks, Andi has basically thrown herself at Sam and he's pretty much spurned her advances. Not because he's not interested but because his life as the Reaper is getting in the way. And since he won't confess his secret identity to Andy, that's getting in the way. For those of you keeping score at home, that's just about every season of Smallville rolled into one. Which it's OK now but this could get old very fast. Either Reaper has to have Sam confess who he is to Andi or watch her move on to someone else and see Sam suffer for it.

    Wait, we sort of got that last week..but it was all easily resolved by episode's end.

    And we've seen just how far the Devil will go to help or hurt Sam. Last week he shut down the college Andi wanted to attend to keep her close to Sam. This week, he lured her to the magic show to trap Sam into going after the soul. Andi as a pawn in the game between Sam and the Devil could be interesting. That said, if the Devil keeps showing up in Andi's life and she doesn't get a clue that he's more than he seems, I could be annoyed.

    So, while I'm frustrated by the formula nature of the monster of the week stories, I still like the characters. Watching Sam try to find a loophole in the contract was nicely done and the scene where the Devil sent the semi to keep Sam in line was also a treat. Reaper has a lot of potential to it. I just hope it can break the mold and start breaking some new ground.
  • Another formulaic episode but with some glimmer of hope tossed in. This time around Sam finds items in his hands disappearing and reappearing in odd places. His vessel is a white dove in a cage, and the escaped soul is pathetic magician.

    Another formulaic episode but with some glimmer of hope tossed in. This time around Sam finds items in his hands disappearing and reappearing in odd places. His vessel is a white dove in a cage, and the escaped soul is pathetic magician.

    Sam's insistence on viewing his contract, obviously to see if there's any loopholes, is a strong indication of this show increasing its longevity. There was actually no self-doubting by Sam in this episode which was good to see. He's coming to terms with his situation and now trying to push the boundaries.

    Andi needs to be let in on Sam's secret very soon though. This can't drag on like Clark and Lana's relationship did on Smallville. Let Andi into the group and in on the action instead of just being used as a pawn like she was in this episode. Even if Sam fully embraces his situation, it doesn't seem like he'll be able to have sort of relationship with Andi if he keeps this hidden from her. Especially with the very spastic nature of the Devil's interest in Andi and Sam's relationship which became very confusing after this episode. We've seen the Devil do these nice things in his own devilish way to help Sam get closer to Andi. Perhaps it's just the Devil amusing himself by dangling a carrot in front of Sam but I really think he has genuine interest with Sam that he's struggling with since he's the Devil. Granted this doesn't seem the be the mega-powerful I'll eat your babies demonic devil though. He clearly doesn't have unlimited power second to only that of God if he needs Sam to be his bounty hunter. Hopefully they (the writers) are building up a big scheme by the Devil to keep Sam inline and something better than putting his friends or family i danger.

    What I'd really like to see is Sam discover a potential loophole in his contract that motivates him to embrace his bounty hunter job until he can make his exit. But along the way he'd also realize he can't just stop doing his job as there's innocent people dying everyday to the escaped souls. So he becomes proficient at his job leading to more hilarious and outlandish fights and starts to outwit the Devil at times leading to increased danger levels. Although I think I just turned this into Sam the Vampireeeerr... Demon Slayer. But hey, that could work if they do it right. The Work Bench is Sam's Sunnydale H.S. which apparently has everything as we were introduced to its DVD and TV section today.

    Oh, and what the hell happened to Sam's telekinesis powers? I'll have to re-watch the first two episodes but they seem to have been written out of the show. The pilot episode had a much more serious and darker tone to it that I feel this show needs to find again. They've embraced the comedy side too much now which can't carry the show alone for long. But, this episode was an improvement over the last two as they're starting to break the mold.
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