Season 2 Episode 10

My Brother's Reaper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2009 on The CW

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  • OMG - Morgan!

    Wow, this one had some pretty wild stuff in it. The devil is working one of his big cons on Sam again and Sam actually almost falls for it. He's assigned to 'light duty' to get a guy to sign for a car - and in the process sign his soul into eternal damnation. The guy is such a bastard that Sam doesn't even realize that he should not be a willing participant in damning this guy - - until my favourite demon guy Tony explains it all to him. Nina - who I totally thought was trying to seduce Morgan - actually is doing a set up of her own. The ending of which blew my mind a bit! when they carried him out in the rug i must say my jaw was on the floor! Should be going to interesting places in the remaining episodes. Since the show's almost sure to be nuked, i hope they wrap things up pretty well.
  • Sam has a new job this week. Deliver a new Ferrari and get it signed for. Of course it's the Devil asking so there has to be an ulterior motive. There is, the pages being signed are a contract for that persons soul.

    So Sam tries to deliver the car and gets chased by a bear for his trouble and looses the keys to the guy as well. Gary the guy is living a life of decadence and as he tells Sam and the boys he is planning on repenting at the eleventh hour.

    Tony shows up and ends up going out for a night on the town with the boys. In the end he takes them to a meeting of the Steve cult which is a group of demons learning the way of Steve so they can all go to heaven. Nina has moved in with Ben and the boys. Then Morgan shows up and Sam with his big heart lets him move in as well. That doesn't go so well though. He sits around all day do nothing, deletes Socks One Life To Live DVR recordings, hits on Nina, and eats all of their food.

    Sock meanwhile has decide to throw a party for Ted at the Work Bench. This is against store policy but Andi ends up allowing it anyways. They have stripper clowns (an invention of Sock and Ben) and lots of drinking. Corporate shows up and Andi gets demoted. Ted ratted on her after all everyone did for him hoping to get his old job back. No word on who is taking her place yet.

    The Devil finds out about Gary's plan and is going to have him killed. Sam takes umbrage to this in general. So Sam takes Gary to the Steve's cult to see if they can help him change his ways. Nina has also flirted with Morgan and talked him into coming to the group meeting as well. Gary sees Steve speaking to him even though no one else can. Morgan pulls a gun and is going to stop everyone to get back in the Devil's good graces, but Nina and two other demons fall on him and devour him. Gary is saved and tells everyone that Steve says Sam is different than other Devil spawn and that he has a special purpose in the world. Nina explains to Ben that she was acting like she like Morgan as she had to kill him because her job is to kill Satan's spawn. (Remember she attacked Sam before.) Sock gets to be with a stripper clown. Andi and Sam are sort of back to more normalcy whatever that is.

    Just another day for The Reaper. Another well written complex plot for this second season. Thanks for reading...