Season 2 Episode 10

My Brother's Reaper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sock, Ben, and Sam arrive home as they argue over cloning. Nina is there with pizza and champagne… and a suitcase. It turns out Ben failed to tell his buds that she's moving in with them. Sock refuses, warning it can lead to lady trouble. Sam agrees with Sock and Nina brings up the time that she kissed Sam and wonders if he's uncomfortable. Nina apologizes and explains that it was all her fault because she thought Sam was evil. Ben and Sock are forced to agree that Sam isn't particularly evil. Nina claims that she can control her attraction toward evil and Ben agrees to move past it. Sam and Sock reluctantly give in and they prepare to celebrate.

As Sam takes the garbage out, Morgan attacks him and tries to throttle him. However, Morgan finally gives it up, admitting he doesn't have the instinct to kill anyone. He's dismayed that he's lost all of his wealth, and apologizes to Sam, admitting it isn't his fault. Sam wonders where he's going to go and Morgan admits he doesn't have any true friends. In response, Sam offers him a place to crash at Sock's place and Morgan agrees.

The next day, the guys are all having breakfast and Morgan is entertaining everyone with stories of better times. Nina starts to find him attractive when he boasts of all the callous sociopathic things he did. Morgan is impressed with her once he finds out she's a demon.

The Devil stops by the Work Bench and wants Sam to deliver a car to Gary Martin and get his signature. Tony arrives with his daughter and comes in to get a refund on baby supplies. Ben notices that Tony isn't wearing any hair product and the demon admits he's been busy with his daughter. They suggest they take him out while he gets a babysitter. Tony agrees and leaves. Ted interrupts to make an announcement: he went on a date with a woman named Linda and she's agreed to marry him. Sock offers his congratulations and says they need a bachelor party. Ted decides he'd like the idea and agrees. Once he's gone, Sock admits he hates Ted but loves bachelor parties, so he plans to throw the ultimate party.

Sam arrives at Gary's luxurious home and offers him the papers. As the butler, Benson, walks away, Gary shoots him with a paintball gun. He then tells Sam that the papers are a deal for his soul. Gary tells Sam to run and calls up his pet bear, Barry Manilow. As Sam goes over the fence, he re-injures his leg from his earlier fight with Morgan.

Sam goes to the hospital for treatment and a cast, and the Devil arrives. Sam demands answers and the Devil admits he did give Gary the bear. He also figures if Sam knew what he was doing, he would have got nervous and blown it. Regardless, the Devil insists on getting Gary's signature and points out that he's evil.

At the Work Bench, Sam tells Andi what happened and she admits she misses the days of soul-hunting. Sam asks her to come out later with Tony and the guys. Meanwhile, Ben and Sock are making bachelor party plans and Ben has contacted a clown college. Ben insists they have clowns, and the guys figure they need stripper clowns. However, Ted tells them that the wedding is off: Linda thought his proposal was a joke. Sock insists on having a bachelor party anyway and Ted gives in.

Sam gets Sock and Ben to pretend to be bear food deliverymen and have him sign. Once they get the signature, they open the trailer door to reveal Sam is there. However, Gary points out he faked a signature. Sam points out he's going to end up in Hell anyway, but Gary figures that on his deathbed he'll repent. Even Sock has to admit it's a good plan. The guys quickly leave before Gary sics his bear on them.

At the house, Sock discovers that Martin has eaten all the cereal. Sock explains that he'll give him a break… until he discovers Morgan taped over his soap opera. Ben and Nina return from their run and Morgan compliments Nina on her body. Once she's gone, Ben tries to warn him off and Morgan warns he would never do anything to come between him and Ben. However, once Ben's gone, Morgan follows Nina to the shower. Nina closes the door, gently, when she sees him.

The guys head out to a bar but Tony is busy on the phone checking on his daughter. Sam explains his current mission and Tony warns that he doesn't want to damn souls to eternal torment, and it's pure evil. Sam agrees and thanks Tony, who has to head home. He explains he has some friends coming over and asks them to join the party. It turns out they're having an all-Steve party. The few rebel demons left are now on the Path of Steve, who hope to emulate him and also gain the way to Heaven. Tony offers him and his demon friends as a refuge to Sam whenever he needs it. Nina comes in and Ben pulls her outside. She admits she didn't know how to explain her current situation, but Ben is angry that she's hiding things. Nina insists that Ben makes her want to be a better demon and kisses him. He gets her to agree to no more secrets.

The next day, Sock stops in to see Andi, quickly sympathize, and then ask to use the Work Bench for the party. She initially refuses but he points out how sad Ted is. When that doesn't work, Sock says that she's sold out and no one likes her. Andi finally gives in and lets him have the party there.

That night at the house, Sam is preparing dinner when the Devil teleports him to a make-up party. He reveals to Sam that he's injecting them with botulism, then asks how Sam is doing on his mission. Sam refuses and explains about Gary's plan to repent. The Devil isn't impressed and plans to send someone to kill Gary immediately before he can repent.

A conflicted Sam tells the guys what's going on, and worries he'll be letting Gary die. Sock figures Sam will do the right thing, then moves that they kick Morgan out. Sam goes to tell Morgan the news, but he listened in and already knows. Sam points out he's totally free of the Devil and should enjoy it, but Morgan points out that he's useless. Morgan figures that Sam already has everything he wants, but Sam tells him to find a goal and get out.

Sam goes to Gary's manor and warns him about the Devil's hit. Gary has no idea how to repent and Sam figures he knows someone who can help.

At the Work Bench, the clown strippers perform. Andi stops in to check on the party and watch Ted make an idiot out of himself. Ben and Sock convince her to start drinking. However, two executives from the home office arrive. It turns out Ted called them in because he insisted on following the rules. As Andi is called to the office, Ben and Sock tell Ted to run.

At Sock's house, Morgan wakes up to find Nina standing over him. She tells him that Ben is gone and figures that Morgan is a bad boy. He pulls her down onto the sofa but Nina hesitates and explains that she's trying to break the cycle of going after bad boys. Morgan admits he lied about being a bad boy, and offers to prove it to her. She asks him to go to her prayer meeting with her. They go to a Path of Steve party, where Tony is explaining the concept of repentance to Gary. Gary figures it's all a load of crap. On the screen, Steve talks to Gary and tells him he still has chance. Sam and Tony don't see or hear anything. Steve tells Gary to kiss Tony and provides some pointers, and Tony recognizes his life-mate's Steve tells Gary to warn Sam, just as Morgan comes in with a gun. He plans to get on the Devil's good side by shooting Sam and the renegade demons. Nina transforms and knocks him down, and the other demons transform and rip him apart.

As the demons take Morgan's body away, Nina and Tony explain they're required to hunt and kill the Devil's offspring. Gary says that Steve passed on that Sam has his own destiny, and admits he has to give everything away and help those less fortunate.

Nina and Sam come home to find Ben waiting for them. He realizes something happened and Sam slips away. Nina explains that she seduced Morgan so he'd come to the party, and all the flirting was just part of her plan. Ben is happy that she's a faithful demon assassin. However, they're interrupted when a make-up-covered Sock comes out and picks up a clown shoe. The guys realize Sock has a clown stripper in the next room.

As he goes to his room, Sam gets teleported back to the makeover party. The Devil wants to know what happened and Sam admits he couldn't let someone die. The Devil knows about Morgan's death and knows Sam was involved even if he didn't do it. He warns that if Morgan escapes, Sam will have major problems.

The next day, Sam and Andi are playing whiffle ball behind the Work Bench and Sam explains what happened with Steve. Andi admits she's happy she doesn't have the stress any more and she can goof off with Sam and the guys.