Season 2 Episode 10

My Brother's Reaper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2009 on The CW



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    • Andi: So Steve possessed this guy to say that you were different?
      Sam: No. He talked to him through a karaoke DVD.
      Andi: Oh yeah. That makes more sense.

    • Sock: Having a lady in the house opens the window to lady trouble. Next thing you know, we'll all be on the same cycle.

    • Nina: But now I realize that he isn't remotely wicked.
      Sam: Thank you.
      Nina: You're welcome. I mean, look at him. He's... he's so white bread. He's just bland and...
      Sock: Blah.
      Nina: Yes, he's blah. Exactly.
      Sam: I am not blah.

    • Morgan: It's all gone, Sam. The cars, the clothes. Last night I had to go on a date with an actress, Sam. An actress! I can't even date models anymore.
      Sam: That's rough.

    • Sock: And I am about to throw a bachelor party that is going to slap all the bachelor parties in the face with its private parts.

    • Pesi: Who do I got to screw around here to change out my register?

    • Sam: (to Sock and Ben) Hey. Are you two on break?
      Sock: Always.

    • Gary: Now get the hell out of here before I bust out my bear. He's hungry. And horny.

    • Sock: Morgan, you do not touch another man's DVR. You might as well hump my grandma.

    • Morgan: Cute running suit.
      Ben: Thank you.
      Morgan: I was talking to Nina

    • Ben: So all the flirting...?
      Nina: Was just me setting a trap.
      Ben: You're a demon assassin. You're just a demon assassin. A faithful not-cheating-on-me assassin. Give me some sugar, baby.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sock: All hail Andi Palpatine, Dark Lord of the Work bench.
      Referencing the Star Wars series, and one of the primary villains. Palpatine (played by Ian McDiarmid in the feature films). The Dark Lord of the Sith rises to the position of Supreme Chancellor in his bid to overthrow the Jedi and take control of the Galactic Republic. From there, he covertly destroys most of the Jedi Knights and takes over as Emperor.

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