Season 2 Episode 9

No Reaper Left Behind

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2009 on The CW

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  • Sam meets Sally, a woman who the Devil "loves." Starring: Bret Harrison, Tyler Labine, Rick Gonzalez, Missy Peregrym, Andrew Airlie, Donovan Stinson, and Ray Wise.

    I haven't particularly enjoyed a few episodes of Reaper this season. I was almost about to give up watching it, until this episode. I really enjoyed it and it may be the one of the best episodes of this current season. The Devil (Ray Wise) and Sam (Bret Harrison) fighting over Sally (guest star Simone Kessell) was really awesome. I hope that Sally sticks around as I really enjoyed her character and thought she would be a great addition as a recurring character for the series. In the third season, if it is renewed, I would love it if Nina (guest star Jenny Wade) stuck around. I love the character and the actress is fantastic. I think its a good match for Ben (Rick Gonzalez) and I loved the small feud between Nina and Sock (Tyler Labine). The part of Mr. Oliver (Andrew Airlie) going home was really sad and a great way to andvance the series. I enjoyed the episode and here is hoping for more like it. Also starring Missy Peregrym and Donovan Stinson.
  • When Reaper is good it's great and this was a great episode!

    Nice to see a great episode of Reaper again. Nina and Ben have a twisted and humourous little make up trajectory. Sock gets in the middle of it - not really all that smart to get between a slightly obsessed demon-girlfriend and the object of her anxious affections! This all leads to a pretty hilarious scene - Sock is not really the party of strength and somehow i find him funnier that way - when he is a bit of an underdog. A new development occurs with Sam's Dad - as a result of which it looks like we're due for some inside intel on what goes on down there in hell. Sam hiliously tries to seduce the 'tutor' the Devil assigns to him - i admired Bret Harrison's acting - doing the 'acting like someone acting like' he's attracted - also someone not suave trying to be suave - it was pretty funny. Why are some Reapers so much better than others? A couple this season have aweful but this one was back in good form.
  • Sam is sent to learn about Devil stuff from Sally a teacher the Devil covets. It turns out that Andi is a little jealous of Sally. Sock tries to keep Nina away from Ben after she beats Ben up. Sam sends his Dad to hell to see if he can find Alan.

    Sam is surprised when the Devil starts lavishing him with gifts but as always it's a ruse to get him to do what he wants. In this case he has Alan after diverting his plan to Las Vegas and now he wants Sam to take lessons from a teacher who is an expert in the things the Devil's son and right hand man would need to know.

    Sam decides he will seduce Sally to learn her secrets and he tells Andi because he doesn't want to do anything behind her back. She understands but it turns out she is really jealous.

    Nina shows up in Demon form at the Work Bench late at night and beats up Ben. Sock suggests he just ignore her and she will go away, but that doesn't work. Then she invades Sock's dreams and he gets mad and decides to burn down her residence. At the last minute Ben and Nina make up and Sock accidentally still burns down the building.

    Sam's plan to seduce Sally really backfires and the Devil tells him to capture her with a vessel (a gun) to send her to hell, but at the last minute the Devil comes in and rescues her and beats up Sam to get the girl.

    Sam's original Dad decides he will help Sam by having him send him to hell to find Alan. After a tearful farewell with the boys he leaves, but texts Sam later telling him he made it and will keep him appraised of what he is doing.

    This was another great episode that was very entertaining and well written. It is a shame they are going to let this show bite the dust without a fight. It seems the nails have already been pounded into the coffin.

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