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  • A clever new comedy.

    Reaper, a story about a young man who turns 21 and finds out his parents sold his soul to the evil. Sam works in a supermarket with his friends and never really achieved anything in life.

    In this chapter of the story, Sam gets oriented on catching fugitives that have escaped from hell. He is given a vessel everytime he must capture a certain fugitive and for this episode he was given a vacuum cleaner. They were set-off to capture a fugitive that is currently working as a fireman, that is in hopes to destroy and burn everything that has been rebuilt since his death.

    The plot is clever and original, but the comedy is lacking for me. Maybe in the next episode because this episode was mostly dedicated to explanation and such. I don't feel this show reaching its maximum potential based on the Pilot episode, but it is very intriguing. I'm staying with this show for the whole first season though, so I hope it gets better.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Sam): Do I have to go to Hell now?
  • For a pilot episode this was ok. Nothing too fancy but nothing too clever either that would make me go WHOA! Simply states the idea of the series. Kind of reminded me of some other shows I like watching so I will give it a go.

    In this Pilot episode of Reaper the setting is that Sam(Bret Harrison) turns 21 and the trade between The Devil(Ray Wise) and his parents activates. This episode also introduces Sock(Tyler Labine), Ben(Rick Gonzalez) and Andi(Missy Peregrym).

    The Devil says to Sam that he will give him missions until the day he dies. Also The Devil says that he won't tolerate failure. The Devil will give a vessel to aid Sam for every mission which he is to use to suck the escaped demon etc. into the vessel and to take it to DMV – Hell on Earth. In the end of the episode Sam tells his mother that everything is alright and he is free now which obviously isn't true but he tells his mother that just to make her feel good again.

    Generally for a pilot it was an ok episode. It introduces the characters, idea of the show, background and there is also something going on between Sam and Andi which gives something to look forward in the series if you are into that kind of things.

    I'll look forward seeing the episode number two and definetily see the whole season.
  • Definite winner!

    The first thing we learn about Sam is that his parents let him get away with murder. When his little brother whines that Sam only went to college for a month, their mother defends Sam, "College made him sleepy."

    Sam's 21st birthday is special in so many ways, starting with his parents' weird behavior and his mother bursting into tears. Then Sam meets a very strange little dog who turns out to be a Hellhound. Followed by discovering he has telekinesis. Gets chased by a pack of dogs. The final cherry on top is finding out that his parents sold his soul to the devil – happy birthday. All the leeway Sam gets is coming out of the incredible guilt his parents feel. Does it mean something that when Sam refused to work for the devil, the devil threatened to take Sam's mother to Hell – but *only* Sam's mother?

    Funniest scenes: Sam tells Sock about this scary program he was watching and looks up and there's ducklings on the screen; Sam tells Sock about moving the falling aircon with his mind and Sock throws a bottle at Sam's head, "You were supposed to move that with your mind."; Sam getting chased through the store by the pack of dogs and Sock chasing them off with a leafblower; Sam getting 'carjacked' by the devil, "If it was an Escalade maybe."; "The devil tried to carjack me."; the devil explains the overcrowding in Hell, "I blame myself."

    What probably surprised me most about this episode was the way his friends, who seem like complete slackers, step up and volunteer to help despite the danger. Even after Ben is hurt, Sock still helps. It's a really nice thing for his friends to do and proves that they are true friends. Very sweet. Also liked how they used their jobs at the Work Bench to prepare them for the fight with the soul, very clever.

    The best casting is definitely Ray Wise - perfect as the off-beat, overly cheerful, ever so devious devil. He's very funny. Wonderful to see Allison Hossack again, haven't seen her in years.

    Funny, inventive, thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Fun and exciting, that's two words for the first episode of Reaper.

    It's Sam's birthday and he doesn't know why his parents treat him so well, and are so worried about it. But later in the day, after a bunch of stuff happens, he realises that his parents made a contract with the devil, and Sam's soul belongs to him from now on. His job will be to capture people who have escaped from hell. The episode is really funny. He and his friend Sock are after a guy who they must defeat. After a long fight, Sam uses his telekinesis power to stop him. I'll sure watch the rest of the show.
  • This is a totally awesome show about this guy named Sam, that's soul was sold to the devil, so he must work for the devil or his mom will die. With the help of his friend Sock they help the devil by putting escaped souls back in hell.

    This is on of the most hilarious shows I've ever seen! Sam Oliver has always been a slacker with no goals or purpose. College made him "sleepy." But on his 21st birthday his life takes a new direction when he learns that his parents had sold his soul to the Devil. Now he must serve as Satan's personal bounty hunter collecting souls that have escaped from hell. For his first task, Sam and his friends capture an arsonist who is repeating the crimes he committed in life. His only weapon is a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. A freaked-out Sam turns to his friends Sock and Ben for help and the three slackers, whose previous excitement consisted of long nights at their job at The Work Bench, decide to embrace this new destiny and set off in pursuit of their first escaped soul. In between fighting the demon, Sam contemplates asking his co-worker and longtime friend Andi on a date. Totally great show!
  • Great episode.

    This episode was very important for anyone involved in creating this new series, as everyone will judge the whole show off it.

    For me personally, if I see a bad pilot, i wont even bother watching the second to make a better opinion, and I wont watch the rest of season ( unless someone forces me to ).

    This episode told me exactly what I wanted to know and left just a little bit out to make me come back next time.

    We quickly learnt about Sam, and what has happened in his life, he is now under contract to serve the Devil as a Reaper, bringing escaped souls back to hell.

    The story is average but the show is great.
  • This was hilarious..!! :D

    I really loved this episode. It had me laughing out loud loads of times... The dogs chasing Sam in particular... ;-D

    The storyline is really great and captivating. After just one episode I'm totally hooked! I can't wait to see where this takes me. I love the fact that he's just a loser, who suddenly can see some purpose in his life. Normally these shows doesn't show us the beginning, but more the middle where the characters are used to chasing the "bad guys"... :-) Socks is amazing, he has the best one-liners. I can't wait to see the next episodes... :-)
  • Sam is a reaper for the devil, a bounty hunter tasked with collecting escaped souls from hell, by capturing them in specific vessels and then returning them to Hell.

    We get introduced to the main character of the series celebrating his 21st birthday, his parents and his brother aren't exactly jumping for joy, he is joined by his best mate, as he seems completely at home in the house and with the family, and Sam is engrossed in the tv article about another fire in the area.

    Bert and Sam discuss if there is more to life than working at the hardware store, as they go in Sam spots a cart moving all by itself.

    We then join a staff meeting, get introduced to a few of his other friends, a female acquaintance who gives him a birthday present, but tells him not to open it til later. Sam is still occupied by images of fire, whilst the meeting goes on and the competition regarding a ham is mentioned. Sam gets put on notice, then manages to save Andi from being hit by a falling appliance, thus making him Andi's hero. But later he admits to Bert that he did not touch it, that he must have moved it with his mind !! Bert then tests this theory by throwing a full can at him, but Sam doesnt stop that one.

    There's a small pack of dogs in the store that are making their way to Sam, they manage to scare Sam and Andi, before being chased off by Bert wielding a leaf blower !!! Sam then throws in the towel and pulls a sickie for the rest of the day. On his way home, a person appears in the back on his car, Sam thinks its a car-jacking and tells him he can take what he wants, the devil explains who he is and what he wants and this leads Sam to crash the car.

    When Sam gets home, his father is there to explain how they sold his soul to the devil, prior to his birth, how that they did it for a cure, that they then did not plan to have children but was tricked into it.

    Sam goes and meets his friends at the bar, starts drinking heavily and admits to Bert what had happened, Bert thinks its cool but unable to be cheered up Sam heads home, settles down on his bed, only to be joined by the devil. Then in the kitchen, the devil making eggs explains that Sam's soul is his and what Sam has to do for him. He gets given his first soul to recover, that of the arsonist posing as a fireman.

    Sam takes the box back to work, so that the other two can see what it is. They open it to find it is a dirt devil, they think its a joke until it is switched on and nearly sucks up a semi truck. So armed with this they head off to capture the escaped soul, only to have the dirt devil not work, for Ben to get injured and they make a hash of it all.

    At the hospital, Bert is drawing eyebrows back on Ben with a sharpie, this made me laugh, the episode has little things like this throughout, which make us laugh. He snaps at Andi who turned up at the hospital to see how Ben was, then Sam decides to go after the demon alone, only to find a smoking crater where the firehouse used to be.

    At home, Sam finds his Mom drinking heavy and in order to protect her, he lies saying that he has his soul back, that his task has been completed. Then goes back into his room, only to find it transformed into an ice rink, where he sits by the Devil and watchs and is told, after he witness what appears to be an accidental death, that he does not accept failure and that the man at the ice rink was not fulfilling his contract, that he should think about what the demon is trying to do.

    Bert and Sam return to the store after going to see Berts ex, and finding out all about the demons past life, gear up, re-charge the dirt devil, so funny as its a little thing that blows up in their face. Head off to take on the demon before capturing him in the vessel and returning him to the transfer point in the dmv.

    Back to the store, thanking Andi for his present, seeing Ben. The Devil walks passed with a cart load of supplies that he has acknowledged that Sam gets the commission, thus allowing him to win the ham. Leaving Sam, Bert and Ben and the pack of dogs from the start of the show, to enjoy the ham in the loading bay, whilst he admitted that he now has something to do in his life.
  • Funny, well written and addictive from the start. 100% socks fan

    I loved the concept of this show and the humour within it. Socks is a great sidekick and keeps me laughing with his mannerisms and antics. It will be interesting to see how sam's powers will develop and all the wacky items that could be used as the the portals. Favourite part of the episode - there were alot. I loved the drawn eyes brows very spock like but the best stand out moment for me with my immature humour had to be socks testing sam's powers by throwing a bottle at him. Cant wait for more episodes of this show.
  • Devil's Advocate

    The networks have been giving us a terrific new season, and Reaper is no exception to that rule. This is a fresh new comedy about a boy who's parents have sold his soul to the Devil. Sam finds out he needs to round up souls that have escaped from hell. This will be his job as the Devil owns his soul. This is a pretty interesting new concept and I'm excited to see where the show takes us. The first episode was really fun and interesting, with the firestarting man. So I'm sure we'll see some interesting and lively storylines in the future. Looking forward to it.
  • An ok start to the series.

    Sam Oliver has always been a slacker with no goals or purpose. College made him "sleepy." But on his 21st birthday his life takes a new direction when he learns that his parents had sold his soul to the devil. Now he must serve as Satan's personal bounty hunter collecting souls that have escaped from hell. For his first task, Sam and his friends capture an arsonist who is repeating the crimes he committed in life. His only weapon is a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. A freaked-out Sam turns to his friends Sock and Ben for help and the three slackers, whose previous excitement consisted of long nights at their job at The Work Bench, decide to embrace this new destiny and set off in pursuit of their first escaped soul. In between fighting the demon, Sam contemplates asking his co-worker and longtime friend Andi on a date. The first episode of Reaper was decent, I really liked it, it was more than I was expecting from the show, there were some funny momments like when the dog was outside, I will tune in next week to see if it gets better.
  • i'm now addicted to this.

    sam is a slacker who wants life to be different. his life is turned way different when he finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil accidently. see, dad was really sick and the devil said he would heal him if they gave him their first borns soul. they agreed, since they had no kids. the doctor was payed off by the devil to tell sams dad that he was infertile. then, sam was born. this was a good episode. i gotta watch more of this. ben and sock are hilarious. i hope andi and sam get together. ned schmecker got pwnd.
  • A new show that is pretty funny while intersting at the same time.

    I'm way behind on my dvr but I am working on it! I sometimes watch shows live and others are recorded and I eventually get back to them.

    After watching the last two episodes live I feel funny reviewing the pilot but I can say this with perfect clarity. The show did not let me down in any way shape or form. It was funny, Sock is great, Sam is the best and the Devil is simply hilarous. I know there were some God jokes in this one but there are devil jokes in other shows and I didn't take it serious. My favorite character is Sock. This show is worth renewing if the big wigs at the networks can hear me. 12 shows was not enough!
  • You go Sam.

    I am glad that they have put on a show with comedy and interesting characters that has nothing to do with a hospital or board room. I am really liking these characters, and the special effects are really good too. I hope in each episode they explain a little more and more and what Sam's powers (if any) he will have and what he can or can't do. I like that his Mom wanted to take his place, it showed that they just didn't shrug it off and realized the mistake they did when they were young. This show is great.
  • Oh! It was plain excellent! I loved it! I am gonna be seeing this show till the end. It had so many things: The camera job, the acting, the hilarious scenes, the effects, the music... Isn't perfect!?

    Well... What do you want me to do!? I loved it!

    The scenes were hilarous and in the other hand very touching. I had really emotional things and that made the characters very real. I was amazed by the acting, specially for Sammy! He did a amazing acting job, in fact he is truly good. The Dvil was great too! Xd It was very funny. One thing: I don't wanna hear people saying that they felt offended about some jokes made about God and all that... If you are really catolith or you believe in god then you stay away of this show. Don't pretend! they were only jokes, don't feel ofended About the camera... This episode had a really wonderful off-screen job. The scenes had great photography and filming and they were quite original.

    The music in the other hand was great! I don't remember see a show with so many music. The only bad thing was that some scenes had music... let's say that sounded like Desperate Housewives! It was the same music and that was really bad thing.

    So I am looking foward to see the next one!
  • Great new show. I laughed quite a lot.

    Absolutely loved the pilot. Best thing I have seen in the CW. As another reviewer pointed out, the CW is mostly the guilty pleassures channel, but this show is actually good, and most important, quite funny. After the first time Sock tries to prove Sam's telekinetic abilities I had to pause for about 10 minutes while my laughter reduced to a level whuere I could still catch the story. I will definetly be wtching the show, and would recommend anyone to do so.

    Sock, although being a very typical "i don't give a damn about anything" character, is really fun to watch.

    Anyway, let's see how well this goes.
  • I thought it was funny but it had some things...

    I really did like the show. I mean I really really did. I thought it was funny, it was dramatic, it was all you need for a good show. But then they couldn't just let it be funny without the kiddie pool qoute, Sam says "I swear to God" and the devil says "Swear to who, I don't play in the kiddie pool" My mother was sitting there, and let's just say I can't watch it again. I just thought that and a few other comments made in reference to the Lord was so unneccessary for the show. In my opinion. But I love the show.
  • Great, love it

    Ok, I came into this expecting a great show, and I was granted one. I was wanting a show simular to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", well I found a close match. To start off, the pilot episode did a great job of putting in everything you need to know, in just this one. This episode, was very funny, with plenty of pop-culture references. I love the charactor of "sock" but I know sooner rather than later, he won't be as funny, he's great now, but for a series such as this, it won't last. My favorite charactor by far is the Devil, he put's so much humor in it, but the pilot still shows he's the devil by putting in the bit with the man and the ice rink. Well anyway the dialogue between the devil in sam is great, especially during the morning kitchen scene.Overall I think this is a great pilot, except for I think it's needs a little more action, I know its more of a comedy but still, they could try a little harder to make the action cool. Great pilot, 8.8 out of 10
  • College made him sleepy!

    Not what I expected, no way.

    Thought: another dry monster-hunting like supernatural (which overstays its welcome well within the second half of the first series and gets boring eventually with recycling the same plot over and over again) oh, just realize I review the wrong show!!

    BUT NOT REAPER! A very funny, sometimes laugh-out-loud first episode, with a cast of funny characters: Tyler Labine is a funny best buddy!
    Somehow archetypes (the good buddy, who goes through thick and thin; the girl, the hero is in love with) but with a fun twist. Ray Wise (the bad guy from Twin Peaks) as The Devil showed some nasty signs of evil; hope he gets really evil!!

    I wonder, though, if the over-all easyness and fun was because of Kevin Smith directing? Hope the show can keep up the good first show and doesn't get to formulaic too fast!

    I keep watching!
  • Really good. I didn't think it was like Supernatural. this is more of the funny show. Really funny and great plot idea.

    This show is great. There are alot of people saying that its like Supernatural [and i'm a Supernatural fan] but its not. First of all Reaper is more of a funny show and Supernatural is more serious. second Dean and Sam fight supernatural things. in Reaper, Sam and his friends capture escaped Souls from hell and then put them back. The charaters are all great and good actors. The plot is something new and original. I would not be able to thing of a kid who's sould was sold to the devil before he was born and then when he turns 21 he has to capture escaped souls and put them back into hell. Really awesome show.
  • Disappointing and not really original.

    Ray Wise is one of the few great assets of this rather uninventively directed and produced show. His charming devil in an immaculate suit and appearance casts a gentle shadow over the miscast Bret Harrison and Missy Peregrym who just cannot bear the burden of a lead character. Kevin Smith's directing has never been too inventive, and the simple story that has not much to deliver in regards to originality besides a few mild laughs and slightly funny situations doesn't help, either. Basically, everything that had been done right in "Pushing Daisies" has been done wrong here. A nice premise obviously isn't all that counts. Too bad.
  • Oh Heck! It was fun :)

    At first, when I saw the previews, especially with the "Dirt Devil" I wuz like.. oooooh kay.. one less show to watch!

    Instinct was telling me that this show was gonna blow chunks real quick!

    Well, I went against my instinct and.. mmmmm, I think on this one, my instinct went haywire.

    I was laughing my butt off!

    Seriously, it was a funny show.

    I mean Ray Wise's devil is top-notch.

    He's got that face, where, even smiling, it's still spell danger.

    Anyways, it's a good show, and it's got potential for sure.

    You can see some lecturing here, about taking responsibilities, blah blah blah... but still, overall, this is a funny show.

    No, don't take it too seriously, take it lightly, and you will find it's got lots of funny, and even somewhat original moments.

  • It made me laugh.

    This is one of two shows this fall where we have average (or even below average) guys who end up doing very specialized jobs; both guys work in drone-type go-nowhere jobs in big-box-type stores, have the nerdy friend, and have an unattainable girl of their dreams. "Chuck" is the other show; this one is the better of the two.

    The pilot episode of Reaper made me laugh, although I admit that the humour was kind of juvenile. Sometimes, though, people just want that kind of humour, and it works in this show. It was good to see that Sam needed some help with his first assignment, and also good (in the tv-plot-type of way) to see that someone got hurt trying to capture the firebug. That's what made the episode believable. If he'd suddenly turned into some super-reaper, well, that wouldn't have worked for me. But he didn't; he needed help, he couldn't get his dirt devil to work, and he was scared silly by what he had to do.

    And I'll be tuning in to see what he has to do next, now that I know he won't always be using the dirt devil to reap the souls. They've added some dimension to the show with that little twist, and that should make it interesting.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly...


    The good:
    - First and foremost, I love the fact that "Reaper" isn't a 100% dumb comedy. Conversation between Sam & his mother or the hospital scene are only some of the few examples I could point out here.
    - Tons of dark humour and it's not disgusting at the same time (hockey stadium scene rocks!! ...and the dogs from hell were awesome as well).
    - Excellent choice of actors - Tyler Labine, Missy Peregrym and Ray Wise are among my favorites.
    - Some of Sock's lines were hilarious. I'm sure that he's going to be the funniest member of the cast.
    - Awesome first vessel (especially the truck scene :)).

    The bad:
    - The fireman storyline was OK, but I was hoping for a more interesting monster in the first episode of the series.
    - Missy Peregrym not showing too much cleavage. ;] She was hot in "Heroes" and I didn't even recognize her right away. I hope that her character will evolve later during this season.
    - Special effects could have been better, but I'm not complaining.

    The ugly:
    - Sam's car. ;)
    - Valarie & Sock's story - I don't really care about their relationship.

    Overall: 7.5/10
    My thoughts on the show: "Reaper" isn't nearly as good as "Supernatural" (even though it's a comedy, not a drama), but it has a lot of potential and hopefully it's going to be a great show with a lot of funny and interesting storylines.
  • This was one of the better pilots I've seen this season.

    This is a show that looked interesting yet cheesy. My main reason for watching it was that it looked funny, and I wasn't dissapointed there, it was in fact quite funny. The acting was ok, and the story was pretty silly, but overall it was quite fun to watch. In fact, it's another one of those shows, like the recent Chuck, that seems to have a cast that meshes well. Sock is hillarious, and the main character is pretty good too. The devil seems to be too honest yet he's clearly having fun. Again, like Chuck, the main character works in a regular job with a bunch of interesting characters, and of course there is a lady love. Being a somewhat religious person, I wasn't sure about this show and the task of hunting demons, but I didn't really find it offensive in any way. It's good silly fun, and even the Devil admitted that he knows how it all ends-God wins! I'll watch the next few episodes, and I hope to see the same humor and light hearted fun.
  • brilliant, funny, charming (and thats just the devil)

    I had high hopes going into this new series and Reaper didnt dissapoint. The only doubt i had going into this was it was just going to be dumb unfunny and unwatchable. However the episode flowed nicely, exchanging heart felt moements into comedy then into some tension and then some dark humour, everything wotked!! I love the character of the devil, appearing randomly in his suits giving funny lines but also holding that air of pure evil. I the only thing i hope that doesnt change with the show is the drection. This pilot was directed by Kevin Smith who has his own unique style to anyone so i hope the director for the series keeps the same style smith did for the pilot. Brilliant tv show hope it stays at the level of the pilot.
  • Plain silly!

    I love it. I love it. I love it.

    This pilot was great! It made me laugh, and I really like the fat idiot character like I'm supposed to. I am happy to see this, it made me laugh so many times.

    I like the performances by the father and the mother, by Sam and by the fat guy, and by the devil...who is devilishly. Bah, stupid joke I know...I just had to do it.

    I was disappointed when Sam told his two friends, but not the girl he wants to ask out. I think she would love to be able to participate.
  • Needs fine-tuning.

    I read the show storyline almost a month ago and I was anxious to the show to premiere, but I must say it didn't live up to my expectations and to the full potential of the idea it has. Rather the contrary...

    First of all, many dialogues and ideas are totally unoriginal, not giving the show a proper identity amidst so many other shows and making it easy to pick in which shows it's based on. Second, I really hated the "Sock" character. He doesn't even have a clear purpose in the storyline in my opinion, being only a cliché character. Third, many things that happened throughout the episode are just easily accepted as if the devil appearing was a normal happenstance of a day-to-day life. Fourth, it keeps jumping from normal comic relief to black humor so many times many scenes that should be funny just aren't. Fifth and last, like some shows of the past that have great fans still nowadays, like "Buffy", this show gives the impression it's going to have a shallow storyline that could be sumed up in 30' episodes instead of 60' ones, making it a shame to see Missy Peregrym's talent in it instead of keep performing "Heroes"'s Candice.

    All this said I will take a break from the show for at least a time and gonna be back later to see if my impressions were right/wrong and if the storyline problems were solved.
  • I just happened to watch it, I expected nothing and got a lot in return. Great way to kick off a new show.

    Reaper certainly surprised me. I really had no idea what to expect but the humor was tastefully dark even though I had mixed reactions to the dog getting hit with a car door. The show makes up for the that scene by showing the dogs as more of a threat when there is a pack of them in the Work Bench, and then when Sam and Sock were feeding the dogs the "victory ham". I think the best part of the show was Sock, he was just so ridiculous and crude, I loved his logic of chasing the dogs out of the store. I did enjoy how Sam's powers seemed to be a combination of Jedi mind tricks with a Ghostbusters dirt devil.
    This pilot was clever and I hope that the next episodes will be even better.
  • Smacked this cynic silly.

    I have to admit, I didn't expect much of anything from this show. I thought it might be cute, perhaps funny, but I didn't expect to actually like it enough to want to watch more. I was wrong; I loved the pilot, and I am anxiously waiting for the next episode! The humor is a smidgen on the dark side, which makes it similar to Dead Like Me, and it's fun without being too Ghostbustery.

    I hope the writers continue in the same vein for future episodes, and that the CW gives this show the chance it truly deserves. Its audience is out there!
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