Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2008 on The CW

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  • This show just keeps on delivering!!

    How could you not love this epi..?!? Soooo much happens, that I'm glad I don't have to write the summary... ;)
    Andi and Sam finally gets togehter!! Yay, I'm glad this relationship is finally getting a chance, I think they are really cute together! Sam suddenly sees himself getting involved in a rebellion against the devil, and kinda likes the idea of helping the demons to get out of his own deal with the devil. But in doing so, he plays right into the hands of the devil, who off course, saw the rebellion comming. With the, albeit unwilling, help of Sam, the devil gets rid of all the rebellious demons. Except Tony, Sams neighbour survives, and looks pretty angry at Sam... uhhh...
  • Rebels with[out] a cause


    Another outstanding episode. All the reasons why they moved into that particular apartment are revealed in an explosive finale that makes this episode so worth the watch.

    So much happens in this episode that I dont know where to start - so I wont. Ill just dive stratight in. However, the plot contans a number of elements including: Andie and Sam getting together. The gay demon couple's involvement in the Demon Revolution and the Devil's master plan to destroy the whole thing! And how he does it

    Execellent number of locations support the events and gripping action as the story develops. Dialogue is its usual high quality self, providing a good source of laughs in itself. I dont particularly find Andie getting together with Sam any good, but I suspect that we can expect some really wickedness when Sam's supposed girlfriend(the Devils own) returns from her trip to her moms.

    This show keeps getting better and better - and with the finale scene showing the surviving demon revolutionary with eyes full of intent, things arent over by a long shot!

    One of the best episodes from this impressive show.
  • Sam joins the Rebellion

    Steve and Tony have got Sam to join the rebellion, basically, demons rebelling agAinst the devil. Sam earns the devils trust so that he can help the rebellion kill the devil, making sams contract null and void. Sam also gets to go on a date with Andi, yeah! get in! Also, the gang catch a demon named Cubby Bryce, who previopusly owned the apartment sam, sock and ben now own. Satan wanted themk to own it so that sam would uncover the rebellion, where steve calls the devil. The devil comes, saving sam and killing all the other demons. Tony then emerges from the rubble, with evil in his eyes!
  • Post-strike still working out for Reaper.

    The Rebellion: We find out that Steve and Tony are part of a group of demons that do good in hopes of dethroning the devil, but when Steve finds a new way to take down the devil, same gets involved way too much and isn't really too sure which side he wants to take. The whole idea was sort of brilliant, it could have been saved for a season finale, but I'm hoping they have something for that, which will surpass this episode.

    Relationships: Sam and Andi continue to get together and in this episode, they finally become intimate, but Sam explains to Andi that he can't tell her some things and those things would be his being a reaper. Meanwhile, Josie and Sock seem like they might hit it off again, at least I sure hope they do.
  • Slow start of this new serie but they really have gone full throttle for a great first season finish.

    I was getting bored after 5-6 episodes of those recurrent battles against escaped souls, failing to develop the characters and a decent story line. But i really have to admit that since our 3 friends have moved in their new apartment and the "meet the neighbor" episode brought the so waited twist and a great deal of expectation. Also forced to develop the story in depth, raising more questions and excitement heading toward the last stretch. Although i find a bit late in the season to bring the thrill i just hope that its not too late to come up with a great final!!!
  • Is The Devil's # Up?

    Why, what's this?. Reaper finally getting interesting and seeming like it was going somewhere?. I and a lot of others, including critics, have been somewhat disappointed with Reaper after it's absolutely wonderful pilot episode. While the show still remained fun and entertaining, but mostly forgettable, it seemed to go nowhere after the pilot. Many episodes seeming to be like slight variations on others they have already done with no clear path or idea where they were going or what they were going to do when they get there. Here lately, with the last few episodes, it appears that things are changing. The additions of Sam's new girlfriend who may or may not be some kind of wacko related to the Devil was a nice twist. Now, the addition of gay demon neighbors Steve and Tony have upped the ante a little bit. The addition of them into the fold has been the best thing this show has done so far in it's very short run. Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino are wonderful in their roles, and these characters have really brought something to the show. As we have learned, these two are not just gay but demons!. I would of loved to of seen Joss and Co. tackle that!. But they have been good guys(so far), and absolutely hilarious!. Once we found out that they have a thing for the devil and learn that Sam is the "go to guy" to get to him, things instantly started cracking on the Reaper front. They had a story. They seemed to be setting things up and actually going somewhere. Things came to a pretty explosive point in this episode, which may be the best episode so far since the pilot. Has Reaper finally found it's game plan?. I guess we will see in the rest of the episodes in store for us for season 1.

    The big to do here is that Steve and Tony take Sam to a special demon support group, where demons try to be good people and others try to help them stay in line. There, Sam learns what they have in store for the Devil. Kill him with kindness. When it appears that that isn't strong enough, Tony really wants to go for the kill. And the key is Sam. Sam has to lure the Devil to their support group place and they will take care of the rest. When the Devil does appear, it quickly appears that you cannot pull one over 'ol Lucifer.

    This was probably the best storyline the show has had going for it since it started. The Devil was always cool and fun to watch with his little segmentscoming in and going and whatnot. We saw some little things that shows the real dark side of the Devil, and I have always said that the show and it's writers have got to start exploiting that more. Get something good and juicy going on here, especially with the Devil himself. Up the ante a bit. Get more serious. While there is always humor hanging over everything most of the time, maybe it's time to grow up a bit more?. Turn things deadly serious. Anyways, the moment that Ray Wise steps into the scene where we learn that he knows everything(and takes care of it), is quite a fantastic scene. I, and I think a lot of other people, have been waiting to see something like this finally happen on the show. It also appears that we will finally see something happen that we have been waiting for next week too. And what was with the ending with Tony?. He didn't look too happy. Things are finally getting real good.

    The two other storylines going on in this episode seem disposable in lieu if the big stuff that is finally going on elsewhere. The escaped soul and the "vessel" was all that the show really had going on when it first appeared. There wasn't much else going on except the usual romantic tangle-ups between Sam and Andi. Now, the escaped soul is the least interesting part. Here, it is a lawyer who uses leeches to suck the blood out of his clients. Ha ha. Get it?. Pretty typical, writers, and so was the Devil's line where he said they have a lot of lawyers where he comes from. Bet you didn't see that one coming!. Lol. Anyways, it was a fairly blah and forgettable escaped soul this week, with a vessel(a whip)that was kind of cool, but didn't make much sense. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. And where is Gladys?!. We need more Gladys!.

    The filler of th ep, while still humorous, was the fact that Ted wants to ask Josie out on a date, since she gave him her scarf(even though she admits that Ted is too stupid to notice that it is a girl's scarf). Sock is stunned when she accepts a date with Ted, but Ted gives Sock something to chew on about dating. When he confronts Josie, it's not true, and the two of them have a moment together. Okay, "two" moments, when Ted comes calling. The best part of this was getting to see Valerie Rae Miller more. Let's keep it up, 'kay writers?.

    In the end, "Rebellion" was an exceptional episode of the show. There has been some good episodes of the show since the pilot, but it has been getting into the best since the pilot here lately. Reaper is still finding it's feet, but I think it's getting there. Let's hope the CW has a brain(I know, I know)and gives this show a second season, for which it can really reach that goal.
  • Reasons why i watch it!

    Now they cleverly moved a long with the whole love story we get to see some love between Andy and Sam, and all and all the greatest thing is so far Cady is not in the episode i have turned to not liking her because i don't want to see them going threw the whole my ex girlfriends is evil out to kill my new girl friends scenario.
    With this episode it was well passed and well written you had that feeling the devil might be killed and they kept it up right to the end. Some shows like to spoil that part in the last 20 minutes but this kept it tight up till the end of the show.
    The ending of this one does and probably will give out a good twist to the show. Which in deed it needs because if there looking for a long run they will have to mix it up. bring in the revenge and hatred into it.
    Now i know many shows have entered the daemon scene and all that jazz but i like where this is going after watching this episode.
    After 14 glories episodes i can not find one weak point in it.
  • Sam rebels

    It's nice to see Sam hook up with Andi. SHe's cute and sweet and funny and he is going to mess it up again i'm sure with him unable to tell her about Mr. Devil.

    That being said, this was a fine episode. Sam hooks up with Andi, Sam catches soul, Sam gets snookered in with his neighbors to usurp the devil. WHat more do you need? Loads of conflict and Sam feels guilty about all of it. Of course the side story about Sock and his boss playing it out over Sock's ex was cute and Sock a really funny charachter wins out.

    This is one that shouldn't be missed.
  • Sam finally joins the revolting demons in order to kill the devil. But little did he know, the devil may have set up everything, as Ben realizes that Sock's apartment once belonged to the soul they captured...

    Well, sucks to be the demons who failed to kill the devil. But that's not the true sad part; Not only did Sam broke the devil's trust, Steve ruined a steamy hot scene of Sam X Andi! And that's not all! I just watched the preview of the next episode showing Andi is freaked out by Sam's bounty hunter life and rejected him(and just when things are getting steamier!DX)Can this get any worse! Darn it! I just hope that Sam can somehow get back with Andi like how he managed to convince Steve to forgive him in "Acid Queen".Just how does Sam and other characters like him managed find a way to redeem themselves in the eyes of others in doubt? Sam X Andi fans, if all of you are reading this review, it is a high caution that you do not watch the next episode, or else you will suffer tragic heartbreaking moments of this couple falling apart from 1 simple misunderstanding(from Andi, sadly...tsk, what's with women and jumping into conclusions?)