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  • Petition to bring back Reaper

    You all should sign this petition to bring back Reaper and show your support
  • Cool show!

    I enjoyed watching it and hope to see more episodes!
  • 8.0
    someone is making a petition to get this back on tv, so you reaper fans can support them by signing at
  • Great show

    hope they bring back this amazing show
  • lets start a kickstarter!

    because abc who owns reaper wanted to continue the show after the cw cancelled it but talks never got a greenlight! so i think we need to talk with the creators and see what we can do ppl!

    whats your guys opinion?
  • I want this show back also

    I am confused as to why they would cancel such a great show? I also agree with everyone when they say, that they should bring this show back. So to the producers BRING THE SHOW BACK, please.
  • Bad CBS, Bad Boy

    Yet another show cancelled in a cliffhanger. In my opinion there cant be anything worse than this. Producers should stoop playing with us and start thinking on how to keep us happy. Otherwise we will soon begin to bail on their shows.
  • I want this show back!!

    So a friend told me had to check it out on netflix and seriously once I started I couldn't stop. When I hit the final episode I was so so upset. how could the show end like this??!! You gotta bring it back and finish the story. What happens to Sam and Andi? What about Sock? and Why on earth did Sreve have to break his hand? Sorry im ranting? please bring it back
  • why cbs still canceling great shows??

    i can't believe that cbs still doing this... after canceling "Jericho" cause of the high budget (according cbs + LOOOOOOL) they cancel reaper.. i am watching the show form the first episode and like all of us waiting about 9 months for the second season.. i feel like an idiot and loosing my trust at this network (cbs).. also i am waiting to cancel and other smart and funny shows like big bang theory and how i net your mother :D , and start watching shows that are realy smart and funny... like survivor-big brother and 90210.. (i am a little bit angry so i apologise... :D ) i hope that was the last show canceled with no reason... ! ! !
  • awesome

    awesomest show ever
  • Epic Show

    Reaper is awesome! i finished the shows and no i am upset cause it left me hanging. but the show was Epic.
  • Bring it back!

    Hilarious, smart, well written show to have such an outrageously creative concept. I found myself addicted...liked it almost as much as the walking dead...don't know why they canceled needs to come back!
  • When will those who create TV shows realize that soap opera style romances don't work with this type of show?

    "Reaper" was definitely a good show and I'm disappointed that it got canceled, but I believe most others who liked this show will agree that they didn't watch it to see if Sam and Andi were going to end up together. That stuff is just boring. Most fans of this genre don't care about the love lives of the main characters. That's something I like about "Supernatural." It rarely brings in lame romance.

  • Got boring too quickly

    this show was okay at first but i got sick and tired of it pretty quickly. I got sick of the whole "I like her but i don't know if she likes me thing" is this reaper or a episode of friends? anyways i also got sick of the demon of the week formula. I didn't care who the demon was. Sam was going to mess up, whine to the devil and then in the last ten minutes capture the demon. Sam was also going to whine about how the girl of his dreams may or may not like him for a half in hour.
  • Bring it Back!!!

    We want more!! Common Season 3!
  • Reaper should be put back on the air. It was one of the best show's on TV and the CW Network.


    I think Reaper was an amazing show and should be put back on the air. I never had much time to watch TV when the show was actually airing, but, I have recently watched every episode that did air, Season 1-2. It was an exciting story line and mix between reality and fiction, and the good vs. evil. The story is an interesting perspective into the biblical views and the questions regarding the same so many people have. It had the "Buffy" quality but also had comedy and fun. This was one of the CW's best shows, and it seems as though they cancel a lot of their best shows. The CW made a big mistake in cancelling this show and I hope that at some point the shows story will continue whether with a new network or not. But, I hope that it is not too late to have the same cast. The cast of Sam, Andi, Ben and Sock was a quality mix of characters. They each brought a wonderful addition and uniqueness to the show. Again, it is a shame that it was taken off the air. I was and still amintrigued to know what happens next and how it all ends. I did find an article where the writer's were interviewed after the cancellation on what "would have" happened if the show had continued to Season 3. The thoughts and secrets that would have been revealed in the 3rd season were great and I think they would have even drawn in new viewers. The writer's are amazing and I think they should not give up on Reaper as being a show. It was nominated for several awards and even won a Leo. If anything I would tell the writer's to keep writing and talk to different networks about continuing the show with them, it would be great revenue for any network to have such an awesome show airing on their network. All in all I am disappointed about the cancelling of the show Reaper, and I keep up hope that it will continue and air again continuing the story line someday soon. Keep posting that you want it back..maybe someone will notice, who knows.

  • A boy's parents sell his soul to the Devil who demands that he capture and return escaped souls from hell.


    Fans of buffy have got to watch this, it's the closest thing you will get to the slayer. This show is great fun and less intense than Buffy, so it is easier to watch with WONDERFUL characters, the guy who plays the Devil is inspired. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Do not add another great show like this to the attic, we are losing too many good and great shows. Reaper does have a feeling all of its own and is genuinely funny and you can't help but smile through most of the show. Poor Sam you can't help but feel for the guy, luckily he has his buddies to rely on.

  • A funny SHOW.

    When i first heard about i must admit i was sinicle but when i tuned in it was hilarious and seeing the guys coming up with different ideas to capture the spirits HAHA it's so funny. Bret Harrison is the best in the show the only reason i originally watched it was because of him i loved him in the loop but he is even better in this. The other actors are great in there roles. The devil is so funny and I'm glad of Melinda Clarke being part of it I missed her so much from The O.C.! Great show....sO FuNNy LoVe iT
  • Season 1 was awesome, but season two killed the party

    Season one started off strong and kept the flow of action, adventure, mystery, and funny Sock jokes going. I was really strung out on edge until the final episode. The demon rebellion was handled excellently, the mystery of Sam's real dad was no less that the best, and the seaon finale kept me hanging on until the last minute. Season 2, however, killed nearly everything that I loved about Reaper. The mystery of Sam's lineage was terminated in the first episode with as little coverage as possible (and it was never outright stated that the Devil was Sam's dad). The demon rebellion amounted to nothing more than a wimpy peace plan and a watchmen group of demons hinged to kill devil spawn. There were constant unexplained allusions and hints that Sam might be God's son or a demon himself. The Sock antics were largely replaced with his unfunny attempts at sleeping with his sister. And the finale promised answers to all open-ended questions and delivered none of them. If anything, I left with more questions. What is "the greater good" and "just who in the world is Sam's daddy" were a few of them.
  • bring it back!!!

    can I charge CBS an INCONVENIENCE CHARGE for cliffhanging me?? I love this show. and 'Better off Ted'. It was funny and different. Fringe isn't so bad. But after twilight, vampires got big, soooo..... Lets see a bounty hunter collect demon souls. Ha ha ha and Sock?? wow, he got big but funny!! And Andi looks like Kristen stewart that can act. So Im ok with that. But really? why CBS? WHY??!!?? Ben and his demon girlfriend add more charisma and its unlike the other stupid vampire shows and crap out there! The Devil looked good. Interesting really Ha ha ha. But near the end, there was a plan but noooOOooOOOo the season got cut. Thats a bunch of crap.
  • Reaper was a wonderful show, I don´t know why they canceled, bring it back you people, you will lost a lot of money if you keep shutting down this kind of very good shows...sooooo sad!

    Reaper was a wonderful show, I don´t know why they canceled, bring it back you people, you will lost a lot of money if you keep shutting down this kind of very good shows...sooooo sad! Please keep in mind that this kind of shows are very good and have a large number of fans like me to expect to see you keep it up with this material. You don´t expect that we people are going to follow your bad decisions, so sad you have to cancel this. Reaper has a good argument, good actors and a very good topic, at least let us know the ending...
  • Buzz Reaper ranks 813 out of the 18,484 shows on ---- So it was in the mid range, out of how many shows on tv? Status Ended Premiered September 25, 2007 Ended ---May 26, 2009

    Awesome show taking place in the city I was living in at the time, fun to see the backgrounds of places I've been. Fun show, why they cancelled it when it was doing so well is Beyond me.. They had the perfect satan lol whenever I see that guy I think Satan, and he always plays the creepy, weasel guy parts. I really think it's dumb how shows cancel when they're doing well. It's not their fault they were in a bad time slot. Whoever said it first was right, either put it before Supernatural, get rid of cry baby vamp diaries or put it after or before Smallville, those are my 2 nights of recorded tv. But hey what do I know, if I were them I would just cancel the station, save time. Oh hey and thanks for cancelling this on my birthday lol :/
  • we want reaper back!

    if your going to cancel a show you should at least end it.everyone was left hanging from last season with no least give us one more season so we can have some closure. the show was the funniest show on television. we loved the characters and the plot was original and very creative.please bring back reaper the best show on television.the show brought laughter and joy to my hosehold.the characters have such a great chemistry together,very few shows have that.if you cant give us one more season at least give us a two hour season finaly .let us know if sam ever gets free from the devil.
  • We have to do something to get our favorite season back!!

    Well cbs canceld the season but we have a other chance to get reaper back! Look at scrubs nbc made only 6 season but since than abc made the rest and now we get a 9. season of scrubs, so i don´t think that there is a problem to get reaper back.

    Look at the show chuck in this case only the Fans saved it and we have to do this too with reaper.

    So guys send e-mail´s letter´s or something els to abc or still to cbs and make them clear that we want our favorite show back and we have to do it fast very fast.

    With the words from Stev "How's with me" ???
  • Great

    Reaper" is better than most of the TV shows on offer recently. It plays similar to "Chuck" with a dead-beat hero being thrust into a situation where he's called on to step up and be a man and take responsibility for something he's not responsible for. In this, Sam's parents sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his father surviving an unnamed terminal disease. The relations between Sam and his parents are justifiably strained after this news comes to light. Like Chuck, Sam is surrounded by pals to help him in his new role. The show might not have the best CGI going around, but it gets by. Give it a chance
  • Quite different and quirky at its debut, Reaper went on to become a modest hit with a devoted following. Alas, the devil's in the details and it's off the air.

    The whole premise of "Reaper" made us suspend disbelief for an hour and just enjoy the actors and the rapid-fire dialogue. Ray Wise as the Devil was the absolute scene-stealer, but the younger cast members were pretty clever as well.

    I believe Season One was better than Season Two, due to the interruption by The Writers' Strike that went on and on for weeks and screwed up everyone's TV watching pleasure. I believe "Reaper" was a casualty of The Strike, since a lot of its audience had to find it again once production started, then it somehow didn't feel as fresh and cutting-edge as before. Even at its worst, "Reaper" was still a scream.

    Why the network pulled the plug is still a mystery to me. I believe "Reaper" was a direct casualty of The Strike, and got yanked before it could make its real mark.
  • How could they can such a worthy show!

    Although reaper was as popular with viewers as the commercially successful prison break or heroes, it had a niche audience that loved and cherished the show, like me! Reaper was distinctly different from anything else on TV at the time.. The concept was new, original and incorporated some good ideas about demons into the show. A network doesn't usually bring a show back from the dead but in this case I'm hoping they make an exception and air at least a short finale season even with 4 episodes.. I just would like to know how it would all end. If not, Goodbye reaper.. It was nice watching you..
  • Yet another great show axed before it's time. It was a really great show. The plot was original and intriguing and the characters were quirky and really hilarious, what more do you need in a tv show?

    Yet another great show axed before it's time. It was a really great show. The plot was original and intriguing and the characters were quirky and really hilarious, what more do you need in a tv show? I'm really sad to see it go and extremely dissapointed that so many storylines were left without an proper ending for instance. Who is Sam's Dad really? Why was Steve ordered to break Sam's hand to prevent him from beating the devil and what will happen to Andy now? I just hope the show gets syndicated so that those questions will eventaially get answered.
  • Favorite show on reaper (also season 2 DVD out in stores today 6/9)

    This show has so many great laughs and not to mention an entertaining story line and it's hard to believe its having trouble in the second season, It has so much more potential for the future. And great actors that make the series are extremely talented, and I'll be buying DVD of season 2 today (6/9) and I encourage other fans to do the same if only to help the struggling Reaper to continue on and atleast have an ending, season 2 was still great though the last epidsode seemed to be alittle off still this show has so much promise Im giving a 10 and even if the show is cancelled I hope the actors know that thave have done a wonderful job. and have enhanced my life with a great show :)
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