Season 1 Episode 8

The Cop

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on The CW

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  • Another great epi!!

    I really liked this episode. The part where Sock actually sympathizes with Gladys was hilarious. I loved that she got back at him with naughty dreams about them being together... :)
    I liked that Sam finally seemed to have some reaction to Greg, who by the way was a total douchebag. I'm glad that Andi finally broke things off with him, and it kinda seems like she is considering Sam a bit... Let's hope so. The story about the soul was really great, but I'm still not too sure about the bird-tattoo, what did that do? I thought there was a lesson in the apparant suicide of the policeman. The devil says that he can decide at any time to kill the souls he owns... Remember that, Sam!
  • the cop, the killer and sam

    Sam is given the dog of the month award at the work bench, so he has to clean the gum from the inside of the bin. he then gets sent to a dinner with the devil and gets info on the next escaped soul and a watch. the killer then kills a judge after he killed the lawyer in his case. hes gonna kill the attorney but sam shocks the attorney. *d'oh* he is thought to be the killer. the killer strikes while sams with the cop. sam captures him, but the cop is about to kill sam to make him seem the killer, but the devil kills him. yay!
  • funny...

    This was the first episode of the show that I watched, and, I must say, I love it. The devil rewarded Sam for a job well done, but basically framed him. In the end, the devil wanted to kill a cop that he made a deal with. The soul in this episode was a creapy murderer that wanted to get revenge on the ones that killed him. The cop made a pact with the devil saying that he would become famous and the devil did his part and killed him after five years. Overall, this episode had a great story and it was pretty funny also. Oh, the Gladys thing was halarious. HALARIOUS! Overall, good episode.
  • By far the best episode of the season!

    What a great episode, I have seen every episode and while the potential to be great has always been there, sometimes the show doesn't live up. This time however, the show hits a homerun with the great writing, solid storyline and great performances by the cast. For those that follow the series the story is the same, a dead soul has escaped from hell and its Sam's job to return him. The difference in this episode is we get some nice continuation of Andy and Sam's relationship, Socks decides to become obsessed with Gladys with hilarious results, and the interaction between the Devil and Sam are the best yet. This is the episode that sets the standard for the series and now that I have seen what this show is capable of, I am really ticked off that the writers strike will cut this great series short. GREAT EPISODE!!
  • Really Good!

    This episode was excellent. With the whole cop wanting to be a hero thing was a nice twist. The only thing i don't like slightly was that the "demon" used fire powers. The demon in the pilot used fire powers. In the other episodes the demons and what they did and there powers were unique. I thought it was kind of silly. But thats a really small thing. I liked it when Sam got to hit the devil with the baseball bat and how the devil said "It was honorably for you to not go for the crotch" that made me laugh. I thought that the sub plot was really good and interesting. This episode was really awesome and i hope that they continue to raise the bar
  • Sock becomes obsessed with Gladys from the DMV. Sam confronts another escaped soul, although the real enemy turns out to be a cop who made a deal with the devil earlier that comes back to bite him. Sam and Andi's relationship takes a depressing turn.

    One of the weirder, darker and sadder episodes of Reaper.

    The scenes involving Sock and Gladys were absolutely hilarious. Sock becoming obsessed with her was original, although completely out of the blue. Despite the blatant references to murder (buying rat poison and shovels?), Gladys is never really proved to have done anything wrong. However, she is...well, a demon. So I'm pretty sure she's gonna have a few skeletons in the closet.

    The escaped soul this time around is a killer who is back for revenge on the people who convicted him in court. I thought this was one of the more creative escaped souls, as the whole using-tattoos-as-weapons thing was original and well done. The final encounter seemed to be a bit anti-climactic and was over entirely too quickly, but for the most part the soul part of this episode was solid.

    Sam and Andi's relationship takes an abrupt dip near the end of the episode when he gives her a beautiful necklace, despite the warnings from Sock and Ben that it is not the right type of gift--it's too much of a girlfriend/wife gift. However, Sam would not be deterred, and he finally came right out and basically told Andi how he felt.

    I understood Andi's reaction, because she realizes how important Sam is in her life and is afraid of screwing that up...however, I've been in a similar situation before. I have to say that it really sucks to be Sam. The hurt on his face and in his voice was very apparent at the end of this episode.

    I curse the writers' strike yet again, because Reaper is continuing to impress me every week. Hopefully it will have a strong enough performance to convince the execs at The CW to keep it on board despite the writers' strike.
  • Best episode in this season so far

    great jobs ! actors and writers both!Satan wanted so badly to root for Andi and Sam, but there's only so much hope I can allow to be crushed.

    Parts Satan thought were keen:
    • "Hey, I'm not Ted. What a d--k." (The Devil, judging Ted's "Dog of the month" employee prize.)
    • "It was very classy of you not to go for the crotch." (The Devil, after asking Sam to take a swing at him with a bat.)
    • Greg and Sam's slap fight(!).
    • Sock's very serious lawyerly toolbox.
    • "You know what I could go for? Bloomin' onion." (The Devil, post-detective murdering.) LOL ~
  • Best episode this season.

    A very excellent episode for Reaper this season. probably one of the most interesting cases and the Andi and Sam relationship is getting better! Yehey! The case was also interesting when Sam had to deal with another one of the devil's cases.

    I hope they get their creative juices flowing because this episode could be the start of a whole new funny and creative season! Gladys was real cool in this episode and her and Sock were amazingly hilarious! Power to Reaper, I knew I had hope in this movie.

    Episode Quote (Sock); Sam, I am almost certainly going to do something stupid. It's in my blood. You know that.
  • In a clever double dealing, the Devil pits Sam against a soul on a killing spree. A mass murder, he's escaped from hell and is looking for revenge. The arresting officer has also made a deal with the Devil and the Devil's cashing in.

    I think that Reaper's writing is finally hitting its groove. This episode wasn't nearly as predictable as a lot fo the rest have been. Also, I didn't find this one hitting what should have been the two minute mark five or six minutes before the end. And I think that's been one of the biggest problems this show has had. I think the cop being his own case showed real creativity on the part of the writers. And it's also showing another side of the Devil. I think, up to this point, he's been very one dimensional, always just teasing Sam with veiled clues. The sheer irony of the cop's predicament gave new life to the character of the devil. And I think for a change, the writing was as good as the special effects.
  • Sam makes nice with a cop.

    You knew that it was bound to come up, Sam breaks the law. But it's just the Devil setting him up (even the Vessel was a taser). I figured that it wouldn't be too long that the Devil bought the police into the picture. Good job on that, he had me guessing till the very end.

    Lots of laugh coming from Sock and Gladys this week. They finally bought something good to her character. I love the crazy chemistry between them. That dream sequence was hilarious. I look forward to seeing bigger and funnier things from Gladys.

    There was also some Sam-Andi thing in this episode. I'm kinda tired of that. Either get on with it or don't. Plus there was a very mysterious 'Get Out of Hell' card from the Devil. Ooohh, I wonder what the terms are to that one?

    Overall, this was very funny episode, a big step up from the previous episodes. They finally put Gladys to good use. I want to see more of her and Sock. Those two make me giggle.
  • The Devil "sets up" Sam, Gladys is seen outside the DMV, and Greg and Andi might hit trouble.

    This has to be by far one of my favorite escaped souls, being that his tattoos is where he gets his weapons from. And the vessel...a tazer far the easiest to use. Sock's obsession over Gladys is a funny plot this week, as we get some info on her and maybe demons have feelings too. But who didn't know the Devil at one point was a good angel and then goes to hell....unnecessary but nice info for those of us who haven't heard the story. At the Work Bench, Sam takes Sock's position of worst employee, but the Devil calls Sam his employee of the month and gives him a nice watch. This is the watch of one of the killed victims by the escaped soul, and when Sam tazers a detective, things get messy. When the Devil tells Sam that he was setting Sam up on purpose and then gives him the option of beating him up, Sam takes the bat and tries beating up the Devil. I really enjoyed that scene. Of course there is more than meets the eyes as it turns out when the Detective, who decides to believe Sam about the escaped soul, all turns out to be the Devil tying up a contract with him. This was one of the best new twists to the series and I hope we see more of this kind of thing. The Gladys Dream Making Demon turns out to be also extremely funny. Andi and Sam's friendship relationship is once again very interesting, as with the slap fight with Greg, that leads Andi to be single but not want to mess up her friendship with Sam by going out with him. But being called "the most important person in my life," has to be a good thing...overall, awesomely write episode. Best so far.