Season 2 Episode 13

The Devil and Sam Oliver

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 26, 2009 on The CW

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  • Sam gets his chance to play the Devil for his soul. Ben's Grandmother sets up Nina to have an exorcism. Steve comes back to earth as an Angel who watches over a girl Mary Pat the new greeter at the Work Bench. Sock ends up tripping on a toad.

    Not a good ending if this is the series finale. This would be OK if there is another season. There are more unanswered questions now than when we started.

    Why does Heaven want Sam to be the Son of the Devil and be damned to Hell? Now not only Sam is damned but Andi is as well and Steve was the one responsible for this. What was with the celestial show at the end? The bit with the house full of Frogs was a little strange. The bit with Sock drinking the drink with the toad in it was pretty funny and the fact that the Priest then exorcised him is hilarious. It probably did more good with Sock than Nina! It was chivalrous of him to run to Ben and Nina's aid though.

    It is nice that Andi is happy with Sam and it might be that now she is damned she can accept Sam for what he is and not worry about it. That was some sacrifice for her to do for Sam. She really believes in him. It was nice to see that at the end.

    I give this an eight as it may be the end of the show for good. This was not a good finale. Obviously there is a lot more story to tell. Here's hoping that Reaper lives another day in syndication.
  • This show is MINT!!! :P

    Reaper is an American tv show. It is on every Thursday at 9:00 on E4 and I think it's brill. I love it! My favourite is Sock, because he is very funny. The point of the show is that Sam - the main
    character - had his soul sold to the devil so when he
    dies he will go to hell. Every episode a Demon escapes from hell and causes havoc. It is up to Sam, Ben and awesome Sock to save the world and keep us laughing at the same time! It also includes a dash of romance between Sam and Andi. In conclusion I would recomend to a lot of people to watch this if you want good laugh!!! :D