Season 2 Episode 4

The Favorite

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2009 on The CW

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  • Great episode

    The Devil introduces Sam to Morgan: his charming, rich, perfect other son. He tells Sam he must teach Morgan to up his work ethic.
    The this episode "The Favorite" was one of my favourite episodes so far of the show. The Soul was cool, the scene where Sam, Sock and Ben hide in the bath tub was so funny and the part where Sam caught the soul was awesome. I liked Morgan he was good and the part where he screamed like a girl in the car was histerical. All in all this episode of Reaper was probably the best episode of the season thus far.
  • Great new character (Morgan), lots of subtly funny eye movements

    hmmmm....this Morgan is.... a great addition to the show in my opinion. As an 'other son of the devil', his appearance raises all kinds of questions for Sam about an issue he's been kind of in denial about I think i.e., his purported paternal lineage. This guy Morgan, now he is what we'd expect as the son of the devil. He has no conscience but is an attractive, suave, totally smooth people pleaser, with a great smile and striking blue eyes. What's the Devil up to bringing these two together? By stimulating a little sibling rivalry, is he trying to get Sam to identify more with this notion of being the son of the Devil? I loved this episode. I think this season is going in an interesting direction. I also liked how a lot of the humour was a little more subtle than some other times. RE. Ben and Nina - I'm intrigued - we'll see how that plays out.
  • Sam must return the soul of a wealthy man who acquired things while living and at the same time deal with another of the Devil's sons Morgan. Ben's having a little romance problem with Nina. Finally Andi and Sock are at it again only this time over Ted.

    Sorry I missed the showing this week and had to wait for the online feed.

    Another full agenda for this week. I like how they are building the stories around the different characters and really moving both the stories and the characters along at the same time. Sam and the boys are looking at dealing with a man who collected things during his life and now wants them back. So much so that he is willing to kill to get them. (I love Alex Diakun the actor who plays Fitzgerald he plays creepy really well.) The Devil throws Sam a major curve ball by introducing him to Morgan another of his "sons" who is a little more a chip off the ole block.

    Sock is spending his time trying to figure out how he can make more money without working for it. This time he gets Ted to do his work because he(Ted) loves the Work Bench and misses being there. Of course the problem is Andi is too intelligent and attentive to fall for the same things Ted did. So in the end she outsmarts Sock at his own game again. This is getting to be a fun little diversion. Sock seeing what he can get away with and Andi foiling his plans and turning it to her own advantage.

    Poor Ben. He's got the same problem a lot of men do. They want to satisfy their partner but they're not sure what they're doing wrong. Of course when your partner is a Demon things can be a little more complicated. There is a great scene between Ben and the DMV Demon (Christine Willes) where she volunteers to give him some "hands on training" in satisfying Demons. In the end everything seems to work out. I am still enjoying this storyline in the weekly episodes as well.

    Sam and Morgan look like they may have some great adventures. The gang all likes Morgan and Sam sees him for what he really is. A standard slacker. If you can say one thing about Sam it is that he is really conscientious.

    I think the writers have found a great formula this season with the episodes and stories so far. This series is really getting better and better and overall I think it deserves more attention.

    Maybe they could do a Supernatural/Reaper cross over? Maybe a two hour special. Just thinking. Thanks for reading...
  • Sam meets one of the devils other children, Sock manipulates Ted, and Ben learns how to pleasure a demon.

    We all knew that the devil had children other then same but now we finally get to meet one of them. The Devil beileves that Morgan is his ideal son, except for one thing. He lacks the caring about catching souls that Sam does; one might even go so far as to call him Sam's opposite. So the devil forces Sam to have Morgan help him catch the latest soul that escapes from hell. The problem is, Morgan is self-centered and greedy and it almost ends up getting Sam killed. The soul this week was fairly interesting, a greedy old guy who wants all of his possessions back and uses gold coins/bugs to get them back from anyone that gets in his way. There were some great moments capturing the soul, including a very hilarous slapstick fight between Sam, Sock and Ben. Sock puts more work into finding ways not to work then any other person in the world. This week, he finds that Ted can't seem to leave the Work Bench, despite being fired. Sock then employees Ted to work all of his shifts and Ted gets forty percent of the pay. Meanwhile, Sock can goof off and take naps. It worked well enough until Andi finds out of course which has a great conclusion once again. I'm loving the dynamic between Sock and Andi now that she has become the boss. Even better is the fact that Andi always seems to outdo Sock in one way or another. Im also glad that Ted was back, as he is a hilarious, if not somewhat sad character and his interactions with Sock are hilarious. The other story involved Ben having relationship problems with his girlfriend. I'm not too crazy about Ben's girlfriend but it gives Ben something to do besides being the one wwho always gets hurt. Ben has a nice little dialogue with Gladys about how to please a demon which was fairly hilarious (and the thought of what she said won't leave my mind) This episode has a farily good story, but at the same time there have been better storylines this series has had. I also found the humor was a little toned down last night too. Hopefully this episode was just a minor hiccup and with the reveal we got at the end of the episode will create a very good next few episodes.
  • It had its moments

    Overall was a decent episode, but the new Morgan character isn't fitting just yet. Blame the writers. They are setting it up fairly well but the dynamic between Morgan, Sam and The Devil seems far too a bad way.
    The dialogue as usual was top notch. Plenty of quoteables including the "Hide & Seek" line with Sock's stepsister.
    Bringing Ted back as an employee was good for the show, he's an excellent supporting character. The whole "demon sex" storyline was pretty lame but the dialogue gave a few chuckles.
    Is it just me or would have Christopher Walken played a better "Fitzgerald" cameo? Too expensive methinks. The actor they got looked like Walken from the far camera angle outside Sam's place, long face, full head of white hair.
  • Good episode, yet my least favorite.

    I'm not sure why I didn't really connect with this episode the way I usually do with Reaper. Maybe because I felt it lacked in humor compared to previous episodes. It was a "good" episode, just not a great one. I'm OK with the development of the Morgan character, but I'd rather see the series get back to the original storyline. It looks as if we are headed there with Sam's father making an appearance at the end of the episode.

    I loved having Ted back. I feel he adds a lot to the rest of the cast during their interactions. The scenes between him and Sock were the funniest of the episode in my opinion. I look forward to more episodes of one of the best shows on television this year. If this episode is the worst of the season then we are in for a terrific one!