Season 2 Episode 7

The Good Soil

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Sam and Ben are having breakfast and Sam is depressed that Andi broke up with him. Ben offers his condolences but Sam insists he can get Andi back. Sock arrives and Ben tells him that Kristen is in the shower. Sock goes to see her with shower coffee but she insists it isn't acceptable and tells him to leave. She's worried that her father will be upset if he learns they're dating, and he never changes his mind. Kristen stalks off and Sock admits he cant' understand why any father would detest him.

At the Work Bench, Andi sits down with Ben and Sock and asks if they want to see a movie. The guys admit they have to choose sides, and they've chosen Sam. At least, they choose Sam until Andi offers them hammock testing duty. They quickly change their minds.

That night, Ben is playing fetch with a flying demonic Nina. When she reverts to human form, they talk about their two-month anniversary and Nina offers to take him flying. Ben convinces her to wait until the day of the anniversary. The next day, Ben worries that this means the end of his relationship but Sock assures him he has nothing to worry about. Morgan arrives and explains that the Devil sent him to the Work Bench to do more training with Sam. Morgan offers to pay Sam $20,000 if he captures a soul for him. Sock convinces Sam to do it so they can get the money.

Sam is sweeping up the aisles when racing tickets land from nowhere. The Devil teleports Sam to a horse track and asks about Morgan. Sam admits Morgan is going to help him, and the Devil starts to give him a file. Then he says he feels guilty because the escaped soul, Billy Boyland, was just looking at a woman when he got hit by a truck and was sent to Hell. However, the Devil decides it's God's fault and he has nothing to feel guilty about.

The guys go over the file and find where Billy used to hang out at a diner. They find Billy there and show him the dodge ball that is his vessel. Billy asks for enough time to eat his pie, then spills a piece and ducks beneath the table. He sneaks out and the guys go after him. They easily corner him in an alleyway but Billy pleads for them to spare him. He finally explains that he's a virgin and he wants to stay free long enough to fulfill his dream. Sock insists that Billy should get his chance, and offers to help.

The guys try to come up with a plan and offer to hire a hooker. However, Billy doesn't want to pay for sex and suggests they go to an encounters bar. Kristen comes in and tells Sock to change for family portrait day. Sock is eager to speak to Morris but Kristen forbids him to do so. At the photo studio, Sock talks to Morris anyway and tries to make small talk. When Mrs. Wysocki mentions Morris likes fly fishing, Sock is eager to go along and Morris reluctantly agrees.

The guys hit the bar and Billy picks the woman he wants to talk to. Ben ends up as his wing man and they approach the woman, Cindy, with her friend. Ben discovers the friend is a psychotherapist and draws her off to the side to confess his issues. She tells him that he has to love himself before he can love others, and then gets on his lap. They're interrupted when Billy leaves with Cindy and Ben makes a hasty exit. They follow Billy to Sock's house and wait outside. The next morning, the guys wake up and run for the door, but Billy is still there and says it was amazing. He insists Cindy is his soul mate and explains she was the one he was coveting when he died. Once he got out of Hell, he learned she was divorced and plans to have a deep meaningful relationship. After Cindy leaves, Billy insists that it wouldn't be right for Sam to send him back.

Sam goes to see Andi in her office and invite her to lunch. She says they should stick to a professional relationship and he says he needs her advice on his reaper job. He takes her to see Billy and Cindy, and discusses fighting for love while offering her snacks. Andi quickly figures out it's a set up: when he denies it, she shows him the bottle of champagne he hid. She points out he's trying to manipulate her just like his father, and walks home.

Ben goes to Nina's lair and she shows him she decorated with human furniture so he'd feel at home. He explains that he's realized he needs to love himself, and has created a vision board to show all his good qualities. Nina isn't sure what it all means, but Ben assures her he'll go flying with her the next night on their anniversary.

Sock goes fishing with Morris but has to admit he's a terrible fisherman. As they bond, Sock asks what would happen if he asked Kristen out on a date. His step-father thinks he's joking but Sock assures him he isn't. Morris explains that Sock isn't good enough for Kristen and says he's a clown. When Sock tells him the truth, Morris responds by attacking him with his fishing pole

Sam checks on his father in the freezer in the garage and asks for advice. Mr. Oliver has to admit that he's jealous because he's a decaying body and Sam gets an idea. He collects Sock and Ben and goes to the graveyard where Billy's body is buried. Then they hit it with the dodgeball and hopes that Hell thinks it's a mix-up. As they dig Billy up, Sock admits that all things considered, Morris' reaction was better than most.

At the DMV, Sam gives Morgan the dodgeball and he turns it into Gladys. However, a red notice comes back and Gladys tells them there was something other than a soul in the vessel. Sam makes a hasty exist and Morgan goes after him. He insists Sam needs to fix it and takes his money back.

Ben takes Nina out for a rooftop dinner and she prepares to fly with him. He admits he can't do it and apologizes. Nina tells him a secret: she once had a fear of blood. She overcame it by bathing it in every day, and asks if Ben will let her help him the same way. Ben agrees to let her help and she grabs him, throws him off the roof, and then flies down after him.

Sam is at the Work Bench working late when boxes start flying at him. The Devil tells him he screwed up the system and refuses to give Sam another chance. Instead he's unleashed his failsafe, the Ender, which destroys a soul entirely. Sam wonders if there's anything they can do but the Devil says that it can't be stopped.

Sam goes to Billy's house to warn him the Ender is coming after him. Billy explains he's still a virgin because he wanted to connect emotionally first with Cindy. A storm starts up as the Ender approaches. Sam offers to buy him some time but Billy and Cindy need to run.

Ben tells Sock how thrilling it was to fly while helping him make up their bedroom as a love chamber for Billy and Cindy. The guys leave the happy couple alone as the storm grows, then hear a noise outside. The Ender emerges from the lawn and advances on the house. It disintegrates everything in its path and the guys run to warn Billy. The Ender comes to the door but stops, turns, and leaves.

The next day at the Work Bench, Billy visits the guys and asks if they figured out what happened. Ben thinks that their souls became one during the act of love, throwing the Ender off the trail. Since the Devil believes the Ender succeeded, he has no reason to suspect Billy is still alive. The guys are satisfied that they have a happy ending. However, Morgan drives up and hits Billy with the dodgeball, and figures that their consciences are clear and everyone's happy.

Sam goes to see Andi and asks to leave early. He admits that he lost and Andi gives him the night off. She asks if he wants company, as long as it's not a date, and Sam agrees.

Sock comes home and discovers that Kristen has packed to leave. She's going back to Japan, and explains that Sock helped her discover so much about herself. She thanks Sock for making her a woman and they kiss. As Kristen goes, Sock bows to her.

Sam goes to Billy's grave and leaves his asthma inhaler there. The watchman shines a light on their face: it's Alan. Sam recognizes him and Alan runs off into the night. Sam promises that he'll find him no matter what.