Season 2 Episode 7

The Good Soil

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on The CW

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  • Back on track! Funny, well integrated storylines, Sock was funny again, and Sam's quest to get out of the contract came up again in a big way. even the Andi and Sam scenes were pretty good. OH! and a couple of good twists on the reap of the week.

    It was a bit downhill last week but this episode was tight, funny, and moved several plotlines briskly along. I found all the elements and storylines worked together brilliantly. The soul of the week plot had some interesting morality conflicts and just the right amount of Morgan thrown in. And it had two great twists at the end. And I loved the "Ender". Not too campy for me! Sock was hilarious this week. Also, the Sock and Kristen storyline appeared to wrap up which some will applaud and I do think it is for the best! Looking fwd to next time!
  • Sam and the boys must catch a young man who's only crime was coveting another man's wife. In other words he did nothing, but lusted in his mind. Nina takes Ben flying. Kristin leaves Sock and goes back to Japan. Finally Sam tries to make up with Andi.

    Another clever episode from Reaper's 2nd Season. Once again four major plot driven parts to this story. The escaped soul who is a virgin and did nothing but covet another mans wife. Nina helps Ben with his fear of flying. Sock is making one final play for Kristen. Sam is trying to make up with Andi.

    In reverse order, I think Sam needs to move on now that Andi has made it clear that she is not at all hip about being involved with the Son of the Devil. That is going to be a hard one to overcome. She seems to really just become one of the guys at this point anyways.

    Sock makes a play for Kristin by trying to go through her father. He goes fly fishing with him and doesn't wear any waders! The water is up to there waists. When he lets slip that he has had relations with his daughter his step-father starts whipping him with his fly rod. Very humorous situation. In the end Kristin goes back to Japan not a girl but a woman thanks to Sock and she is very contented.

    Ben being Ben is all excited about his and Nina's two month anniversary on Saturday. She says she'd love to take him flying and he agrees, He doesn't tell her he is afraid to fly though. Through some funny moments Ben finally gets the courage to let Nina take him and finds out its wonderful just like she said bringing them even closer than before.

    Morgan shows up and does exactly what Morgan does, he tries to get Sam to do his dirty work for money and Sock talks Sam into doing it. Then Morgan who is suppose to be helping disappears. The soul they end up chasing is a young gentlemen who turns out to be a virgin. His only crime that sent him to Hell? That he had impure thoughts about another mans wife and then got hit by a truck. The boys decide to let him hook up with someone and he ends up getting together with the woman he always wanted from before. An older woman who is a pharmaceuticals rep.. After everything that happens the boys decide to let him go and through some clever bits he ends up being ok only to have Morgan show up capture him and take him to Hell. Bummer!

    The show ended with a teaser with Sam and Andi at the cemetery where Alan is buried and who comes along as the night watchmen, but the soul who escaped from Hell and got away Alan. Sam gives chase but Alan disappears. A superb episode not quite up to the last few but still very entertaining. It is a shame that this show will be canceled at the end of this season. For it to survive it will end up having to make some major changes. No original creators/producers and no more Tyler Labine any more.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Funny stuff.

    I've missed some episodes (not by choice) and so was a little out of touch when I tuned in to this one. The writers have taken the show in some comically weird directions. Ben is dating a demon. Sock has a hot stepsister, whom he has apparently slept with. Sam's earthly father is a rotting zombie living in a freezer in the boys' garage. And the Devil has presented Sam with a half-brother named Morgan. All of this led to some very funny moments that had me laughing out loud, but what I liked most was the twist the writers put on the escaped-soul-of-the-week bit. This time, the damned soul isn't some murdering monster but a geeky fellow whose sin was lusting after a married woman. He tries to escape when Sam and the boys come for him, but he is an asthmatic who can't climb over the fence that traps him. He gets a reprieve when he tells the boys that he is a virgin and begs for a chance to change his status. Sock, of course, is all for it. Along the way, the geek actually winds up falling in love with the woman--now divorced--who got him condemned to hell in the first place. I love the way the writers make viewers identify so closely with Sam, who is mourning his break-up with Andi wants desperately to find a way to keep the geek out of hell and with his new love. Here's hoping this series can get at least one more season.
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