Season 2 Episode 7

The Good Soil

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on The CW

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  • Funny stuff.

    I've missed some episodes (not by choice) and so was a little out of touch when I tuned in to this one. The writers have taken the show in some comically weird directions. Ben is dating a demon. Sock has a hot stepsister, whom he has apparently slept with. Sam's earthly father is a rotting zombie living in a freezer in the boys' garage. And the Devil has presented Sam with a half-brother named Morgan. All of this led to some very funny moments that had me laughing out loud, but what I liked most was the twist the writers put on the escaped-soul-of-the-week bit. This time, the damned soul isn't some murdering monster but a geeky fellow whose sin was lusting after a married woman. He tries to escape when Sam and the boys come for him, but he is an asthmatic who can't climb over the fence that traps him. He gets a reprieve when he tells the boys that he is a virgin and begs for a chance to change his status. Sock, of course, is all for it. Along the way, the geek actually winds up falling in love with the woman--now divorced--who got him condemned to hell in the first place. I love the way the writers make viewers identify so closely with Sam, who is mourning his break-up with Andi wants desperately to find a way to keep the geek out of hell and with his new love. Here's hoping this series can get at least one more season.
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