Season 2 Episode 8

The Home Stretch

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2009 on The CW

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  • The Devil arranges a show down between Morgan and Sam to find out who will be his right hand man. Ben's Grandmother meets Nina. Sock goes to a funeral to pickup a girl and stays for the money. The gang talks Alan into helping Sam for a little help.

    Unfortunately Sam is in trouble when it comes to the duel with Morgan. Sam's a good guy and in the end will always do the right thing which means he will follow through with his job good or bad. Sam and Morgan get into the battle at the end with the soul because Morgan ruined Sam's vessel otherwise Sam would have captured him and it would have been all over earlier. Basically Morgan did himself in as he has no backbone and or follow through.

    Ben really messes up royally. He didn't trust Nina and he didn't trust his Grandmother to come to some sort of agreement. Nina was doing fine and I think they would have been able to get through the problems if Ben just didn't freak out. As Nina says she is 90% good and that's better than most humans! Sock is back to his old self for sure. He tries to pick up a girl at a funeral and ends up getting $10,000 for his trouble when the teacher he was pretending to mourn was a philanthropist and allows each of her students money to give to charity. Of course Sock's charity is himself. "Self-Sucking Straw?" In the end he and Ben give Sam the money to help him out with Alan.

    Somehow you just knew the Devil was going to get his hands on Alan. Now the question will be will he succeed in tempting him or not. Can Sam intercede again? We'll see. Questions? Will Ben get back together with Nina? Where will Morgan go now that he is destitute? Will Alan escape the Devil's grasp? Will Sock be Sock? What will Andi do when she realizes that Sam is the Devil's right hand man and probably will be forever? Only five episodes left to see what will happen.

    Thanks for reading...
  • painful to watch/perhaps could be said to have jumped the shark

    I've been thinking this episode, with Sam/Morgan being forced into competing for the title of heir to the devil to work at his side, taking humanity along a 'path to destruction', may have jumped the shark. The Ben and Sock subplot with the stawtomatic was unfunny and dumb. The acting from all cast seemed stilted and uninspired. The devil's character and storylines seem to have suddenly lost all subtelty. Nothing in this episode ties together nicely. Nothing is really very funny. It is a jumble of silly stuff moving forward very mechanically and unfunnily. I think that watching people behave badly is okay if the humour is there but if not it can be painful to watch as was this episode.
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