Season 1 Episode 17

The Leak

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2008 on The CW

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  • Nice twist at the end!!

    Who would have thought it! Sam being the devil's son..!! Wow, if that is true, that is quite a twist to the story!! And then I really hope that Cady wasn't the devil's daughter... Eww... :(
    I like that Andi is part of the team now, she does a great job, and just fits right in... I can't believe the guys just send Ben off to jail, and not even try helping him out getting the money for the fine. Poor Ben. 8 days in jail is a very long time for a guy like him. Well, at least the marriage is over, and we don't have to deal with the "wife" any longer... She was just unbearable...
  • Reaper just remains to be one of the most entertaining shows out there.

    The demon in this episode was a little bit annoying and I would like to see a lot less of these type of demons. I don't know, the demon just wasn't interesting, brought nothing to the big story and didn't we just get that narcissist guy a few episodes ago? Isn't this guy somewhat similar?

    As far as Ben's situation is concerned, I'm happy they're bringing in side stories for these guys and they actually got him a pretty good one, but just one comment, how could he be so stupid? I know it's a comedy, but it ain't a sitcom.
  • Sam? The Devils offspring?

    The episode opens with Sam being sent to dinner with The dEvil and the latest soul. Sam captures the soul, but the soul escapes. Sam captures hgim, and the soul escapes yet again. Theres an immigration officer looking into Ben and Saras marriage. He proves the marriage is a lie and sara will be deported to manchester and ben will go to jail for 8 days. ben gives sara his money to bribe the officer, but she goes on the lam. Anyway, Gladys is the leak, not sending the soul to hell. The soul stabs Gladys, but she isn't dead. The devil sends Gladys to hell, sam sends the soul to hell and tony, after looking at the conttract of sams soul and seeing sam managing to convince the devil to bring Gladys back, thinks Sam is the son of the devil
  • Andi finally becomes a proper part of the main group and Ben and Sarah's Green Card marriage comes to an end (not without consequences)

    After last weeks major, major disappointment and Andi once again being used as a victim it's refreshing to see her actually being part of the group now. Her dialogue with Sock was in particular brilliant. Their discussion about dressing up to go out on a night is so right. When she appears at the wedding appropriately dressed and gets in it's a finger up to the lads as well which was so funny.

    Finally Ben becomes an interesting character as well, his marriage now being over he's been threatened with a fine or Jail while Sarah will be deported. Why they went with Sock's idea of a photo album full of naked pictures i'll never know though. He has some of the stupidest ideas ever which make for really funny situations and as pointed out so much Ben is very Naive - who hadn't thought Sarah would make a run for it with the money, leaving Ben to go to prison (for 8 days - less than Paris Hilton). His drunken run and his snoogling up to a seemingly dead Gladys was very funny. His fro works for him as well.

    Okay, onto the soul of the week now and a pleasant surprise - a evil far more grounded in reality. Basically a serial ladies man who likes to sleep around with other's wives/girlfriends usually ending in them killing one another. The polaroid camera vessel is fun though especially with the whole non-privacy thing. I enjoyed this character as I have with the more comic and outspoken souls in the past. He actually tries to be friends with Sam as well which I can truly believe happening. Gladys just being lonely is a nice character development for her as well, although why Tony didn't recognise her I don't know, maybe it was only Steve that played raquetball with her.

    Lastly, developments for next episode seem to be far too obvious (I've been thinking that since Acid Queen) although given previous revelations being easy to figure out then will most likely turn out to be true. Nice to see the contract back and confirmation of what was ripped out by Sam's dad (who is listed in main cast so maybe he has a secret - he hasn't appeared much in the actual season). I await the finale next week.
  • Even the devil realizes torture doesn't work! (note: Spoiler within)

    "I'm starting to feel like torture isn't the way to get what you want. People just tell you what you wanna hear so that you stop pulling out their fingernails."

    Nice to see some satricial commentary on current day issues in the show. Other than that I feel like it's come back from some disappointing previous episodes.

    I like that Andi is part of the team now. They're making more of an effort to mix it up now - not as formulaic as "Get vessel, capture spirit". Having a reapeat escapee and having more of Gladys made for a more interesting show.
    And of course the silly plot twist about the devil being his dad was mildly amusing... .. (better hope his last GF was NOT the devil's daughter then!!).
  • Sam is plagued by a philandering soul that repeatedly escapes from hell; Ben's fake marriage unravels.

    This series has finally begun developing the characters of Sam's best friends, especially Ben. Ben was more comic relief in the beginning, but we see now that he is tender-hearted--and can be talked into almost anything as a result. Like marriage. To someone he barely knows and who couldn't care less about him. The demon-of-the-week thing is fine with me, as long as in these stories the main characters grow and develop, and that's exactly what we see here. Over several episodes, hints have been dropped that there is something special about Sam's relationship to the devil. Now we learn that he may be the son of Satan. Can't wait to see where this is going.
  • funny, funny show!!!

    One of the shows on TV!! You can not help youself for loving this show. You will laugh out loud on ever single episode. I like to think of Sam, Sock, and Ben the new day three musketeers. Just can't for next weeks season fianle. Wonder how it is all going to end and to see if Sam is really the son of the devil. And I am glad that it is being renew for next season. YAY! I hope none of the main characters die on the season finale. I think it might be one of Sam's parents that die. Just have to wait and see.
  • Who is Sam?...really?

    In another well written episode, the plot twists are thick as thieves. Questions are asked and we must tune in next week.

    This episode centered around a demon that kept getting out of hell and Sam was dispatched to retrieve him again and again. "Point and shoot" the vessel (an old camera) and get the philanderer. But wait he gets out again and we find out it's dear old Gladys that's setting him free. All becomes right with this at the end, Sam even convincing Mr. Devil to go easy on Gladys. Meanwhile Ben and his faux wife are headed for trouble as the law finds out it's a marriage for other reasons than love.

    At the end, the big question is asked. Because Sam easily speaks with Mr. he....his son? This show has certainly sheken the doldrums from it's weekly catch a demon theme. Glad to see it was renewed for next season.
  • i think the twist made the second season.

    Ok, reaper was certainly dying for me but luckily a glimpse of light emerged when I saw the episode where Andy found out he was the bounty hunter for the devil. At the back of my mind I was thinking that made it exciting to watch again. reading the past news reaper was going to be a goner but I think the twist of how special Sam is to the devil may just have pulled it through for a second season. It's amazing how it made its come back and very glad it did. this show is one of the best sci-fi supernatural comedy show there is, heck, it might be the only one now. good job reaper! looking forward for your second season.
  • Sam gets trouble 'cause a soul he sent to hell escapes several times and Ben has some serious trouble with the immigration police.

    Really loved this one (again). The latest soul Sam has captured escapes from hell. So Satan assumes that there is a leak in hell. After all he is right and Gladys is the leak. She saved the escaped soul, so she has someone on her side. With Sam's help she gets back to earth ...
    More important was that Andi wanted Tony to check on the contract. His 'man' noticed that someone deleted all the information about who really is Sam's dad. They guess that Satan is Sam's dad ...
    One last word to this episode: Richard Burgi really was awesome. Great role for him.
  • I thought this episode was great!

    I have really gotten into this show. I think the actors are feeling more comfortable with thier roles and the other characters and it is really starting to flow. I'm so glad that they will sticking around for another season. This episode was very funny. I liked the way Gladys was sent back to hell! The only thing I thought was a little corny when Tony showed up in full Demon get up and stayed in it. You could tell mask was fake when he was talking. But I think the scenes with Ray Wise (Satan) coming out the the Work Bench with stuff in his cart is clever.
  • Great ep, loved it, twist at the end some might see for miles, but only the next ep can unlock the secrets. SPOILER ALERT

    The entire ep was amazing. Everyone knew Glad Bags was in on the entire thing, it was kinda obvious.
    Now, for the entire series, everyone knew that Sam's parents had something to hide in the contract, but no one knew what.
    I for one thought it had something to do with why, or when they sold Sam's soul. I thought either they lied about the fact he was born after, or about the fact that the father was sick.

    No, in fact, it seems they lied about who Sam's father actually is.
    This brings to mind 2 things, one they address in the ep.
    1- The Devil talks to Sam, and apparently this is rare.
    2- (The one they bring up) When the Devil killed the army of daemons, Sam was spared.

    So the daemons jump to the conclusion that Sam is the spawn of Satan.
    Now, earlier in the season, Sam dated a woman who he thought to be the Devil's daughter... but, thankfully Satan straightened it out. Unless he lied again......
  • Sam might be the devil's son

    The devil treats sam like a son of his own by doing some nice things and some bad things. The devil wants Sam to be his friend since the devil probably has no friends at all. Now to think after this episode about sam was dating the devil's might be daugther, Cady. That sounds awful. That's like in Star Wars where Luke was thinking about Lela being more than a friend until he finds out that princess lela was his sister. Andi is thinking more about trying to get Sam out of his deal with devil and maybe Spoiler where the devil's contract is different than what it seems to be. All I gotta say is that this episode was great and congrats for the next season.