Season 2 Episode 3

The Sweet Science

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2009 on The CW

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  • Another quality episode...

    Ben worries that Sam and Sock won't accept Nina because she's a demon. Andi discovers that Sock has created a fake employee to double his salary. Reaper just keeps on getting better and better it is fastley becoming one of my favourite shows. This episode was one of my favourites to date. Sock was excellent as usual, it was really funny when he found out the fake employee died on the toilet. Also loved the scene where Sam knocked himself out it was one of the funnet scenes of the show so far. Reaper is too good cant wait to watch more.
  • 10 for the sam/devil/escaped soul plot; 7 for the Workbench plots; and 10 for the Ben/Nina plot. Works out to a nine overall

    The devil running AA meetings was hilarious and serves also to remind that underneath all that charm and great smile and good suits, the Devil is a ruthless SOB who gets off on helping people undermine themselves. And that nicely supported the way he's portrayed in the escaped soul of the week part. He comes across as pretty darned heartless re. the soul - who was a good guy and just made a bad mistake in life and just wanted an opportunity to redeem himself before returning to hell.... Sam as usual does the most moral thing he can when it comes to the soul (even offering to let him go), and in the end, i'd say between the Devil and Sam, Sam won this match. The Workbench plot wiht Andi getting Ted's old job and discovering Sock has created a fictional employee left me pretty cold. it just wasn't funny. But the Ben and Nina/demon plot was excellent. The actress was good at comedy (unlike the gal who plays Andi), and this plotline really keeps you guessing as to whether or not she's to be trusted.
  • The devil wins again....or does he?

    In the battle between Sam and the devil there are few times when Sam actually gets the better of him. This episode was one of those rare times. This weeks soul is a boxer who through a fight in order to collect a great sum of money. Upon escaping he wants nothing more then to win the championship again. Its nice to see a soul that when escaping isn't doing anything evil or tying to kill anyone. I honestly don't think we've seen that on the show before. The soul didn't even try to kill Sam after he tried to capture him, (and failed horribly). Of course the Devil won't have anyone escape from hell regardless of the situation and what they are doing upon getting a second chance. Eventually it lets to a forced showdown between the soul and Sam. The boxer throws the fight and gets sent back to hell. Its nice toss that the devil doesn't own people completely, (despite addicting people to alcohol and sex in his addict prevention seminars).

    As usual Sock always finds someway to make me laugh. Apperently for the past two years, he has been getting an extra pay check by creating a fake employee who works the same shifts as Sock. Andi, who was recently promoted to mangaer after Ted got fired finds out and forces Sock to have the fake person quit. Things are never that easy with Sock and it escalates very quickly between the two of them.

    The other big storyline was between Ben and his newfound demon girlfriend. It's hard to say whether or not she is trying to kill Sam, but at the same time, Ben kind of feels like the out man out of the group these days. I wonder if this will effect future episodes. Overall, another great instalment of Reaper.
  • Sam must reap a professional boxer by boxing him. Ben's dating a Demon and trying to fool the gang about it. Andi replaces Ted as Manager of the Work Bench. Finally Sock is getting two pay checks and Les Nesman taken from WKRP is the alter ego.

    This was a pretty full episode. It had a full four different parts to the story and it was very well balanced. This was very well written and well performed by the whole cast.

    Sam must bring a professional boxers soul back to hell. Unfortunately for him he likes the guy and the feeling is mutual. In the end the soul really gets to do a good deed which is what he wanted partially all along. To do the right thing. Sam's jab at the Devil at the end of the episode was I'm sure a short lived satisfying result for Sam.

    Sock and Andi do a bit of sparring themselves in a very entertaining piece involving two very important story lines. Andi becomes the new Work Bench Manager and in doing so finds out Sock has been getting two pay checks for at least two years. Of course she is one of the gang so she tries to reason with Sock which is impossible. Finally she pulls a brilliant fast one on Sock and he gets her back as well to a point. You have to see the episode to appreciate how the gambit works out.

    Talk about possible conflict, Ben finally has a girlfriend named Nina that really likes him. The trouble is Nina's a Demon. Not only a Demon, but the one that tried to kill Sam at the beginning of the season. He figures to hide it from the gang, but it becomes a little difficult after she almost runs Sam over. Sam and Sock give Ben an ultimatum to break up with her. He does it and the breakup and aftermath are very sad as Ben goes into a funk. Luckily Sam has a kind heart and in the end they get back together. Nina's a fun character and I hope they'll keep the story line light hearted for a while so she can stick around. In a way she brings some balance to the group.

    A great episode for character and story development and enjoyable to watch.

    Thanks for reading...
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