Season 2 Episode 11

To Sprong, With Love

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Andi and Sock are arm wrestling at the bar while the others look on. A man hits on Nina and Ben tells him to leave. Another man, Xavier, comes over and hits on her as well. Ben and Nina both tell him to get lost but Xavier refuses to leave until they get tougher with him. Nina claims she doesn't know what's going on. Sock finally wins for the first time and dances in triumph. Sam goes to buy a song and finds himself teleported to a diamond store where the Devil is trying to sell cubic zirconium. Once the boyfriend goes over to look at them, the Devil suggests to the girlfriend that he might not be ready for commitment. Sam comes over to get his new case and discovers that it's Mr. Sprong, his biology teacher in high school. He notes Sprong was a complete ass and will be happy to send him back to Hell.

Back at the Work Bench, Ted is taking over as interim store manager and cleaning up after Andi, and calls Sock in. He tells Sock that he wants to thank Sock for supporting him, and rewards him by making him the face of the Work Bench. Meanwhile, Sam tells Andi about his new target and Andi wants to help out, but insists it isn't a date.

Nina and Ben are at home enjoying a movie when something bangs into the wall. Nina finally explains that the men at the bar were demons and were hitting on her because she's in heat and giving off pheromones. Ben is less than thrilled and goes out to confront the demon, Xavier. He calls the demon down from the roof, but it ignores Ben. Nina reverts to her demon form and drives the demon off, changes back to her human form, and goes back to watch the movie.

The next morning, Ben tells Sam that he plans to protect Nina. Sock gets up early for the Work Bench photoshoot but Sam and Ben warn that his eyebrows aren't right. Nina asks to talk to Ben in private and explains she'll be in heat for another week so she's going to lock herself away without Ben. Ben refuses to accept that and decides to take on the demon himself. Nina promises to stay with him as long as he doesn't go after the demon and Ben agrees.

At the Work Bench, Ben prepares Sock for the photoshoot. Ted shows up with a costume. Sock will be portraying the new mascot, Mr. Wrenchy Bench, that Ted has created. Sock agrees after getting more money and goes out to entertain the crowds. That night, Sam, Andi, and Sock go back to the high school and Andi remembers their time together in high school and how she wanted Sam to kiss her even then. They go to the lab and find Mr. Sprong, who is less than thrilled to see the guys but admits Andi at least had some potential. Sam hits him with the hammer but nothing happens except they knock him out. They realize that the person in the photo was one of Sprong's students, Jordy Boone, and Sprong is his target. Sam didn't read the paperwork. Sprong wakes up and remembers exactly what happened. He plans to go to the authorities but they stop him and try to explain. Jordy arrives but has the power to teleport in and out. He prepares to kill Sprong and the guys get the teacher out while Sam tries to hit Jordy without success. Sock and Andi get Sprong to his office and Sam comes in to lock the door. Sprong thinks it's some kind of trick so Sock knocks him out and they leave.

At the house, they tie up Sprong and Andi blames Sam for not reading the file. Ben has less than fond memories of Sprong, who wakes up and recognizes Ben. Ben refuses to cave in but Sprong continues to taunt him over a cat-dissecting incident. Sock gags Sprong and gets Ben out. At the Work Bench, Sock and Sam worry that Ben can't handle Sprong-watching duties. Children ask Sock for his autograph and when he sees a photo, he realizes he looks amazing. Sock revels in the adulation of small children. Later as he's out in the parking lot, a lawyer serves him with papers. It turns out that the Bargain Bench has issues a cease & desist due to infringement of copyright. Sock refuses to accept defeat.

At the house, Sam tries to make Mr. Sprong more comfortable without much success. Nina takes over Sprong-watching duties, while Sam explains that they think Jordy will show up at the school dance in a week.

Sock goes to the Bargain Bench and shows the manager the cease & desist notice. The manager refuses to back down and shows Sock their mascot, a hammer. Sock warns that nobody can stop him from being Wrenchy Bench. He puts on the costume and goes back to the Work Bench parking lot. Ben updates Sam on the demon situation and vows to fight Xavier, while the mascots fight it out in the parking lot. Sock gets the upper hand but discovers that Bargain Brandon is an elderly woman. That doesn't stop him as she nails Sock good. Ted calls Sock off and says that Wrenchy Bench isn't about violence, and then orders the woman back to the Bargain Bench.

As Sam unpacks items, he finds a black leather mask. The Devil has left it off, and notes that Sam is protecting himself from arrest. He's happy that Sam is so twisted, while Sam wonders how he can capture Jordy. The Devil suggests that Sam let Jordy get Sprong because the teacher is so vile, but Sam refuses. The Devil warns that Jordy will find him soon.

Ben is training in the back room of the Work Bench without success. Nina finds out what he's doing and doesn't want him get hurt, but Ben would be rather dead than a coward. She admits that he's mortal and she can't handle him dying. Ben demonstrates his prowess by punching through a piece of plywood, but Nina notes that demons can punch through concrete. Ben talks to Sock, who admits it's no good to fight the natural order of things. However, Sock gets an idea and offers to rebuild the Wrenchy Bench costume into a demon-proof suit.

The guys return home to discover that Nina went to eat a moose and Sprong is trying to crawl over the back fence. Sock decides they're going to give up and let him die, but Jordy arrives. They get Sprong back into the house but Jordy is waiting for them. They're still unable to hit him with the vessel. Jordy closes in with a knife and grabs Andi as a hostage. He teleports away with Andi and goes out to the garage, and he tells them to give him Sprong in return for Andi.

The guys take Sprong out to the garage, and Jordy releases Andi. Sprong tells Jordy he's a lunatic and a nothing. He gets close enough for Sprong to hit him with the vessel, since they loosened his ropes and gave it to him. They wonder if he believes them. Instead Sprong hits Sock and Sam with the vessel and makes his escape.

At the Work Bench, the team worries about what will happen. They can't see any way out of kidnapping charges, but Sam offers to turn himself in and take all the blame. Two policemen arrive but it turns out that they think Sprong is nuts and they're there to make sure he didn't hurt anyone. Once they leave, the gang celebrates.

Ben returns home to show Nina his new battle outfit. She admits she's still afraid but knows how important it is to him. Nina offers to lure Xavier there and notes she's done it thousands of times. Ben isn't thrilled to hear that and Nina gives him a hug. They go outside and Nina draws Xavier there. Ben goes to fight him while Sock arrives and watches. However, Xavier starts to try mating with Ben and Nina realizes that she transferred her pheromones over when she hugged Ben. They go out to hose Ben down.

At the bar, the guys buy Ben a drink. Andi wonders if they're losers like Sprong said. Sock doesn't believe it and boasts of how he was a Work Bench mascot adored by children, Ben is dating a hot demon, Andi was a manager of a major retail outlet and got fired but is happy, and Sam is Heir to the Throne of the Underworld. He insists that they're all winners and they drink a toast.