Season 2 Episode 11

To Sprong, With Love

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • Great Show and Going Strong!

    I love Reaper. Its mix of drama, action, romance, a bit of sci-fi, and comedy is the perfect blend for a good show. In this episode Sam is employed yet again to capture an escaped soul. But in the process, they attack the victim(Mr. Sprong).
    The vessel in this episodes name is Jordy, an old student of Sprong's. He is hinted to have invisibility, but it also seems to be a form of short-range teleportation. The vessels to capture him is a wooden mallet.
    The most funniest moment was when the old lady in the hammer suit was attacking Wrenchy Bench(Sock in costume).
    This episode is a must watch.
  • This episode kind of coasts along but continues to entertain well in the process

    To Sprong, With LoveThis episode entertains but coasts a bit ...Continue »

    This was kind of a filler episode. Nina getting hit on by all the sleazy male demons because she is in heat was so-so funny. Ben trying to defend her honour was less funny though. By the time he had his suit of armour on, I'd tuned out of that story line. Like Andi, the Ben character is a bit of a weak link - which is in stark contrast to Nina as that actress is great at comedy. The twisted toxic high school teacher Mr. Sprong premis was pretty funny - who hasn't had a teacher like that at some point in their lives? Still the whole thing puts them on a slippery moral slope - kidnapping, the eagerness with which Sam was originally willing to dispatch Sprong back to hell when thinking he was a soul, hitting a non-soul with a mallet and drawing blood - and, ultimately setting the guy up for a nervous breakdown. Lots of grey area there!!

    Entertaining though, and, sigh, I'll remember this show fondly when it's gone, which soon it surely will be. My Favourite scene:
    -The Devil selling engagement rings - priceless!
  • Sam is tasked with capturing his former Biology teacher from high school Mr. Sprong. Nina goes into heat and Ben is fending off horny male Demons hot for his girlfriend. Sock is the new Work Bench mascot and Ted is now the interim manager.

    Sam thought he was tasked with capturing Mr. Sprong but actually it is another student who wants to kill Mr. Sprong. Sam just assumed and never read the file. Of course the Devil didn't try to correct him.

    Demons are hitting on Nina as if Ben isn't even there. I guess this goes on once a year and as she puts it she has been going through this for centuries. Sock gets talked into dressing like a wrench and being the Work Bench's mascot. The highlight of this foray is the battle between the little old women in the Bargain Bench Hammer costume and Sock in the Wrench costume. Eventually a cease and desist order is put against the Work Bench and their new mascot because it is too similar to the Bargain Bench's.

    Sam and the gang kidnap Mr. Sprong and tie him up at their house when it becomes apparent he is not the target. Everyone takes turns guarding him. Finally the escaped soul comes after him and grabs Andy, but Sam has given the vessel to Mr. Sprong and he captures the soul when he tries to kill him. Mr. Sprong then escapes and when he tries to alert the police they think he has flipped out and check on the gang to make sure they are alright.

    Ben dresses in an armor costume designed by Sock to battle the demon that is chasing Nina. Nina is so proud of Ben she hugs him. Everything is going fine as Ben is holding his own against the demon in the fight when the demon tries to mate with him because some of Nina's pheromones had rubbed off on Ben when she hugged him. He manages to survive although his dignity has been a little tarnished.

    Mr. Sprong had said they were all losers like he predicted but in a final scene they realize that each of them has accomplished something important and raise their glasses of brew to each other.

    Generally the episodes this year have been pretty good. I personally think this was the worst of the season. They all have been well written but this episode seemed as if a lot of them were going through the motions. Hopefully next weeks season and show finale will be give the show a great send off. I think this may be the only show that is being canceled on any network this year that is hitting and beating its network Nielsen expectation levels. So what is the CW doing, canceling it because it doesn't work in their demo audience group and canceling another night(Sunday) of television because they can't produce enough good shows. I would have watched Reaper on Sunday night! Thanks for reading...