Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on The CW

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  • Another good episode of Reaper...

    Sam is sent on a road trip to catch a soul, and he takes the gang along. When he gets to the town, however, he finds that a tentacled beast has taken over. This was a good episode of Reaper, The gang going on a holiday was fun to see. The episode was one of the funniest of the season. Loved the Shawshank mention. The show is having a great season in my opinoin, its been really funny and different to the last season but still has the Reaper charm. I am going to give this episode a 9.0 out of 10.0.
  • sam being the devil's son: 9.5 Soul of the week: 7.5 sam and andi: 6.5 sock's antics and lust for Kristin: 2 Ben and Nina: 8

    Here's the breakdown of my rating. I weight the Sam as son of devil arc double since I see it as the most important. sam being the devil's son: 9.5 (*double wghted)
    Soul of the week: 7.5
    sam and andi: 6.5
    sock's antics and lust for Kristin: 2
    Ben and Nina: 8

    Combined weighted score: 7.2 (-->7.5)

    I normally find Sock hilarious but I found his lines too distasteful this week - they weren't funny somehow. The Sam and Andi breakup was well written, but the Andi actress is kind of weak, so it didn't really have the impact that it could have. However, on the whole, where they are going with this what does it really mean for Sam's identity being son of devil, and the whole trying to open the wine with his mind - that was pretty good. So, for that reason, I bump it up to 7.5. :-)
  • Sam, Andi, Sock, Susie, and Ben take a weekend trip to a small town that Sam has to pick up a soul from. Sock and Susie share a room. While Nina is concerned about Ben's clingy nature so she stays home. Andi finally gives up on Sam for bring evil.

    This week we see some development of the Sock/Susie saga, the Ben/Nina fling, and finally what seems to be the demise of the Sam/Andi relationship.

    I was surprised by the Sock/Susie plot, but with the reappearance of his Mom and her Dad this creates new and interesting problems like, where will Sam and Ben live? How about Sam's dad in the garage? How long before Sock and Susie screw up in front of their parents? Lots of fun coming up here...

    Ben is a clingy mess. Calling Nina every five minutes. Even if she wasn't a Demon that just wouldn't work out. Luckily Andi talks some sense into our boy and absence must make a Demon's heart grow fonder because she came to find out what was going on when Ben stopped calling.

    You know what they say, being a bad boy attracts the ladies. At least Nina thought that about Sam, but Andi finally gave up on their relationship. At this point I really don't think that is a bad thing. It seems to be a natural direction for the plot to take so I wasn't upset personally with this in the end. It does look like next week love is back in the air though based on the coming attraction.

    The town, the soul, and the sheriff all seemed secondary to the plots I covered above, but it was a different and somewhat interesting dilemma for the boys to be in. Did anyone else notice that Ben actually trapped the soul this time?

    Reaper keeps rolling out good episodes this second season. I understand Tyler Labine has already jumped ship to another pilot for FOX (Sons of Tucson) and the creators/producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have already left and signed with 20th Century Fox for two years at seven figures (article at tvbythe

    Reapers numbers seem to hanging in there though and maybe we haven't seen the last season of this great show. Remember, it was suppose to die last year. Stranger things have happened.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Another great Reaper but the question is how many more will we get?

    Seems like a lot of my favorite shows this season may not be coming back next year. While its great for the producers of Reaper to get a new and better deal (they do deserve it) I really hope that some how Reaper will be back next season. If the ratings are still higher then 90210 and the episodes remain as great as this one, there may be a chance.

    It was a nice change of pace to take the Reapers away from their tradional Work Bench. The ghost town theme worked very well. This weeks soul was a monster that lived in a mine shaft. The story even had a few nice twists and turns in it, what with the towns people all being tentacles to the monster (well, actually it was painfully obvious). The sherrif dating the tentacle was a little creppy and different but it worked well enough for him to want to protect it from Sam. Nina coming to Sam's rescue was a good surprise ending. Also what was great was Nina noticing that Sam might not be as good as he would like to think. The return of devil powers is interesting, but I would like it if it was more important to the story.

    I complained last week about Sock and his creepy relationship with his step sister that seemed to be going nowhere. It was nice to see that not only did she pick up on it (after Sock pushed the cot out of a hotel window), but she actually went along with it. Sock's moments seemed espeacilly on tonight. Some of my favorite moments included the opening and his bold decleration to the world that he pushed the cot out the window only to be arrested minutes later. Its also nice to know that Andi doesn't fully believe that Sam is completely good. I felt that last week the two of them made up a little too easily, and considering Andi isn't really involved in the soul catching its nice to see that she's actually still involved in the story. Unfortunately it ends with Andi ans Sam's relationship ending once again. It kind of seems like that happends just a little too often, and if it wasn't for the next episode preview, I would seriously have thought it was truely over. I'm not really big on the on again off again relationships in any series.

    Overall, this was a much improved Reaper over the last two weeks. My biggest complaints come from the continued akwardness between Sock and his sister, the twentieth time Sam and Andi have broken up, and the fact that this episode surprisingly had a lack of the Devil in it. I realize that he can't be a key part of every episode but it kind of felt weird without him. Still good episode and lets hope that we continue to get more.
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