Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

After being kicked out by his mom, Sock sleeps at the Work Bench but it's rough going. He finally calls Sam, who is trying to cope with a heavily snoring Cady. Waking up, she apologizes and they go bowling with Sock and Ben and Cady is good… too good.

At the Work Bench, Ted is trying to come down hard on shoplifters, unaware that Sock is living there. Sock takes Sam and Ben to his new apartment and breaks the news that he plans to have them move in with him and split the rent. Sam goes to his parents who reluctantly agree to let him move out. As Sam is packing, the Devil shows up and teleports him to a playground and gives him a file on Herbert Scrim, a hermit who lived in the woods and hunted anyone he came upon. Now he's using the city park as his hunting grounds. However, the Devil doesn't give Sam any more info, figuring he considers him mature enough.

Josie hauls Andi along to deliver a housewarming gift and to find out what's going on. It turns out Sam hasn't told Cady that he's moving yet. Later, Josie realizes that Andi hasn't told Sam about Cady's little psycho visit, but Andi doesn't want to come across as jealous. Andi insists she doesn't have feelings for Sam but Josie tells her to speak up if she does.

Later at the apartment, the guys catch a news broadcast on Scrim and open their first heartwarming gift: a box with the vessel: a Magic Bullet kitchen appliance. They discover that the blade flies on its own.

The next day, Sam is cleaning up at the Work Bench when Cady comes in. She's discovered that he's moved out and wonders why he didn't tell her. Ted has put up security cameras and Cady offers to kiss him to give Ted something to look at. As they kiss, the glass door behind them cracks and finally shatters, much to Sam's consternation. He passes on having a dinner with her that night and gets back to the apartment, where the guys don't believe anything is wrong. Sock finishes up hooking up their new game system but the power goes out. They check with the next door neighbors, Steve and Tony, who are life partners. They get the power back on and invite them over the next night for dinner. The guys are impressed with their new neighbors and head out to catch Scrim.

The guys wander around the nearby woods and Ben climbs a tree to get a better vantage point. He falls out of the tree and directly onto a corpse. The guys recoup at the Work Bench where Sam suggests they go jogging to lure Scrim out. Sam refuses to take Cady's calls, nervous of what might happen. They hear a scream and find a woman dead, her neck broken. Sock is caught in a trap but he insists the guys watch for Scrim. It turns out that Scrim is all but invisible and attacks them. Sock uses the vessel but can't get it to work, but they're saved when dogs come running along. They get Sam free just as the dogs' owner arrives.

The guys head back to the Work Bench to get paintball guns to make Scrim invisible, but Ted calls Sam off to help install the security cameras. The Devil teleports Sam to an elementary room and gives him a hard time, then offers him a pair of glasses who let him see evil. However, the Devil wants to hear Sam admit he needs the Devil, and Sam gives back the glasses.

Cady comes to the Work Bench to talk to Andi who wants to know why Sam has been acting weird and distant. She thinks Sam and Andi are still involved but when Andi denies it, Cady admits she's worried and acts jealous

The guys meet for dinner with Steve and Tony and things go well as they talk about their charity work, although Sam wonders why they have power tools. They also point out all the cameras they have, and mention threats that can't be seen, raising Sam's suspicions.

The guys suit up for paintball at the Work Bench and head to the forest. Ted comes in and notices that his new security cameras are missing. The guys arrive only to discover a charity run is going through the soul's hunting ground. Sock vows to hold them off while Sam and Ben go hunting. While Sock gets the joggers to hug the trees, Sam and Ben open fire only to realize that Sock has the vessel. The paintballed Scrim attacks Sam while Sock arrives and gets the vessel to Sam. He draws Scrim in and captures the soul.

Back at the store, Ted tries to get answers while Andi admits that Cady came to see her and tries to warn Sam that his girlfriend is acting weird. Sam returns home to find the Devil waiting for him. The Devil claims to be concerned and Sam asks for a straight answer: is Cady his daughter? The Devil says no and say Sam shouldn't let anything come between them if he really cares for her. The Devil gives him the evil-seeing glasses, saying Sam might need them.

Sam goes to meet Cady but checks her with the glasses first, but doesn't see anything evil. She asks to take some time off to see her mom, since Sam won't hang out with her or return her calls.

Back at the apartment, Sock and Ben are playing games and admiring Steve and Tony when Sam arrives. He goes over to get his laundered shirts from them and finds them using the power tools to sand down their horns. Sam slips out and tells Sock and Ben what he's discovered. They don't take the news well.
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