Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • Reaper, stepping it up a notch?

    The Guys: The guys make a big move, literally. They get their own place and have neighbors to their liking. Like Sam said, "We replaced our parents with two gay guys?" That's basically because these two gay guys take care of them so much, food, laundry, you name it!

    Sam's Relationships: He's on the quest to figure out if his girlfriend is really the devil's daughter and he's starting to have his own suspicions and Andi is having her own suspicions, but is afraid of coming off as jealous, so she hesitates to tell same.

    The Escaped Soul: We're starting to see some differences once again on how Sam takes care of them. We're seeing the devil assist him less and less and could it actually be? Sam is becoming more independent?
  • Sam moves in with Sock and Ben, and tries to figure out if Cady really is the devil's daughter.

    This was a really good epi. Finally Sam moved out of his parents home, it is going to be a lot more interesting now that the three guys are living together. The parents didn't really play a big role anyway... Sock just keeps cracking me up! I loved the jog in the forrest, he just keeps on delivering these one-liners that makes me laugh... :)
    I really like the way the story is coming along. But there are still some unanswered questions that needs to be answered. Like what was that page about that Sam's dad tore out of the contract and burned? And why doesn't Sam want to know about the contract anymore? He was so eager to get it, and now it just seems he has forgotten about it... And is Cady really the devil's daughter? Even though she didn't seem evil when Sam looked through the glasses, she still has some weird effects on things... hmm... I hope we will get some answers to these questions... :)
  • The trio's now sharing a flat!

    Real good episode, enjoyed it a lot especially after no Reaper for a while! The chat between Sock and Sam about the need of a Batcave is already legend! I personnally loved to see Ken "Vinnie" Marino as one of the gay neighbours, he was too good in Veronica Mars and that's great to see him again, in another good show!
    Cady is still very scary...
    Memorable quotes as always, and a new plot coming with the neighbours!
    Really liked that one, I'm waiting to see how the collocation will influence the story, appart from the new neighbours of course...but loving it already (more Sock is always a good thing!)
  • Superb, simply superb!

    The stakes have now risen for this show. With so much going on, the writers/directors just handle it so easily, distributing focus on each of the main and supporting character with refreshing equality.

    The main plot here is again taken the to the next level with an invisible predator like demon. The solution to seek and trap the target is truly the best example so far. Absolutely loved it! I liked how they the Katie, Andi and Sam triangle took a little bit of a backburner in this episode and how it has been setup for a real blow-out in forthcoming shows. This will be very interesting to see how Sam handles a possibly exploding devils spawn (very cute too!)

    The first subplot is that the guys move into their own apartment causing them more issue. Indeed, how much so when they discover who is living next to them!
  • The show starts to hint at there being more to the Reaper Universe than at first meets the eye.

    The last couple of episodes in terms of quality have got better and better, where as I didn't enjoy this as much as last episode they are pretty close in quality. The reason for this is an increased focus on the world of Reaper and it's characters and less importance on the escaped soul of the week. It took it's time but it has finally found its feet.

    Once again the escaped soul adds to the texture of what's going on in this episode, he's very rarely seen (i.e. Invisible). Also, Sam can't shake the feeling that Cady IS the devil's daughter and avoids contact with her, it's all about perception as is the introduction of the two new gay characters, Steve and Tony. As soon as you see the power sanders you know something is odd about them, the reality isn't shocking but it definitely is funny. It also hints at something more to the Reaper universe, it would be a disappointment if they were simply there to keep an eye on Sam for the Devil.

    Also the glasses that let you see someone's true self is an interesting prospect for the future as Cady is just Cady when seen through the glasses, and is not Devil like at all. Could she just be a telekinetic type psycho that the Devil took an interest in and not just simply his daughter. We could be looking at a scaled down world similar to wat we see in Angel. Of course this might not be the case and the glasses could be a McGuffin, but still.

    Lastly, I like the new dynamic of the 3 main guys living together, Sam's parents were almost a dead end when it came down to it (although does his dad still have the contract?) and so its a good change.
  • The guys get a place of their own

    Sock got kicked out of his moms house and now lives inside the Work Bench! So he covinces Sam and Ben to move into a totally stellar apartment with him. Their neighbours are a couple called Steven and (i think its Terry) (Yes, they're together, now leave it) Anyway, the escaped soul is invisible and kills anyone who he sees and sam, sock and ben get him. Herbert. lol! anyway, Sam gets these glasses to see the true demon in anyone and uses them to find out that Cady is not the devils daughter. She leaves the show and Sam finds out the couple thats living next door to him are demons!
  • Sight unseen.

    The boys move out on their own and hijinks ensue. Well, sort of. SOck gets the boys to share an apartment and we see who their neighbors are. Demons themselves. They are surrounded by demons now.

    The usual chase of a demon is pretty neat but it's the character development that I think is most important. We see how Sam is torn by Andi and Cady. I have no doubt Cady is the devil's daughter but she won't get the best of Andi, Sam WILL see to that. But this love triangle will come to a head

    We also see that the devil does have something of a heart. Near the end of this spisode the Devil gave Sam the glasses that supposedly allows him to see who the demons are. He said he may need them. I think Sam will eventually use them to see Cady for who she is.

    Another fine episode, enough intrigue and guessing on our behalf to keep us coming back. And of course, Sock is a very funny character.
  • Sock convinces the guys to move in with him, where they meet new neighbors who are not who they appear to be, which is a problem for Sam's job. An invisible soul is killing people in the woods. Things between Kady and Sam are growing rocky.

    So Kady's behavior is starting to make Sam revisit the whole she is the spawn of satan idea that Sock put out there awhile back. She snores like the a wild animal, and she has a short short temper, whether or not that makes her the demon's spawn or not, she may just be a crazy chick.

    Sock's new place is great, and while it maybe a former meth-lab, it is really nice for the money they are paying and comes with two gay neighbors who are escaped souls and future targets for Sam. In return they are both really nice to Sam, Sock, and Ben so that they do not have to go back to hell. I really like this idea, I just hope that they didn't go to hell cause they were gay cause that would really take away from the humor of the show. It also brings up the theme of last week's episode, Sam having sympathy for the devil's targets and what the devil does to Sam in return. Maybe we are gearing up for a big showdown?

    I think we are however gearing up for a Kady/Sam/Andy erupton, my guess with Kady out of the picture something will happen between Sam and Andy.

    Overall an enjoyable episode, made great by Sock's reactions to the vessel and the new neighbors.