Season 1 Episode 5

What About Blob

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on The CW

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  • The gang has to collect a slimey soul, with the aid of a vessel in the form of a christmas-shirt...

    I still like this show a lot, and will continue to watch it, but I must say, that it seems to me like it's getting to be really obvious what is going to happen in these episodes. It is just the same that happens: Sam still wants to get out of the deal with the devil, his parents are still acting weird, Sam still has problems with Andi, and so on... It's still hilarious, but I wish something new would happen. I hope that is what the final scene meant, where Sam's dad rips a page out of the contract, only to burn it. What big secret doesn't he want Sam to know? I really hope this is going to be a developing storyline...
  • the gang VS mr snot

    sam is locking up the work bench, about to go to the bar with andi and the crew when a demon comes with sams contract and sam has to sign papers for 3 hours. sam and the gang then find out the blob thing is at some place and they get arrested because of sock. the blob thing has a big battle with sam and crew in the sewers as sock puts on the sweater (the vessel) and absorbs the blob, but gets stuck hugging sam. also, the devil tells sam andis new (boy) friend is dating 2 slutty twins, but their his sisters. ooh!
  • Big green slimy people? Seriously?

    So far I've enjoyed watching Reaper, it's silly, lightweight and full of cliches! But this episode takes it all a step too far.

    I'm sick of Sam trying to get out of the Devil's contract, every episode it is the same! Seriously dude, accept it!

    The villian in this episode seemed like a cross between an old Scooby Doo fairground ghoul and a 1970s Doctor Who creature: big green slimy people! Honestly, which dim witted person thought of this?!!? Yes, I know it was meant to be a parody but it didn't come across as one, you wanted to laugh at it not with it.

    This episode is definetly below average and if it weren't for the intriguing final scene I'd proabably give up on this show.
  • Sock: All right, let's talk consistency here. We're talking about a dude made from slime. What is it, snot-like? Spit? Household slime? What?

    Sam is delivered a copy of the contract his parents signed, but it is thousands of pages long - and in Latin - so his dad offers to help translate it. Meanwhile, Sam finds he can't stop slipping and falling when he walks and realizes it is connected to the latest demon. With Josie's help, the trio discover the escaped soul is the former head of a chemical company that dumped toxic waste. Well Reaper is just a great show to watch, relax and enjoy and the last couple of episodes have been great, it is great to watch, I like this show and it is building up to be one of my favourites.
  • Sam must deal with a toxic revenger when the escaped soul of a chemical company's CEO starts taking human lives. Meanwhile, the Devil delivers Sam's contract as promised... but it's a few hundred pages longer then Sam expected.

    An awesome episode, like always! And an exciting one at that!!

    Sock: All right, listen to me. I'm not advocating violence here, but if you need to, uh..take care of Greg, I know some people.
    Sam: Yeah? I know the Devil. I think that trumps your people. That kills me every time!

    I love the sweater! Poor Ben. Attacked by a giant slime ball and freed by used Kitty Litter.

    What the Hell does Sam's dad thinking?! Ripping out pieces of his son's contract! Things are not going to be pretty when the Devil finds out...

    Boy, can Andi fool Ted. The hit your car thing...priceless.
  • Love the sweater.

    First of all, what is Sam's dad up to? He is the one who made the deal, and what is so important to hide from Sam when he was the one who ruined his life? I just loved the sweater, and especially when it got hard as a rock with the soul in it, and seeing Sam and Sock stuck together. I've said this before, but I'm getting sick of Andi not knowing the truth, I know Sam can't say anything, but the others can. Either go for it or not and leave her alone. I like her character, I just think it would be a better show if she knew.
  • So I freaked out by the visual effects! I felt in love with the acting and I enjoyed the storyline... A great new episode.

    A really great new episode in season 1. The storyline was really new and the off-screen job great.

    The thing that I liked better was the whole visual effect theme that was shown, first the car accident, the explosion and the "passing over" the green thingy. Besides a good camera job made it look better! In fact the visual effect following that escene (the green thingy going undergroung) and the whole episode had fantastic visual effects. I did not think that Reaper would have so much quality in the theme. About the acting I am really founding Sam a awesome character and the actor makes a awesome job in every episode! It will become one on my fave acting jobs! xd As I have said several times I don't expect a young new acting to be good, but he is really making a original and very real job! In the other hand the girl (Andy) is really poor in her acting, she could make some changes... About the rest of the cast... let's say that the characters are not that deep to talk about them.

    The storyline was so great! Xd I saw the vesel and I was freaking out of how that would contain the soul. Anyway I founs some pieces of the story that made no sense! xd Maybe I did not listen well... but... What about the power? I really found it original and they made a fantastic job becayuse seeing him not walking was great and a consecuence of a original off-screen job... anyway what did that power? I don't remember he using it or anything... I was dissapointed about the end aswell, the vanquish was really poor. And to end the review! What was that soul? It looked like a child show monster... I get that this show is a comedy but I am not used to see that kind of soul/monsters. So the episode was great! A goog one here with new storyline (the contrac and the father) and some secrets (the demon freaking out by the questions)
  • An excellent follow-up to last week's solid episode.

    An excellent follow-up to last week's solid episode. It's almost as if the writers were thinking the exact same thing as me. The escaped soul of this episode is able to turn himself into a green slime form and is going around killing people making it look like accidents. The vessel, a hideous knit Christmas sweater.

    However, this time, the escaped soul isn't the primary focus of the episode. Following up on last week, a copy of Sam's contract is delivered to him by way of hell's postal service. This curiously seems to upset and enrage his Dad and makes Sam promise to set up a meeting between him and the Devil. The Devil's reaction to this request adds even more intrigue as there's clearly a lot more to the story of why or how the deal was made.

    We also see Sam and Andi's relationship really start to crumble. When Sam misses out on karaoke night with the gang because he was stuck signing release forms for the contract for hours, Andi ends up meeting a guy at the bar. Finally having enough of Sam's pathetic lies, why he can't come up with something better or even call instead to give an excuse is a bit troubling, Sam says he'll tell her everything. Of course, just like everything in Sam's life, this doesn't go as planned and he ends up missing his meeting with Andi due to pursuing the escaped soul. This leads to an awkward but hilarious scene with Andi's mom. I wonder if Andi's mom actually knows about his situation as she does appear to know his parents and there's just an odd sense of pity from her. When the Devil comes to visit Sam later, he shows a true dark side that's been lacking overall since the first episode. The Devil strongly warns Sam to think twice before letting Andi in on his secret and also makes a potential threat on the well being of Sock and Ben if he's not careful. Sadly this probably just took a page from Smallville and Sam's relationship with Andi will continue to dangle by a thread as he won't risk telling her his secret. I can only hope this doesn't last too long but it was a relief to see this serious plot development instead of filling the time with superfluous jokes.

    The best moments of this episode was Sam and Andi watching Ted franticly checking his car for damage for 10 minutes after Andi left an anonymous note on the windshield apologizing for hitting his car. Even better, she left the phone number for the Work Bench's regional manager which Ted ends up calling. The other great moment was Sock attacking Robert Hartford with the sweater while security tackle them. I'm thrilled to see the show hasn't forgot it's a dramody and refocused on the serious side of it while keeping the crazy hijinks of the demon pursuit. It's also developing it's continuity nicely getting you invested in the characters. I think Reaper is currently my favorite show this season.

    What I learned from this episode:
    - If you're gonna bail on a night out with the girl of your dreams because you got stuck being the Devil's lackey, you need think of decent excuses
    - Messing with your incompetent boss can provide endless amusement
  • Yeah! Bring on the slime demon!

    The most interesting escapee from hell, the slime demon, finally makes an appearance. The effects might be mediocre and could have possibly come out of a campy B-horror movie, but the guy does have some style.

    I loved the opening sequence. The delivery demon reminded me of someone from 'Dead Like Me.' I also love the part when Sam asks Sock for help because he kept on slipping. So then, Sock had to walk him back to the Work Bench, hand-in-hand. That part was so hilarious! It somehow makes it okay that Sock is just the funny best friend, nothing more. Ben too has some funny lines. Anybody notice that he always gets attacked? He's like the official damsel in distress of the show.

    In the end, Sam gets the demon, with some help from Ben and Sock. The Devil also warns Sam that Andi shouldn't know about his Reaper business so she can stay safe. Now Sam is going to be denying her of any information, just like what Clark did to Lana for the past four seasons of 'Smallville'. Anyway, this was overall a very funny episode. By the way, did anybody notice that the show lacks conflict. Yes, there is the whole "the Devil owns my soul" thing, but it doesn't seem that bad. In every episode, Sam manages to capture the soul and deliver them to Gladys. It just feels like the problem is over after each episode ends. Oh, and there's also the "Sam likes Andi" conflict, but that's been used many times before. It would be nice if they added something original to the mix.
  • Sam and the gang have to catch another escaped soul, this time in the form of a giant slime monster. Meanwhile, the Devil and Sam's dad seem to have had some more involvement in the past; some interesting conflicts are going on in the background.

    I agree with the others, this episode was the best one so far (save for maybe the pilot, I absolutely adored it).

    I was somewhat fearful of the storyline aspect of the show. I thought it was vastly entertaining, had great writing, good special effects, and a superb cast...but I just didn't know how long the "escaped soul" formula would last. Finally, the writers decided to toss a little depth into the mix.

    In this episode, we learn that the Devil and Sam's dad seem to have had some sort of previous confrontation. The show is very vague on the details of this confrontation, but I'm sure that's purposeful to get more people to watch. This is showcased when the Devil flies off the hook as soon as Sam tells him that his dad wanted to arrange a meeting. The level of venom that the Devil spat back at Sam seems to suggest that there is definitely something more going on. As does the cryptic line, "I already have everything I need from him." (or something to that effect)

    Also, near the end, we see Sam's dad (after having supposedly borrowed the contract that Sam finally gets on the basis that he is going to try to find some sort of loophole) rip out a piece of the contract and throw it in the fire. What was on that piece of paper? And, more importantly, why does Sam's dad not want him to read it?

    All these elements added into the basic "catch the bad guy of the week" formula serve to add more depth and build Reaper a core fanbase. The casual watcher will still be entertained, as there are plenty of wisecracks from Sock and souls to send back to hell, but for those who are wanting something more, you just may have it.

    Reaper is shaping up to be something great.
  • Imporvements

    Well, something is finally happening to this show and the improvement is note-worthy! The only thing that wasn't as good as the previous episode was the demon they had to catch, but it was surely more hilarious that the past episodes, and I really enjoyed it more. The story is really progressing after four episodes of slow-paced moving of the big picture story, but this episode took a leap and it worked to the shows advantage. Now I am left curious and satisfied with this show. Great work!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of the Devil): Sometimes we have to keep secrets to protect the ones we love.
  • Finally. Reaper moves away from the simple, linear storyline and throws in a bit of depth. Easily the best episode so far, and hopefully the series will continue to perform at this level, rather than simple "above average" as it has done pr

    What can I say? I'm impressed. It's as if the producers read my review of the show after the first 4 episodes, and did something about it! (I am aware that is most likely not the case, but I am glad that it has improved).

    For those who like the linear, simple plot... fear not! It's still the basic escaped soul, vessel, learn how to use, capture, whilst losing Andi's trust further with wisecracks from Sock. However, they've added a little depth and put some of the lesser characters to better use. Well, Sam's dad anyway.

    Continuing the storyline from the previous episode, Sam is delivered his contract which happens to be a good deal longer than he had previously thought. Shortly after this, an escaped soul needs catching. I'm glad they didn't drag out the opening of the box for the vessel this time, it was getting tedious. I was genuinely amused at the knitted Christmas sweater too. Using less obvious, inventive vessels with obscure solutions is definitely better than going for something too obvious like the Dirt Devil used in the pilot.

    I won't bother going into the details of what happens with the soul, you all know it by now anyway. What sets this episode apart from the rest is the side plot. There's something more between Sam's dad and the Devil that we are yet to find out, although Sam's dad has nothing more that the Devil wants. Sam gives the contract to his dad to see if he can find a way for Sam to get out of his bind, but we find out he really only wanted to get rid of some of the contract. What doesn't he want Sam to know was in the contract? More importantly, WHY doesn't he want Sam to see it?

    Also during this episode, we see the Devil isn't quite as nice as he's appeared (for the Devil of course). We see he's unforgiving and quick to temper, and threatens Sam with Andi's safety should he tell her about their arrangement. He also mentions that things aren't likely to turn out well for Sock, Ben, or his parents as a result of them knowing about him.

    I hope they continue to develop this storyline, and perhaps throw something new into the mix regarding the souls too. A great improvement on the previous episodes though!
  • We find out that the Devil isn't such a nice guy after all.

    This was another funny episode of Reaper. The use of a horrid sweater as the vessle was hilarious. Sam's attempts to have a relationship with Andi continue, only this time, the Devil took a much more active role in throwing up road blocks to stop it. He claims this is all for Sam's good, but can we believe him? After all, he is the Devil!

    Sam also finally gets the contract that he's been asking to see; unfortunately, he never gets a chance to read it. And we find out that maybe Sam's dad isn't as nice as we thought either, as there's something in that contract that he doesn't want Sam to see, and he's made sure that Sam will never see whatever that is.

    And a question that I was wondering about was also answered: what happens to those humans who come onto the Devil's radar? Well, we found out that they generally don't come to a good end, which means that Sam's friends can look forward to a firey future. The question is this: is Andi on his radar? He says she's not ~yet~... but let's face it, he ~is~ aware of her.