Season 1 Episode 5

What About Blob

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on The CW

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  • Sock: All right, let's talk consistency here. We're talking about a dude made from slime. What is it, snot-like? Spit? Household slime? What?

    Sam is delivered a copy of the contract his parents signed, but it is thousands of pages long - and in Latin - so his dad offers to help translate it. Meanwhile, Sam finds he can't stop slipping and falling when he walks and realizes it is connected to the latest demon. With Josie's help, the trio discover the escaped soul is the former head of a chemical company that dumped toxic waste. Well Reaper is just a great show to watch, relax and enjoy and the last couple of episodes have been great, it is great to watch, I like this show and it is building up to be one of my favourites.