Season 1 Episode 12

A Mid-Semester's Night Dream

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 2002 on The CW
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She announces at breakfast that she has a new position as a substitute teacher at the high school. Cheyenne is mortified that her mother's going to be around, but Reba assures her that she put Brock through dental school by teaching and she's always intended to go back to it. Cheyenne won't even know she's there. Reba's first day was full of pranks and mishaps and she absolutely loved it. When she arrives home Brock is waiting. Kyra called him to say that they're turning into latchkey kids and he's concerned that Reba's not home. She assures him that it'll all work out fine.

Van and Cheyenne's friends Marisa and Eric are deeply in love. They're hanging out a Reba's house and announce that they've decided to get married. After a little questioning by Reba, she discovers that part of the reason they want to get married is to have sex and the other part is because Cheyenne and Van seem to be having so much fun. Reba convinces Van and Cheyenne to clue them into the realities of married life. She then explains how unlikely it is that a marriage would last and urges them to think about it some more.

When Van and Cheyenne try to explain to their friends how hard married life is, it's revealed that Cheyenne feels smothered by Van and Van wishes he'd shopped around a little more before settling down. They argue and start to question why they got married (other than the pregnancy of course).

Reba is pulled out of class by the principal and told that she's being fired. Apparently Marisa's mother called the school because she walked in on Marisa and Eric about to have sex. From what they understand, Reba told them they didn't have to be married to have sex. Reba tries to explain that they came to her for advice and she counseled them not to get married, but she never said they should have sex outside of marriage. Unfortunately, having Van and Cheyenne as married pregnant teenagers in her house isn't setting a good example and Reba is fired anyway.

Reba comes home, saddened by losing her job. Brock tells her that he supports her going back to teaching. Reba explains that she was fired and tells him why. She wonders if she's making it too easy for Van and Cheyenne. Brock tells her that by taking them in, she was making a very brave decision and thanks her for it. Out on the front porch, Van comes home to find Cheyenne sitting there. She asks him why he married her and he asks her the same question. They figure out that they still want to be married and repeat their own version of they vows to each other.


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  • It was okay.

    This episode wasn't the best. Mrs. Hodge really pissed me off. Reba takes te position as Cheyenne and Van's substitute teacher at school. A cute couple in their class tells Reba that they want to be like Van and Cheyenne and get married at 17. This is where Mrs. Hodge sticks her nose in other people's business and fires Reba just because her daughter is a "bad example" to other teenage couples. Mrs. Hodge really got on my nerves in this episode. I hate how she sticks her snotty little nose into other people's personal business and lets it get in the way of school and careers. Ugh, she really annoyed me. I'm surprised SHE wasn't fired for being nosey.

    Besides annoying Mrs. Hodge, this was a pretty good episode.moreless
  • Hilarious!

    Reba gets a substitute teaching job at Cheyenne's school! Of course this embarrases Cheyenne. Cheyenne and Van's friends come over after school and tell them they're getting married. Reba thinks that it's a bad idea and she tells Cheyenne and Van to tell them how hard marriage is. When they do, they both offend each other. Reba then talks to them and find out they only want to get married so they can have sex. Reba tells them that's not a good enough reason. The next day Mrs. Hodge tells Reba that Marissa's mom caught them trying to have sex, and they told her it was Reba's idea. Mrs. Hodge fires her, and tells Reba that she promotes teenage marriage by allowing Cheyenne and Van to live, and have sex in her house. This makes Reba question if she should've kicked them out.moreless
  • An ok episode.

    Reba not getting that having a parent at school is more embarassing than being pregnant at school is predictable yet funny. It is so stupid that another coupld at school wants to get married just to be like Van and Cheyenne. This episode is not really interesting because they are trying to talk people out of getting married. Since Van and Cheyenne pissed each other off their scenes were not as funny as they usually are. The fact that the principle didn't want Reba teaching only because she told that couple that they don't have to get married to have sex it just goes to show how rude the principle is because they took it the wrong way.moreless

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    • Brock Reba, how could you start working without consulting me?!
      Reba: Excuse me, aren't we getting a divorce?
      Brock: I just don't like the idea about turning Kyra and Jake into latchkey kids.
      Reba: (to Kyra) I smell your influence here.
      Kyra: It was latchkey that gave it away wasn't it?

    • Mrs. Hodge: The policy of this school has always been that sex doesn't exist.
      Reba: How's that working for you?

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    • The passage that Chuck reads during Reba's class is from William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo & Juliet (Act I, Scene 5, Line 103-05).

    • Tittle: A Mid-Semster's Night Dream
      This episodes title refers to Shakesphere's Midsummer's Night's Dream.

    • Jake (to a broom): Up! Up! Up! Dad why can Harry Potter do it but I can't?

      Jake is referring to the scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone where the sorcery student command their brooms to raise up into their hands.