Season 2 Episode 11

A Moment in Time

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 2003 on The CW
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Reba suggests that the family create a time capsule and videotape private messages for Cheyenne's baby, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, privacy is thrown out the window and feelings are hurt when curiosity gets the best of everyone and they foolishly decide to watch the tape.

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  • A series classic that has laugh after laugh as the family members bicker over recorded messages for Elizabeth.

    What an incredibly hilarious 22 minutes of sitcom television! I'm watching these episodes one-by-one for the first time, but I can already tell that this one is a classic. The scene where everyone is watching each others recorded messages to Elizabeth is chock full of gut-busting humor. It left me wishing I could see Barbra Jean's performance of "Wind Beneath My Wings" in real speed rather than fast-forwarded. Watching it sped up was truly funny. I could not stop laughing. The conflict between the characters from watching all the messages is brilliantly written. The performances by the actors bring even more humor to the moment.

    It was also nice to see such a touching message from Kyra. I've struggled to embrace her character so far in the series. She's just too cold and rude for my taste. The message she left is the second or third sign that maybe she is growing up into a more respectful individual.moreless
  • Such a good episode!

    When Reba realizes the family needs to video tape more of Elizabeth, she decides that the whole family should make a tape to let Elizabeth know how they all feel. Kyra refuses. Later, they get in an arguement over who should keep the tape. Reba locks it in a drawer. Later BJ and Brock come over over. As BJ distracts everyone Brock goes in the living room. Reba notices this, and she goes in, and finds him picking the drawers lock. Reba notices the lock had been picked and the tape has beenmoved. Brock tells her that he didn't get to the tape, even though he tried to. Reba asks who moved it. When nobody confesses they all watch the tape, much to Brock's dismay. On his recording, he tells Elizabeth that he divorced Reba loooong before he hired BJ. Then at least a year after the divorce he asked BJ... out for coffee. He explains that he wanted to switch the tape because of how bad it sounded. As the tape continues, everyone says somthing to offend someone else on it. They all get into a huge fight. Just then, Kyra appears onn the tape. They realize she took the tape. After listening to her speach to Elizabeth, the family makes up.moreless
  • Kyra has a heart.

    I thought this episode was really good. Everyone getting to say what they want to without worries of what everyone else will say. What harm could come from that?

    Brock, not wanting his granddaughter to think of Barbra Jean as the woman who broke up a marrage, reinvents history.

    Cheyenne tries to speak eloquently about Van ends up insinuating that he is not a good man.

    Van, trying to say what a positive impact Elizabeth has had on his life ends up saying that he would not have married Cheyenne if she had not gotten pregnant.

    In the funniest of the interviews, Jake shows his disgust to Elizabeth for putting his Gameboy in the toilet.

    Barbra Jean sings a song, which is promply skipped over by Reba (which was also quite funny)

    Reba then tells Elizabeth that she can always come to Reba for anything, but the way she says it insinuates that she can lie to Cheyenne. She then steals a line that Van wanted to use.

    Everyone begins to agrue over what is said, when Kyra, who didn't even want to be part of it, speaks about the family, and what she says brings everyone together.moreless
  • When the family tries to discover each other's secrets, who knows what could happen? The focus of this episode is the Hart family making secret messages for a special video time capsule for baby Elizabeth. The end result? Everyone want to know what everybmoreless

    This episode had me cracking up the whole way through, especially when the family breaks down and foolishly decides to watch the video. Every single person, except Jake, says something that makes somebody else mad. The highlight for me was Barbra Jean's portion of the tape, first saying "Wow, the last time I was videotaped in a bedroom I didn't know about it" and then watching as Reba fast-forwarded through BJ's rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings, complete with gestures, much to the dismay of Barbra Jean. However, this episode packed more than just hilarity in the half-hour. It also was the perfect representation of a family. Who can think of a time when everybody in their families got along? In any show, I always love when a very simple, even sweet, thing, like the idea of making a video time capsule for the baby of the house, can cause such chaos. Who would have thought that simple affairs like that could provide ground for so much material? But it does, and this episode is pulled off perfectly by the writers. There is a lot of characterization, and this episode is just plain and simply a satisfying viewing experience.moreless

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Reba: Don't worry about Kyra. She's at that age where she doesn't want to be part of the family anymore. You hit that age at about 40 right Brock?

    • Van: What'd you say on the tape?
      Cheyenne: For the millionth time. I cannot tell you.
      Van: What'd you say on the tape?

    • Kyra (on video): This family has it's issues kid.

    • Reba: (to Brock) Maybe you should be more controlling about what's in your pants!

    • Barbra Jean (on video): The only way I can show my love for you, is through a song (Reba fast-forwards to skip Barbra Jean's singing)

    • Van: (on video)(scratches his nose) What's up?

    • Cheyenne: Where do I start? There's like a lot to say. So much, like a lot.
      Van: Apparently not.

    • Brock: Reba, you're making a big mistake.
      Reba: Said the man who married Barbra Jean.

    • Barbra Jean: (on the video tape, walks in and sits down on the edge of the bed and looks around the room) Wow. The last time I was videotaped in a bedroom, I didn't know about it!

    • Van (on camera): If it wasn't for you I would have never married your mom.
      Cheyenne (thinks)....Stop the tape Mom!
      (looks at Van) What the hell was that?!?!
      Van: I was just saying, I was really young and if it wasn't for you being pregnant I probably would've been single for a while.
      Cheyenne: Ohhh keep talkin' cowboy, ya might just get your wish!

    • Cheyenne (on camera): I hope you love me as much as I love my mom, but I apologize in advance if I am always in your face and controlling, it's how I was raised.
      Reba: (stops tape) It's how I was raised....what's that supposed to mean, I'm controlling?
      Brock: Oh yeaaaaaaa
      Barbra Jean: It HAS been mentioned!
      Reba: I bet Van doesn't think I'm controlling!
      Van (repeating what Reba told him when he was angry): Don't overeact Mrs.H....Cheyenne loves you!

    • Barbara Jean (to Reba, asking about the tape she made): Oh, you didn't say anything bad about me, did you?
      Reba: THAT'S what I forgot!

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rodinný odkaz (Family Legacy)

    • From this episode onwards, the opening credits contain an extended version of the theme song, and also shows video clips of each cast member from previous episodes (which change every season).


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