Season 3 Episode 11

All Growed Up

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 2004 on The CW
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When Van announces to the family that he's quitting school to tryout for Arena football, the family gets excited that this may be his chance to play professionally. However, a protective Reba lets Van know she thinks quitting school is a huge mistake. A nervous Van ends up not going to the tryout, which when Reba finds out she tries to get him a second chance. Meanwhile, Cheyenne passes her Dentistry test with a B+.moreless

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    Reba's proud to hear that Cheyenne did well on her dentist test, and that she and Van are finally getting their lives on track. Until Van comes down the stairs and announces he's quitting school. Reba gets very mad at him, but he tells her that he's going to be playing arena football. Everyone gets excited, except Reba, who tells him that she thinks that it's not a good idea. Van and Cheyenne start mopeing until Reba finally gives in. She tells him that this could be the start of the rest of his life. After the tryouts Van sadly announces he didn't make it. They all know Van should have made it, so Reba goes down to see the coach, who tells her that Van never showed up. When she gets home she questions Van why he skipped it, and he tells her that he's afraid, because he'll be an adult. He and Cheyenne talk, and he decides to tryout, and he makes the team!moreless

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    • (finding out Reba went down and talked to his coach)
      Van: Wait, you went down there and asked my coach to give me another tryout? AW MAN, NOW HE'S GONNA THINK I'M A MAMMA'S BOY ... IN LAW!

    • (After Cheyenne made everyone believe she failed her test)
      Cheyenne: GOTCHA! I GOT A "B+"! THAT'S A "B" WITH A PLUS! ALMOST AN "A"!

    • Van: Mrs. H, I don't think I'm ready to be the man of the house. I like it better when you're the man of the house.

    • Barbra Jean: Brock, this is big. Cheyenne has put her heart in this dream of hers (dentistry). I remember when they told me I wasn't perky enough to be on The Price is Right. Someday, Bob Barker . . .

    • Cheyenne: I've never taken a test where I knew so many of the answers. I've got to think it was the studying.

    • (After Reba storms out of the room telling Van he shouldn't tryout for Arena Football)
      Van: Man, that is not fair! She can't say I'm bad and then offer me pie! I LOVE PIE!

    • (Responding to everyone who are wondering if he made the team)
      Van: Well if I don't tell you at least you can read about it in the "Van Stinks" magazine!
      Barbra Jean: Well, at least you have your own magazine.

    • Kyra (to Jake): You know, I taught Cheyenne how to read, too.
      Cheyenne: You know what I taught you? SHUT UP, KYRA!

    • (After being caught by Reba and Cheyenne that he didn't go to the tryout)
      Van: I know, I know. If I were a guy like me, I'd hate myself. And I am, SO I DO!

    • Van: All I'm saying is college is filled with people who thought they would get somewhere by going to college. And where are they? COLLEGE!

    • Cheyenne: You know, now that I think about it I did feel a little more nervous. (to Reba) You might've cost me an A!

    • Van (after he slides down the steps): I'm quitting school!
      Reba (to Cheyenne): I want you to divorce him.

    • Van:I've got a tryout with Arena Football!

    • Cheyenne: He has got to make the team. I've already imagined how awesome our lives will be. I can't go back to how things were before!
      Reba: You mean this morning?
      Cheyenne: Yeah.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Životní zkouška (Proof of Life)

    • The scene in the season 4, 5 and 6 theme song where Van announces he's quitting school and smiles is from this episode.

    • The scene in the season 4, 5 and 6 theme song where Reba is about to eat something, when Brock says he blames Reba for Van not making the team, and she freezes is from this episode.


    • Barbra Jean: Brock, this is big. Cheyenne has put her heart in this dream of hers (dentistry). I remember when they told me I wasn't perky enough to be on The Price is Right. Someday, Bob Barker . . .

      Barbra Jean compares Cheyenne's dream of becoming a dentist to her dream of being on The Price is Right, but they told her she wasn't 'perky' enough. The Price is Right is the longest-running game show ever. It's been on CBS with host Bob Barker for over 30 years. Currently, the popular game show is in its 32nd season on the same network as it started on (CBS).

    • Van: "I've got a tryout with Arena Football!"
      The team Van has a tryout for in this episode, Arena Football, is a real-life Football league. It's called AFL, or Arena Football League. They have a website with stats, teams, how to purchase tickets, and much more.

    • Title: All Growed Up The title of this episode is the same name as the special for the Rugrats (a Nickeolodeon cartoon) 10th Anniversary in 2001 about the babies making a pretend time machine and traveling to the future when they are preteens. It was called All Growed Up, which is now a TV series.