Season 2 Episode 18

And the Grammy Goes to...

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 2003 on The CW

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  • Brocks mom comes for a visit!

    Reba can't wait for her mother-in-law, Grammy Liz, to come for a visit, because she can finally tell her off. Reba chills the waters by wearing an old bathrobe, not cleaning the house, and making burnt muffins. To Reba's surprise, Grammy Liz says Reba looks wonderful, and she likes the "lived in" look. When she sees BJ, she starts to treat her like dirt. When she makes a comment about her not being a good mother, Reba tells Grammy that she went too far, and she agrees, and treats BJ nicer. After they're alone together, Reba finally asks why she's being so nice. She tells her that Brock still loves her, much to Reba's surprise. Meanwhile, seeing her mom put up with her grandma so she'll be around for her grandkids, she tries to convince Van to make peace with his parents. This sets us up for the next episode.