Season 2 Episode 18

And the Grammy Goes to...

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Instead of calling Barbra Jean by her name, Grammy Liz calls her:

      -Barbra Ella
      -Barbra Jim
      -Barbra En
      -Barbra Lin
      -Barbra Ellen

    • It is mentioned that Grammy has treated Reba the same way she does Barbra Jean in this episode.

    • In this episode, it's mentioned where Elizabeth's name comes from. Van wanted to name her after the "cool lady from Bewitched" so they would have the same name: Elizabeth Montgomery.

  • Quotes

    • Liz: I've look forward to seeing everybody! (Liz looks at Barbra Jean) And then there's you. How are you Barbra Ann.
      Barbra Jean: Fine Mom, Mrs. Hart, mam. (Barbra Jean bows for her) And it's Barbra Jean.
      Liz: Then why did you tell me it was Barbra Ann? Are you trying to make me look stupid?

    • Van: This will require a lot of thought, Cheyenne, and you know how I hate thinking!

    • Van: That's what parents do! They get in the way of their child's happiness. That way they have someone to blame their problems on!

    • Reba: There's no chance of that happening! Not even if hell froze over, thawed, froze over again, thawed, froze over..

    • Reba: (Jake opens the door and sees Barbra Jean) Nope, she's no present. She's actually more like junk mail.

    • Reba: I'm sorry, my house is a mess, I didn't do my hair, and I've been wearing this robe for over a month.
      Grammy Liz: Only you can pull it off! Come here and give me a hug.

    • Jake: Do I have to wear it?
      Grammy Liz: Only when I'm in town.
      Jake: OK, but I'm not calling it a dickey.

    • Grammy: This place has too much drama.

    • Brock: She treats me like I'm five. I'm not five. I'm way more than five.

    • Brock: My mother... God bless her soul.

    • Van: Cheyenne, you can't rub a guy's head and talk about his dad.

    • Grammy: Don't you think it's a mistake for Brock to marry Barbra Jim?

    • Grammy: And that's why he was stolen by Barbra Ella.

    • Reba: What's your game old lady?

    • Kyra: Thanks Grandma, I'll wear it to my bridge game on Thursday.

    • Grammy: I've always liked you!
      Reba: You ran over my foot once!
      Grammy: I was teasing.

    • Cheyenne: Well too bad mom, Jake likes Grammy, so you're going to have to be nice to her for him.
      Reba: Are you kidding? She gave the boy a dickey. He's on my side.

    • Grammy: Are you through?
      Reba: Are you mad?
      Grammy: Yes.
      Reba: Then I'm finished.

    • Grammy: And then there is you Barbra En.

    • Reba: She's found a way to be mean to you, and make it un-enjoyable for me. She is very good.

    • Barbra Jean: Say thank you Kyra.
      Grammy: Now why would she do that Barbra Lin? I can see she hates it.

    • Barbra Jean: My house is a pig sty!
      Grammy: Is she a well woman?

    • Jake: YAAY! Grandma's here, I get presents!
      (Jake opens the door)
      Barbra Jean: Hi Jakie!
      Jake: Your not presents.
      Reba: Yeah, your more like junk mail.

    • Reba: Because I value her opinion.
      Barbra Jean: Really? Because you usually tell me to shut up.
      Reba: Barbra Jean - shut up.

    • Van: (to Eliza, about Elizabeth) We named her after you - Eliza... Beth.

    • Kyra: (after Brock's mother gives her a pink sweater) What did I do to get punished?

    • Reba: I will not be the other woman to the other woman! That's just weird!

    • Brock: So you have been thinking that I have been, what, madly in love with you?
      Reba: Nobody ever mentioned madly Brock, that never came up!
      Brock: It will when I tell the story...

    • (Brock's mom has told Reba that Brock still loves her)
      Reba: You want something to drink?
      Brock: No thanks
      Reba: You sure? Don't make a snap decision you might regret! For once in your life think long-term. Think about the future!
      Brock: Well, I was only going to stay for a minute, but I guess I could go a Snapple?
      Reba: I can give you a Snapple Brock, but that's all I can give you...
      Reba: Do you understand what I'm saying?
      Brock: Well if you only have the one I'll pass!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title, "And The Grammy Goes To..." comes from what is said when handing out the award at the Grammy Awards, which is a music award show.