Season 6 Episode 8

As We Forgive Those...

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 2007 on The CW

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  • Kelly Clarkson!

    Barbra Jean who is training an up and coming weather woman from Oklahoma (Kelly) fears she will soon take her job. At first Reba adores Kelly but when she realizes Kelly is just like Barbra Jean in every way, Reba comes to see that perhaps she hasn't forgiven Barbara Jean like she thought. Meanwhile, finding out they're having a boy, Van and Cheyenne have to find a way to break the promise Cheyenne made when she was younger to name her first son - Brock. In the episode's final scene, Brock, Cheyenne and Van perform a spoof of the three "American Idol" judges. I loved this episode. It was funny. And KELLY CLARKSON!! I love Kelly! I like every episode. This one was special because Kelly guest starred:P
  • I loved this episode... Reba and Kelly Clarkson!

    I saw this episode the other day on CW11 and loved every second of it. In this episode you will see jealously between Barbra Jean and Kelly Clarkson when she gets a job at the weather place or something. Reba soon learns that Kelly Clarkson is like Barbra Jean in many ways (like outside the window) but their rivalry goes on (BJ & KC) Hands down this has to be one of the best episodes of the series but I just can't explain it well... bad memory. But if you are looking for any episode of Reba to view in your lifetime, this will be the one.
  • Best episode of the series!

    I love "Reba" and I am deep in love with Kelly Clarkson, so I find it embarrasing that I missed the initial airing of this episode. However, since then, I have seen it, and I must say it is the best episode in the entire series. I've always loved Kelly because she is beautiful and has a wonderful voice, but now i know just how great of an actress and how funny she is. I love the end of the episode, when they do the spoof of American Idol. Brock has always been my 2nd least favorite character, and he still might be (no character is worse than jake), but I absolutely loved him in this episode. Cheyenne and Van were amazing, and Barbara Jean remains my favorite TV character (besides the cast of Lost) on television. I am very dismayed that "Reba" has been cancelled. After an episode like that it proves the show does not deserve the axe. I hope the CW notices their HUGE mistake and brings "Reba" back for many more seasons to come.

    But just in case,

    R.I.P. "Reba"
  • Kelly was sooo funny!!!!

    When I heard that Kelly Clarkson was gonna be in this episode I said "WOW she's really funny" She's a cute little southern belle. She really had me laughing in this episode. She's a great actress and I would love to do a movie with her one day. I was laughing the hardest at the end when I saw Brock, Van, and Cheyene impersonate the Judges on American Idol I was really laughing my ass off. I think Simon had his faith in Kelly since day one. Reba too. I'm waiting to see those two do a debut. For now we can laugh at Kelly predicting the weather.
  • Reba with Barbara Jean and Kelley Clarkson? The Harts shouldn\'t be allowed to have so much fun! Mixed with Van and Brock, & Cheyenne & Kyra, this house belongs to the circus.

    Each time that Reba comes on, I am sure to watch it. I even set reminders so I want miss it. This is my favorite show. I love it. It brings a fun time in what could be a very hard time in everything that comes their way. This show is hilarious and the best on T.V. today. I\'ve heard rumor that it was going to be cancelled. It wouldn\'t surprise me because seems like the good ones get the axe. Not this one please. I would be lost without that T.V. family of mine. I LOVE IT. Nothing could come close to taking the place of Reba.
  • This a show is a good show! I love Reba and wish it many more seasons!

    And We Forgive Those.... is a great show! This is funny and has a special star guest! Kelly Clarkson! Every tune in to watch this episode and the season premiere on November 19th at 7 pm!!! And we forgive those is going to be very funny to wathc and I think everyone did a good job at the taping! They have some very funny scenes and I can't wait to see what scenes hey use on the final product! It's great! This is onb the top of my favorite Reba episodes! I encourage eeryone to tune in and watch it!