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Season 5 Episode 6

Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Reba is beyond disappointed when her plans for a fright-filled Halloween fall through because everyone in the family has other plans. Meanwhile, Van's green-eyed monster comes out when Cheyenne starts spending an inordinate amount of time with her handsome sponsor, Frank.

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  • It's Halloween in the Hart House.

    Halloween is coming up in the Hart House and Reba loves Halloween. Generation after generation have scared their families. So, this year like every other year, Reba scares her family. Only this year since the kids are older it is harder for her to scare them. So, Rebs tries extra hard. But, her family isn't really into the whole scaring thing. Cheyenne and her sponsor for her AA meetings are going to her AA alcohol free Halloween dance. And shes a maid! Van gets all jealous and gets mad that she would rather be with her sponsor, Frank, then him. So he gets all mad. And that is the biggest trick on Reba ever. It was awesome! haha. This is one of my favorite episodes of Reba ever!! I love it!moreless
  • This is a good episode. Reba wants the family to get into halloween this year. They all have had enough.

    This is an awesome episode, this is hilarious. This show is the best show ever made on Reba. I give this a ten or two thumbs up. Best Li'l Haunted House In Texas is awesome! Reba is surprised that this halloween is one of the best halloweens of her life. Reba is wanting her kids, Van, barbra jean, and brock to get into halloween this year. They don't. They all have had enough. All except barbra jean, who is against halloween because she doesn't think it goes with the bible. So, barbra jean doesn't know the prank about cheyanne and Van pulling on reba.moreless
  • Not too shabby for their first Halloween episode!

    This episode is really funny. Reba is trying to pull scary practical jokes on everyone, but fails to scare anyone. Little does she know, her family is planning their own practical joke. The humor in this episode is very clever and funny (especially when Barbara-Jean goes looking for the fake crime scene). Even though Reba's jokes are meant to be a bit stupid, the writers didn't make them completely humorless. It was especially funny when Reba said, "You've been Reba'd!"

    This really wasn't bad for the show's first Halloween episode; it was funny, clever, and everything in between. Overall it's a great episode, and I can't wait to see it again.moreless
  • In this episode the Family pulls a big prank on Reba to celebrate Halloween.

    In this episode Cheyenne starts to hand out with her drinking problem sponsor, Frank. Van declares a lot of times that he will kill Frank if he has an affair with Cheyenne. On Halloween Night Cheyenne plans to go to a Halloween party with Frank. After leaving a few seconds later Van runs in with a ripped shirt with blood stains. Annoucing that he may have killed Frank. Reba terrified dosen't know what to do when she starts to hear sirens. Suddenly Jake takes a picture of Reba terrified announcing, "you've been Jaked." Reba then says this is the best Halloween ever!

    This episode was one of the best Halloween episodes in TV history.moreless
  • Not bad for first stab at a halloween installment.

    I would rate this episode as "above average" simply because it was "Reba's" first stab at a Halloween episode. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if they were going to do one at all. The tag at the beginning of the episode was not very funny, except for the part where Cheyenne says about putting dry ice in the toilet and van says "yeah that just burns." Reba is very disappointed that the entire family has made other plans for Halloween because she planned to recruit Jake to keep the family pranks alive and well. Little does she know that the whole family is planning a prank on her. This was absolutely the best part of the ep. When Van pretends to have killed Cheyenne's AA sponsor it was so funny!!!! And yet, it was all a rouse to give Reba a taste of her own medicine. All in all, this was a pretty good episode.moreless

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