Season 6 Episode 9

Bullets Over Brock

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2007 on The CW

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  • As usual, I really enjoyed Reba. As soon as get home from Church on Sunday evenings I sit down and watch it. You never know what to expect of Van, and the look on his face when he saw his behavior was magic. Reba's come back to Brock was classic Reba.

    I think that Reba should put Brock out and tell him that if he wants to save his marriage he has to get over his self. And not alwway run over to her house when he has a problem with his marriage. And when he decides to go home he finds all of Barbara Jean family there and he can't get rid of them. And she tells him if he really love her he will stay there until Big Daddy leaves. Van should get drunk and go over to his parents house and tell his daddy that he's a butt.
  • I think the show was great in some ways but it's sad in the end.

    I laughed so hard about the situation with Van's behavior. It was great to show there are coaches behaved like that! I also laughed about Cheyenne's behavior like her mother. I thought Jake did an outstanding job for acting like he is the boss when he fired Van. Kyra is so cool. However, I was very disappointed about Brock and Barbara Jean's decision. I just felt that was too much to put in the show. I always felt like Brock is copping out because of his first divorce with Reba and now with Barbara Jean? I'm just sad for them.
  • The scene with Van acting out at the soccer game is classic! I was at the taping and the in the scene where Reba walks in on Brock taking a shower, Van (Steve) was in the shower with him on one of the takes....too funny!

    A good episode....Full of surprises and clever lines.

    At the filming, the cast and crew went out of their way to make the audience feel appreciated. The writers perfected the lines between scenes and the end product was excellent.

    The actors, especially Reba, make you BELIEVE they are the characters. You can imagine Reba as the mom even though we\'ve seen her as a singer for many, many years. I\'m glad to hear the show is back on the air. I\'m looking forward to the episode with Kelly Clarkson.

    Watch this's worthwhile. Van is a hoot and Reba is the nicest person around!