Season 3 Episode 5

Calling the Pot Brock

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 2003 on The CW
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When Kyra asks Brock if he ever smoked marijuana, he is caught off guard and claims he never did. Brock's agonized confession that he did try pot, shocks Barbra Jean, while Reba is proud to say that she never used drugs. Meanwhile, Cheyenne makes a confession to Van about her own brush with the drug world.


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  • Extremely Offensive Episode

    I just would like to say this episode needs to be removed from the air. It is HIGHLY offensive and pushes lies into the minds of innocent people. Pot is not a bad thing. If you believe that, you need to get a reality check. Everything being said in this episode is a lie. Nothing that they say is anywhere near factual. This is a good example of how television is ruing the young minds of today.moreless
  • Very, Very Funny

    ... Reba: When I Say Tangerine It Means Get Out, Tangerine. Then Later TANGERINE !!! Must Watch.
  • A funny twist on typical sitcom drug episodes.

    Reba, Brock and Barbra Jean all get suspicious about Kyra possibly using marijuana and what we get is a sitcom drug episode that doesn't come off as preachy, making it more enjoyable to watch. When Reba considers making up a story that she tried marijuana, it serves as a signal as to what lengths she thinks she has to go to in order to make Kyra like her. I like that the hurt feelings stemming from Kyra's moving in with Brock and Barbra Jean weren't wrapped up quickly. The side plots that have Van and Barbra Jean mad at their spouses for admitting past marijuana use were both comical and wrapped into the main story very well.moreless
  • Excellent episode!

    BJ is worried that, since Kyra started high school, she will get in with the wrong crowd and start to smoke pot. Brock comes in on the situation and tells Kyra to ask her friends if they ever smoked pot. Kyra then asks Brock, who says no. Later he tells Reba about the situation, and tells her that he lied to Kyra about not smoking pot. Reba tells Brock that he shouldn't tell her, but they shoul have a conversation about it. During the conversation, Brock lets it slip that he used to smoke pot. Kyra then wants to talk to him about it, and not Reba. Meanwhile, with all of the talk about smoking pot, Van is proud that one day he and Cheyenne will be able to tell Elizabeth that they never did drugs... until Cheyenne makes a confession.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Van makes up a hypothecial situation where Elizabeth says, "If I'm 16, how come you've only been married 15 years?" This could never happen because they were married months before Elizabeth was born. But this is probably due to Van's stupid nature.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Van: The oak tree doesn't grow far from the place where the acorn fell from it before it started to grow.

    • Barbra Jean: Now if you excuse me I have to apologize to a little blind kid.

    • Van: According to my driver's license I wasn't born yesterday!

    • Van: You've got LIAREA!

    • Kyra: (to Barbra Jean) Did you have to go around campus screaming "Is Kyra here-a? Is Kyra here-a?"
      Barbra Jean: Did you have to introduce me to your friends as your giant Malibu Beach Barbie?

    • Barbra Jean (to Brock): Were you high when you married me?
      Reba: A lot of people ask that.

    • Brock: Kyra, you should know the history of the people you hang out with.
      Kyra: Okay. So have you ever smoked pot, Dad?
      Brock (fumbling over words): What?
      Kyra: Oh, I believe they called it "Reefer" back then.
      Brock: No, I've never smoked pot!
      Barbra Jean: What about me, Kyra? Don't you want to know about me?
      Kyra: Yeah Barbra Jean, what are you on?
      Barbra Jean: I have never done a single drug...that wasn't prescribed by a licensed therapist.

    • Barbra Jean: So Reba, are you ready to have your talk with Kyra about...(looks at Van)..."Mary Jane"?
      Van: You know that's code for pot?
      (Barbra Jean glares)
      Barbra Jean: Yeah, but do you know what Tangerine means?
      Van: GET OUT!
      Reba: See? You're not the only one that bugs me!

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