Season 6 Episode 10

Cheyenne's Rival

Aired Unknown Jan 28, 2007 on The CW

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  • I love the show 'reba', but this was one of my least favorite episodes...

    First I didn't like how the only reason there was a charactor 'bridget' was because they wanted to bring in Steve Howey's fiance. And I also didn't like how he was acting so weird around her, that was kind of stupidly written, because Van has a wife! This isn't the "Bridget and Van reunion show". Another thing is that they threw in that Van hated Cheyenne when they were in high school, and he licked Bridget... yeah right! You could totally tell that that the writers threw that in just for the sake of Steve (not to mention Sarah Sahari), not the show. This was one of my least favorite episodes.
  • The show was well written. I thought idea about how to get the house was wonderful. Reba is a smart lady!

    I love how Cheyenne was being so specific about what kind of house she wanted. Van is funny for trying to be the best realtor. I also love how Cheyenne being so smart aleck and she is smart that she doesn't know it. Reba did an outstanding job trying to get what Cheyenne want. Now about Brock and Barbara Jean, they were so funny when they went out on a date. I love how Barbara Jean gets very intense about the tie thing. I didn't expect they would jump and kiss after fighting. They are meant to be together and should try to work it out.
  • I love Reba!

    We have been needing someone country on T.V. Com on Reba rocks. I'm not a complete junkie of this show but I really like the plot because it is funny and it can be serious when it needs to be. The characters are great also because there is a sense of family with this show and it just reminds me of my family because everyone is growing up and going their separate ways and you can see that is what the characters are going through in Reba also. This isn't just funny it has a feeling like you don't want to change the channel because it is just a great episode! I love Reba and from all the things I have heard about it getting canceled, I really hope it doesn't, Stay strong!