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Season 1 Episode 8

Don't Know Much About History

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2001 on The CW
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Episode Summary

What Reba didn't want to hear: Kyra has forsaken her clarinet. Reba suspects there's more to the story than Kyra saying she's grown out of her old instrument. Van returns from school and announces that he's failed his history mid-term. Brock arranges for Van to retake the test so he can pass and still play football. Unfortunately, Brock's tutoring skills are a little too overbearing, so Reba takes over. She discovers that he knows the information, but was so stressed out over football, his marriage, future career and baby that he blanked on the test. Reba helps him study and calm down, but when Van goes to retake the test, he fails again. Brock once again gets him a makeup exam but after talking to Reba about finding other interests besides football, Van says he wants to be in the school play, "The Alamo Experience" as Scout #4, instead of playing in Friday's game. She has her new tuba partner over to the house to practice and he turns out to be a cute boy named Brian. Kyra's busy making cookies for him at the same time denying she's interested. At the end of one "jam session" Brian asks her if she could find out whether or not her clarinet-playing friend Melissa Burke likes him. Kyra's crushed but says she'll do it. Brock finally allows Van to try acting after Reba convinces him that he should take some of the stress out of his life. He has a great time in the play, even thinking he'll try out for the Spring musical. Brock returns from the game announcing that the Wildcats won. Van is so thrilled that the team can win without him he wants to play again because the pressure's off.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Really funny and cute.

    I loved this episode. Van flunks his mid term exam, so he can't play football. He tries and tries to pass the test, but he flunks again. Soon, he realizes he doesn't want to play football for a little while. He wants to be a celebrity. That was cute. Well, he auditions for the school play, which is a good start. Brock learns to let go of Van and let him have a little fun. I was proud of him when he passed his test though and when he went out for the play! He only had one line, but it was sooo cute!

    Kyra develops a crush on a boy in her band class. Aww, it was sooo cute when they were in the living room, blowing into their tubas and making those funny fart noises. It was really cute. Too bad he had a crush on another girl. Poor Kyra!!! I think he should've gone out with her.

    I loved this episode a lot!moreless
  • Funny episode!

    This was a very funny episode, andwe also learn more about Van. When Van continues to fail his History mid-term, Brock tries to tutor him, but it only makes matters worse. When Reba tutors him, she finds out he really can do it. But when he takes it again, he chokes. Van tells Reba that he's afraid he'll let the team down, and they can't win without him. Reba tells him he doesn't have to be a football star, so he signs up for a play! Meanwhile, Kyra tries to impress a boy when she changes her musical instrument, much to Reba's dismay!moreless
  • A informative episode about Van

    Reba doing yoga then cutting vegetables is a awesome way to mulitask. When Van comes home and they find out about him not being able to play football because he failed a history midterm is hilarious because you could have already figured that he would fail something in his life. Reba helping Van study is amazing since they think he can't remember stuff but he can it's amazing that on tests he overthinks but he can't all the time. This episode is really awesome because it shows how some people know everything then just freeze up on tests.moreless

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