Season 1 Episode 9

Every Picture Tells a Story

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2001 on The CW
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Her best friend Lori Ann (guest star Park Overall) shows up at the door and announces that she's moving back to town. They recall their crazy single days and Lori Ann announces that now they're both divorced (probably the third time for her), it's time they hit the town. Lori Ann gets a glimpse of how accommodating Reba is to Brock and Barbra Jean and is amazed that her old friend could even allow her ex-husband's pregnant mistress into the house. It's clear that Brock and Lori Ann never really got along so he's less than thrilled that she's back in town. They trade barbs constantly. Brock and Reba are at the "division of property" stage of their divorce so Reba is cleaning out the garage, separating out all of Brock's things. She remembers fondly how she scrimped and saved to give him a set of golf clubs when he was in dental school. When Lori Ann comes across a photo of BJ and Brock at a dental conference in Hawaii that dates back before Brock and Reba were separated, those fond memories disappear. Reba assumes the worst: that Brock was with BJ while he was still living at home. She decides that a little garage sale is in order. At breakfast Cheyenne feels the baby moving around for the first time. Van is initially reluctant to feel her belly, but once he does, he gets a whole new perspective on fatherhood. Deciding that he needs to be a better parent, he coddles Cheyenne. She's thrilled with the pampering, and takes full advantage of these new opportunities, until Van institutes a few new rules: less TV, no sex… . Cheyenne tells Van that his interest in being a good father is great, but he needs to relax a little. Brock discovers that Reba has sold off most of his memories and can't understand why she would do such a thing. When she shows him the picture he denies that he even knew BJ and insists that he didn't start seeing her until he moved out of the house and into his condo. Reba doesn't believe him and takes Lori Ann up on her offer of a night on the town. Reba is drowning her sorrows when BJ herself walks into the bar. She explains that she's not here to defend what she's done, but for Brock. BJ insists that Brock was telling the truth and that they weren't at the convention together. She then tells Reba that she was there with another married dentist. Apparently she has thing for dentists because she rattles off a list of former flames. Reba shows up at Brock's condo with his recovered set of golf clubs and apologizes for not believing him. She doesn't give up BJ's past, but tells Brock that what changed her mind doesn't matter. Reba says she's ready to move on and Brock agrees, saying that he still loves Reba even though they aren't together.moreless

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  • Hilarious!

    This was a funny episode and kinda sad too.

    Cheyenne feels the baby kicking!!! Van gets all nuts and overprotective of her and her new baby. He won't let her eat chocolate or watch cartoons. He even constantly wakes her up to ask her how she's sleeping lol. It drives her nuts, so she sleeps on the couch in the living room. To be honest, he was driving me a little nuts too lol. Silly Van. Silly silly Van.

    Meanwhile, Reba's BFF Lori Ann comes back into town, and they start hanging out again. While they're going through Brock's old things, they come across a picture of his dental convinsion in 1998, and they see Barbra Jean in the picture. Reba thinks Brock cheated on her, but it turns out that he didn't. Barbra Jean was a dental slut back then lol. I nearly fell over laughing when she told Reba about all those doctors she dated. That was so funny.

    This episode cracked me up lol. I loved it a lot!moreless
  • Interesting

    Reba's friend Lori Ann moves back to town, who tells Reba to move on about her divorce. When cleaning out the garage, Lori Ann finds an old photo from before Reba and Brock's seperation. Reba sees BJ in the picture with Brock leading her to think they dated while he was still living with Reba. Reba decides to sell all of Brock's cherished possesions at low prices. When Brock comfronts her he denies meeting BJ then. She doesn't believe him. When she goes to a bar, BJ talks to Reba and tells her she was really there with someone else's husband.moreless

    Park Overall was so funny in this episode. "Kill Him" "Reba Las Vegas" "I did not have sex with that woman" (echoing Former President Bill Clinton), "Who did you do in Hawaii?" "If its any conselation the second and third divorce are much easier". She brought so much laughter to the seven episodes that she was in (6 in season 1 and 1 in season 2). And on top of that Van trying to take control of Cheyenne by not letting her eat brownies, watch tv, or have sex! So funny! This episode was another great installment to the amazing show called "Reba".moreless
  • A really serious episode.

    When Cheyenne can feel the baby kicking I think that it is a really special moment. When Reba's friend Lori Ann comes back it's awesome because then she has a friend that can hate Barabara Jean too. I never would have imagined that Van would do absoulutely everything for Cheyenne because it's what they baby needs, I figured he would do little things here and there. Reba selling Brock's old stuff is really awesome because it shows just how much Reba doesn't like Brock's stuff in the garage and the relationship of Brock and Barbara Jean. The episode is all serious between Van and Cheyenne about what they can and can't do which is kind of funny. Barabara Jean confessing to Reba and Lori Ann about her past is just way to wierd. All in all this episode was just a little bit too serious in some parts.moreless

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