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Season 2 Episode 21

For Sale, Cheap

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2003 on The CW
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Episode Summary

At Jake's school auction, Reba's good intentions turn sour when Barbra Jean is the only other volunteering to manage the school auction, and they have to work together. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is overcome with jealousy when Van's private football lessons are the hit of the auction with women lined up to place their bids.moreless

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  • Van teaching Terry to play football was hilarious.

    This episode's great! The Bj and Reba auction plot was OK, but I like this more because of Van. Van decides to donate football lessons to the auction, and middle aged woman are coming left and right to win it. When the student is coming over, Van asks Cheyenne to be nice to her and not say *cough*Tramp*cough*Tramp. He also asks if he can introduce her as Van's sister. When they answer the door, they find that the winner's a middle aged MAN! Van gets the feeling he's gay and Cheyenne thinks it hilarious, and introduces herself as Van's sister. Van's faces in this episode were so funny. You have to see this one, just for that part!!moreless
  • Barbra jean let Reba do all the work you just have a drink and have arest!

    Reba is planning the annual school auction, and finds herself in need of an assistant, but is depressed to learn that it was Barbara Jean that was chosen to help her,Then, Barbara Jean beats Reba's record for most money earned at an auction.

    Meanwhile, Cheyenne begins to become jealous of Van when his football lessons begin to get higher and higher in price due to him being shirtless.
  • Reba can't do the school auction alone, so she has to work together with Barbara Jean. Van donates a football lesson, and Cheyenne gets jealous over the woman bidding on him.moreless

    I think this is a very good episode. It's always funny when Reba and Barbara Jean have to work together. Barbara Jean is so excited about it, while Reba just wants her to go away.

    The little guy who comes to take football lessons from Van is very funny, Cheyenne is so pleased that it wasn't a woman.

    I think it's so sweet when Reba confides to Brock that it's hard on her that Barbara Jean may not be as stupid as Reba would like her to be

    ("It's a lot easier to dislike someone when you think she's an idiot"). It takes the Reba/Barbara Jean relationship a bit further.

    It's so funny when after the money from the auction has been counted, Barbara Jean hugs Reba jumping up and down so that Rebas arms just hangs there. Ok, that one you have to see for yourself.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Van and Cheyenne are putting leaves into the basket for the auction when the shot changes back and forth from them to Reba you notice the the Frisbee keeps changing positions although no one has moved it.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Reba: It turns out, despite the rumours I've spread she (Barbara Jean) is not a ditz!
      Brock: I'd see that as a plus...
      Reba: No. You don't know how hard this is on me! It's a lot easier to dislike someone when you think she's an idiot!
      Brock: Well, I choose to think of it positively.
      Reba: Yeah... It's not like she's never gonna do anything stupid again.
      (Barbara Jean runs in)
      Barbara Jean: Reba, I just got a great idea for next year's auction! Two words: Donkey. Basketball.
      (Barbara Jean runs out again)
      Reba: Didn't have to wait long, did I?

    • Brock: Hi Jake! Bye Jake!
      Reba: Bye Brock!

    • (Reba needs an assistant for the school auction)
      Reba: I can't see why no one voulenteered!
      Brock: Well, someone just did!
      Reba: No. Not you and me Brock, we'd be constantly fighting. You're the last person I'd do this with.
      (Barbara Jean comes in)
      Barbara Jean: Hey partner!
      Reba: Soo... you and me again, Brock!

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