Season 1 Episode 17

He's Having a Baby

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on The CW

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  • Really awesome episode!!!

    Personally, this was one of my favorite episodes of Season 1. Van and Cheyenne want to go to college all the way over in California, but Reba's scared to let them go. I'm not a mom. Actually, I'm a teenager, but I think I can understand why she was afraid to let go. She didn't wanna lose her babies, and she was just scared for them. Well, I think she did a great job raising her kids, and Van and Cheyenne are ready to leave the nest. Also, Barbra Jean goes into labor and has a baby boy!!! OMG he was sooo cute!!! Oh man, this episode was so awesome! I can't wait to watch the re-run again on Lifetime!
  • Reba hits Brock!

    This was so funny! Van isn't sure if he wants to attend birthing class, but when he goes, it turns out he loves it. On the other hand, Cheyenne doesn't wann go back. She makes up an excuse to miss the next class, and asks Reba to go with him instead. When they get there, they run into Brock & BJ much to Reba's dismay. When there, Brock tells everyone there that he'll be the best dad ever to his new baby. Reba is so pissed off that she takes a plastic baby and slams it into Van's stomach. Reba realizes she shouldn't have hit him, but when she calls him, BJ tells her he's in the hospital. When there, we find out he's there because BJ dropped the crib on his toe. But when Reba gets there, he decides to milk her.
  • The best episode Of season 1!!!

    Episode Recap:

    Van enjoys Lamaze class, but impending childbirth scares Cheyenne; Reba is hurt by Brock's intention to be a better father to his new child.

    Van tries to make excuses to avoid attending the first Lamaze class. Cheyenne says if he takes the class, he will be excited about having the baby. In class, Van is fascinated by a childbirth film while Cheyenne hides her eyes in horror. That night, Van is so excited when they return home from class that he shares all his new knowledge. Brock stops by to pick up the family crib for his soon-to-be-born child. Reba objects, but Brock informs her that Cheyenne does not want to use the old crib. Brock tells Van that he does not need to go to Lamaze because fathers have no real role to play in childbirth. Reba remembers how disengaged Brock was from the birth of his children, even opting to play golf while Jake was born. The next evening, Van is eagerly anticipating that night's Lamaze class. Cheyenne pretends she has an important paper due so that she will not have to go. Not wanting to miss class, Van persuades Reba to accompany him and stand in for Cheyenne. At class, Reba is stunned to see Brock with Barbra Jean. Brock announces that he has been through childbirth three times, impressing the class. But when he vows to do it right this time, to make this child's birth the highlight of his life, Reba loses control and hits him in the stomach with a plastic baby doll. Stunned at herself, Reba leaves class. Later, Reba relates the story to approving Lori Ann. At first Reba is exhilarated, but then she feels ashamed for having lost control. She calls to apologize to Brock, but Barbra Jean answers. She refuses to talk to Reba and says Reba cannot talk to Brock either - he is in the hospital. Reba cannot believe she has hurt Brock so badly. Later, Van returns from Lamaze and tells Cheyenne about Reba hitting Brock. He reports that Brock is fine after using Lamaze pain-management techniques. Van says class made him realize how amazing Cheyenne is. He promises to be with her every step of the way through childbirth. Cheyenne is still worried.

    Meanwhile at the hospital, Brock waits to have his toe X-rayed because Barbra Jean dropped the crib on it. Later, Kyra finds Cheyenne alone and realizes how terrified Cheyenne is. Kyra tells Cheyenne that a woman's body knows how to give birth. Kyra says that if Cheyenne has an ounce of their mother in her, Cheyenne will be fine. Cheyenne is reassured. Later, Reba arrives at the hospital and apologizes to Brock, saying she feels terrible for hitting him. Brock pretends he may have a cracked rib. Reba explains that she snapped because it was hard to hear Brock pledging to be a good husband and father now, when he did not do that for Reba and the children. It made her feel as though they were his practice family. Brock asks what he can do. Reba requests that he stop rubbing her nose in it. Brock admits he should not have said those things in front of Reba. They apologize to each other. Reba pats Brock's foot as she prepares to leave, making him wince. She lifts the covers and sees his bandaged foot. He confesses that Barbra Jean dropped the crib on his foot. Angry, Reba says she cannot believe he has pulled a stunt like this. She squeezes his toe and departs. A few nights later as they arrive home from Lamaze class, Van congratulates Cheyenne for being brave. Cheyenne wonders how the most beautiful thing in life can also be the most disgusting.
  • Hilarious!

    Van and Cheyenne are the best! lol It doesnt matter what Van will always be funny! Aww Van is gettin ready to be a daddy! I am happy for him! He was soo excited for the baby! the lamaze class was sooo funny! I was laughing soo hard when he was "having the baby." he really got into it didnt he? hah Reba hitting Brock with the baby doll was pretty nice! he deserved it! The funniest part was when Reba came to apologize to him in the hospital thinking she was the one who sent him there..when he's actually there cuz of his toe! Reba is geat!
  • Another great episode.

    I never would have imagined that Van would love lamaze class. The part at the second lamaze class when Reba fills in for Cheyenne and sees Brock and BJ it's funny. Then when Reba hits Brock in the stomach it is the highlight of the episode. Cheyenne saying that she had a paper due to get out of lamaze class is pure genious. When Reba flicks Brocks' sore toe it is the perfect way to end the episode.