Season 1 Episode 17

He's Having a Baby

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on The CW

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  • Reba hits Brock!

    This was so funny! Van isn't sure if he wants to attend birthing class, but when he goes, it turns out he loves it. On the other hand, Cheyenne doesn't wann go back. She makes up an excuse to miss the next class, and asks Reba to go with him instead. When they get there, they run into Brock & BJ much to Reba's dismay. When there, Brock tells everyone there that he'll be the best dad ever to his new baby. Reba is so pissed off that she takes a plastic baby and slams it into Van's stomach. Reba realizes she shouldn't have hit him, but when she calls him, BJ tells her he's in the hospital. When there, we find out he's there because BJ dropped the crib on his toe. But when Reba gets there, he decides to milk her.