Season 2 Episode 1

House Rules

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2002 on The CW
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Reba suspects that Brock and Barbra Jean are more lenient with the kids than she is, so she pokes around to find out just what Jake and Kyra get away with while in their care. Back at the Hart residence, Cheyenne and Van bicker over the constant attention they need to give their newborn baby girl. But Reba comes to the rescue with a plan for the feuding pair to reconnect and have some time away from their crying infant.


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    In the season premiere, we start out with Brock in Reba's kitchen wearing pagamas, and he goes over to kiss her and says, "Mornin' sexy"! Reba immediatly pins him down and asks what he's doing. He tells her that she loved it hen he kissed her. She tells him that was when they were married. He tells here they ARE married. Just then Van & Cheyenne come in and announce they're going to the mall. Reba asks who's gonna be watching their baby. Cheyenne tells her she doesn't have a baby. Reba's completely confused... until she wakes up to find Cheyenne bringing a crying Elizabeth in the room. The rest of the episode deals with the fact that Brock and BJ let the kids carouse at their house. Reba asks Kyra to tell her what the rules are. When Reba finds out they give Jake fast food she loses it. When she goes to Jake's class puppet show, she finds BJ there. BJ asks Jake if she can take him out to lunch. Reba decides to comfront BJ about giving Jake fast food, but she denies it. Reba starts yelling and the whole class hears her.moreless

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    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Domácí pravidla

    • The end theme song has also changed. It is a completely different tune then season ones. And the instrument is a saxaphone, not a piano like last seasons.

    • This is the first and only time we see Reba and Brock kiss.

    • From this season on, Bee Cave Roads no longer produces Reba, also the Acme logo now has new music. Last season it played a song, but this season some one sings "Acme"!, and then coughs after the boulder drops on the television.

    • For the second season, they don't show any establishing shots on buildings, the just zoom in on an object. Starting in season 3, they will show buildings, as well as objects. But unlike season 1, it zooms in on the buildings.

    • The scene in the season 2 (Episodes 11- 24) and 3 theme song where Barbra Jean hugs Reba is from this episode.

    • The scene in the season 2 (Episodes 11- 24) 3, 4, 5 and 6 theme song where Cheyenne brings Elizabeth in Reba's bedroom, while crying is from this episode.

    • The scene in the season 2 (Episodes 11- 24) 3 and 4 theme song where Reba hugs Kyra is from this episode.

    • For the first ten episodes of season two the opening credits start with the show's title card (the black background with the title in blue letters), followed by five shots of Reba on a soundstage. After that, a photo of the cast is shown, and the opening credits fade out.

    • This episode was taped on August 20, 2002.

    • A new set of opening credits are made for this season, however it is only 12 seconds long, the previous season was 32, as it had the cast names included. This season, the cast names are shown before the opening credits in the cold opening.

    • There is a new theme this season. Last season was more 'Soft Country', and now its more 'Rock Country'. This is used from scene to scene. Also, during the changing of scenes, there are no longer "Camera Sways", Instead, the camera zooms on a particular object.

    • From this episode on, Barbara Jean is very rarely called by her nickname BJ.

    • Starting with season 2, the head writer and executive producer from season 1, Allison M. Gibson, was replaced with a new writer and producer, Kevin Abbott.