Season 1 Episode 19

Labor of Love

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on The CW
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Both Barbra Jean and Cheyenne are due to have their babies in the next few weeks. Brock is canceling his annual camping trip because he promised BJ that he'd be there when she went into labor. The University of Southern California is courting Van for their football team. Brock is happy with the idea but Reba wants Van and Cheyenne to go to the University of Houston so they stay nearby. When Reba finds out that a recruiter from USC is on his way, she convinces Brock to go on his camping trip anyway so he's not around to encourage Van to go to school all the way in California. During the recruiter's visit, Cheyenne feels what she thinks are labor pains. The whole family, including Barbra Jean, trots off to the hospital just to be sure. Cheyenne's not in labor, but suddenly Barbra Jean is... and where's Brock? Reba feels guilty for sending Brock away, so she treks into the woods to find him. Van and Cheyenne decide to stay in town and go to the University of Houston so they can be near their family and Barbra Jean has a baby boy. His name is Henry Charles Jesus Hart.


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  • barbra jean is in labor but brock is on his annual camping trip thanks to reba who wants him as far away as possible when the college scout comes knocking for vanmoreless

    i really loved this was very very funny..i love how reba wants to keep her baby around longer..i mean i love how this isnt just a tv show w/ ridiculous situations..this is actually an everyday thing w/ parents..they dont want to let their babies go..its awesome..i can see the total relation..but it was funny w/ barbra jean in labor but feeling no pain when she got the pills..and reba was funny when she went to get brock and everything..brock was funny too..but i was glad when cheyenne and van decided to stay and so was reba was very cutemoreless
  • Very funny!

    When Van has a USC recruiter coming, Reba will do anything to get them to stay closer to home. When Brock says he should go to USC, Reba tricks him into going to a yearly camping trip. While the recruiter's there, Cheyenne thinks she may be in labor. When they get to the hospital, the dr. tells her that it's just a false alarm. Just then BJ's water breaks. She goes into labor, and Brock is unreachble. Reba feels guilt about tricking him into leaving, so she drives up to the campsite to get Brock, so he can make it in time to see the birth of their baby.moreless
  • The birth episode.

    Van having an interview with the USC recruiter is awesome but it\'s funny when Reba says that Brock won\'t be there because he went fishing. Reba telling all those lies is funny because she\'s only doing it to get what she wants. The minature USC jersey for the baby is so cute. When Cheyenne is rushed to the hospital and the USC recruiter follows them and then keeps giving them California things is funny. When BJ\'s water breaks it\'s funny because Brock is gone camping. The angry side of BJ is pretty cool. It seems like Reba and Brock always have the serious conversations.moreless

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